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LoneStone's Twin (StarTrails)

a science-cubed fiction video short, PG-13

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic Director
a Wision--SesQuaTercet USA production

(a division of Lanthus Corporation)

[science-cubed fiction video short] Character-derived from the story of Professors' Spring Break (trilogy) requel (Fling, scene#17 introduces the lead actor) which turned the whole cosmos inside-out.... Lonestone's Twin is a one-scene video snippet played within the main feature, The StarTrails Game, science-cubed scenario fiction story of a little girl who excels in virtual starship command, and takes a summer-long ride aboard a NASA simulator-trainor: Lonestone's Twin, explores the possibility of rogue black-holes, the remnant cores flug-away by supernovae, going relativistic, racing across the cosmos at the speed of light, driven by fusion power gathered behind in its nuclear dense gravity, accelerated since the beginning of the cosmos when space was more gaseous ... as one approaches Earth.
[Music specified in this screenplay is the Strategic Director's selection]


'Einstein's Twin'


("LONESTONE'S TWIN" IN EXAGGERATION for the outer story)

CMDR DAVE, in galaxyship admiral attire, writes at his desk:

LT KYLER, young, mussable white-blond hair, in galaxyship commander attire, enters, delivers an eyes-only message in a red cover, then rapid-fires informations and explanations regarding the first-ever black-hole as it approaches Earth: [NB: suck-in, means, suck-air-in - a comical effect sounding raspy, chest lifting, filling: wide-eyed]

(busy writes)

(urgent: push wind to empty)

This eyes-only report just came-in from the Max Planck Hans Boethe Cisco Boon-Palms Institute for the Association of Gamma and X-Ray New-Technology Telescopy at Kamioka Town, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, Chubu Region - on the Mil-Star stealth super-sat-net crypto-web local-hub.
(long suck-in)

(to full-in)
(breathes relief)
Yes - and what does it say?
Sir - I can't say: It's for eyes, only! Sir!
(hand to take)

Then, let me, see, it!
Yes, sir - Sir!
(hands report)

When was this first discovered?

Earlier this morning - inadvertently, Sir: The Intel Sexium Engineering X-Team in San Diego, was screen-room testing several units for side-lobe specification of tera-hertz spectrum electro-magnetic interference on the clock-wave, when, they detected a leak at 1-point-0-4 tera-hertz. They quickly deduced its extra-terrestrial nature and origin, and reported it to the Institute. The Institute discovered that it was actually emanating from a black-hole traveling in our direction at 3-point-75 parts-per-million shy of light-speed; And the 1-point-0-4 tera-hertz radiation was the relativistic Doppler shifted wavelength of natural hydrogen at 21-centimeters, near the hole.

It was detected at 1 light-day distance, and is due to pass our solar system tomorrow morning, Sir!
I thought you said this is for eyes, only!
Yes, Sir - I'm reciting from photographic memory, Sir!
Oh - I see.
Yes, Sir!
Why was this not seen before?

The, black-hole, Sir!?

The Institute also confirmed with a previously unregistered sighting submitted from one of our astro-skip out-posts, that it had been first observed at 1 light-year distance, but then deemed unlikely to actually approach our Earth: its directionality was only remotely approximated.

The light-speed confirmation copy of that out-post sighting arrived this morning, as well.
Lieutenant: What is the a priori likelihood they'd missed reporting it?
Fairly high, sir: Our Milky Way galaxy halo is rife with hundreds of millions of black-holes flung-away by supernovae on the star-disk since our galaxy formed 10 billion years ago: and there's not enough gas and dust now to stop them in ten-to-the-14th cubic light-years of space vacuum: Every so often one passes through the star-disk again: one in 70 million years traverses our local stellar group. What was unusual about this one was its speed, sir - but these, too, have been discovered frequently, recently.
The galaxy's missing mass - how did we accomplish our science-analyses so quickly?
The relativistic head-light effect essentially focused all radiation from the black-hole in our direction. And we used our ultra-fast super-mil-net connection, with Intel's proto-Sexium 9 giga-hertz array, Sir! These utilize pico-wave transmissions between I-C's, Sir!
Where does a fast black-hole originate? A supernova kicks-out its remnant neutron-star, or black-hole, but at a tenth of a percent of the speed of light.
Yes, Sir: We figure that in-falling gases pass behind the moving black-hole, fusion there, and the energy and ejecta propel it forward: It came from when the cosmos began: The first black-holes appeared when the cosmos was still dense with hydrogen gas plasmas, and as it must have spawned in a supernova event, that would have been about 30 million years after the initial cosmic big-bang, when super-giant star production was maximum. The black-hole has no large frontal drag, and accreting fusion-derived kinetic momentum must have exceeded the ambient-gas acceleration-drag, and, after tens of millions of years more, it reached light-speed, Sir! A statistical fluke must have flung it so close to our solar system: it will probably not happen again in billions of years, sir.
(to self)

Wow - Einstein's twin is real!
Yes, Sir: and coming to visit Earth, presently, Sir!
East-meets-west, at the speed of light, Sir!
But, Sir:

While I appreciate the facility of accelerating to the speed of light, till the whole breadth of the cosmos appears to shorten-up - it makes feasible sub-light travel across the whole cosmos, more reasonable than for short distances merely between stars - ...
(nods, inserts)

Yes, indeed - but with astro-skipping, that's a moot scientific point, Lieutenant.
LT proceeds to explain his theory on the white-board, simultaneously disheveling his hair with his free hand to a famous disheveled look:
Yes, Sir: But, I am puzzled, sir:
(steps to whiteboard)

Going back to our first detection at 1 light-year distant: Their velocity being relativistic with a space-time factor of inverse root-shy-square velocity equaling 3-hundred-65:
(draws and writes)

If we monitor 1 year of their time-dilated 1 day, then according to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, they monitor 1 year of, our, time-dilated 1 day - not that they'll crack any of our secrets, sir, but:
They must also notice of us, as we did them, that, our, local stellar frame has been Lorentz-Fitzgerald contracted, by that same factor of 3-65 - and we appear to be a pancake approaching them at light-speed!
(begins to excite-dishevel)

At the instant they passed our out-post, it transmitted a light-speed warning to us: At 1 light-year in our space-time frame, it took a year, our time, for that warning to reach us, this morning: and they'll arrive tomorrow, one day later, moving just slightly slower.
Now this is consistent in that: to them in their frame, our light-year advanced out-post is only 1 light-day before us - due to that relativistic contraction of linear distance - so, they traverse to our Earth in one day, plus a hecta-hesit, their time, while we see them as traversing 1 light-year in a year and a day, our time:
Thus their 1 day seems to us, to take our 1 year!
However now:
(near bursting)

Suppose they immediately upon passing our out-post, began transmitting a hello-beacon at us, at 1 flash per hesit - then, by time they arrive tomorrow, they'll have flashed their hello-beacon about 40 thousand times: at which point they pass us, and stop flashing.

Now, suppose we, in anticipation of their cordiality, immediately were to keep count of every flash: In our time frame, they'll be sending a hundred-10 per, our day: it'll take a year, our time, to observe their 40-thousand flashes they transmitted in their, 1 day - though in actual practice their hello-beacon arrives at Earth only today until tomorrow, and we'd be counting their 40-thousand flashes in, 1 day, our time:
(inserts point-of-view, dazes)

It's amazing that Einstein's theory un-does Doppler shift, as it is!
(points-taps pen on board)

Okay: But - how can we appear to them to count their 40 thousand flashes, when, in their 1 day, they observe barely 1-point-1 of our time-dilated hecta-hesit - and in point of fact, their beacon-signal arrives only in our last 3 milli-hesits?!

In their view, we are slow, to be counting them as slow!
(confronts [Einstein-hair])

We'd be counting 13 mega-flashes-per-hesit - not impossible for our equipments, but, how do we explain this to them, when they arrive, tomorrow?! The tortoise has out-relativized the hare!
We couldn't have done it!! It should take us a year!!
We don't even know whether the theory is correct!!
(non-sequitur challenges)

Do we appear to be a solar-orbiting wave-function?! Sir!

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, Lieutenant.
Yes, sir!

Thank you, sir:

I needed that!
(wipes brow, frets)

I hope missing a detection doesn't start World War 3: I'm only the Lieutenant on watch, sir!
General Relativity has your answer, Lieutenant: They catch-up on our history.

What history, Sir?!
T-V satellites broadcast science-fictions, murder mysteries, and news-media: not high school history!
(surprises self)

Wow: We could be re-living dinosaur dreams of freedom, as we fall-in toward the central black-hole of our cosmic universe.
(sterns to Lieutenant)

Take that as a warning, Lieutenant!

Yes, Sir!
I've always wondered what the cosmos was really like in the dinosaur days: And whether there were people in the cosmos when the cosmic background radiation was at room temperature: It must have been a space-traveler's balmy delight! Sir!


SCROLL EPISODE CREDITS for the [outer-story]....


[StarTrails §9]

Screenwriter: Raymond Kenneth Petry
Strategic Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Director, SesQuaTercet
Registrar: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA (division of Lanthus Corporation USA)
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