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As aids to teaching astronomics, I have written several screenplays at my web-cottage, and choreographed these to music. The scripts most pertinent to the mathematics and science discussions at NEMO are hereïn included: The stories consist of the prequel, Professors' Spring Break -- an excursion from here to outside this cosmos, and back again -- sequel, Professors' Spring Returns -- a repeat excursion from this inner cosmos back out with a renewed perspective: highly inventive, humorous: read the RAVE PREVIEWS -- these (two) illustrate the necessity of learning by doing twice, that is, practice -- and, the requel, Professors' Spring Fling is the clean-up on theory: the luxuriating effect of depositing new technologies on (an) Earth.

A paraquel, The StarTrails Game [from an sketch ca. 1980], is connected to SPRING FLING [scene 17] as a virtual-reality feature-movie based on present-science, even NASA current-technology, as it unravels some of the same astronomical discoveries without the extension of star-ships and cosmic elevators - and therefor closer to home (our Earth) - yet designed to appear so realistic that the child-lead must decide whether it was virtual, or just possibly more real than imagined - whence The StarTrails Game, is also to be franchisable into a public game center simulator/trainor for tomorrows' NASA astronauts to-be, in preparation for the GNSC Grand Nuclear Space Cruiser Fleet. [Also available are subscenes, Flourish, To Boldly Go, LoneStone's Twin, Rogue Hole, which are based on research concepts here, but do not illustrate theory in detail;--these are included as live comic-book, DVD play-back, and vid-e-mail]

In 2001, I added a stand-alone romantic engineered comedy with one good invention, the efficiently practical skyhook to MEO, done in a known genre, Comeback Mouse in Uproar Bit (Upper Orbit) -- for which Wision--Sesquatercet USA has approached the movie industry with a dream team of prominent actors ready for a comedy relief role -- enjoy reading the script here.

In 2002, I added a stand-alone technology-scenario comedy fiction, The Great Space Race (of the 21st Century), in the style of the movied great races of the 1960's, updated to the most-modern 2000's, in which three eccentric billionaires ride three Space Shuttles in a race to the moon and back: the first big space race for the new millennium -- enjoy reading the script here.

In 2003, I revamped my repertoire to spec'script style; and added a superblockbuster (4:00 hours) space science apocalyptic action thriller for three megastars, Second Opinions (First Ties), dual-sequeling two priors, Archaeodus, and The StarTrails Game, as both were going to the same place, seeking the same spacers: whence this is our connected future:--"Jehovah is returning to Earth with a rotation crop for mideast America, pushing prophecy to finish on schedule".

I have several others in various stages of development, including ABSOLUTE BEGINNING (cosmogenesis), a sci³-fi story of the first man in the universe, and SHTH! A Story of Purpose, an extrapolatory-legal-docudrama rather amazingly about Seth, third son of Adam, who has managed to stay out of public notice for the past five millennia after Enoch-Horus did his best-worst to get Ra-Amun to stop favoring Seth--and now you'll learn the real-Why Ra did favor Seth, and how Seth did-not-kill Osiris of Egypt...it's not like anything you were taught in Sunday School but more the exacting truth of it and, more science and truth than anything anyone maybe even Ilu (Enos) or Zius (the surviving god) ever expected of Seth, however-the-more it's 4-hours-longer than I'd intended and I'm working to pare it back down from 10...it's based on my recent discovery work on The Archaic Primogenitors and being updated as fast as I further the subject of the whole family and research the astrophysics and astrobiology and turn up interesting 'new' facts and estimates on the origin and establishment of man on Earth and Mars and across our galaxy and the universe...

Project Sesquatercet Productions implements and is subsidiary to Petry System Family Wision USA for producing several screenplays, beginning with ARCHAEODUS ("First Journey") Jehovah in Eden, the first science-docudrama of GENESIS, for project 'lambhorn' USA on the web, and subsequently Professors' Spring Break trilogy etc., for project NEMO on the web. Sesquatercet accounting is maintained through pdqbanking FAD, fully accounted discounting system.

Enjoy reading.

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