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Professors' Spring Break

advanced space sciences romantic adventure comedy, PG-13 Sci4fi trilogy

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic Director
a Wision--SesQuaTercet USA production

Four research professors take the ultimate Spring Break
from classes, the Earth, the galaxy and the university.
And then come back and take those too: A cosmic exodus.
(a division of Lanthus Corporation)

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[trilogy] Four university tenure-track researchers hop the fence at the obsolete navy yard late one night and peer inside an old submarine moored to a dock,- but which is so modern, that one vehicle leading to another, they explain their way right out of this cosmos.... Returned to Earth but finding society subtly alien, they retrace their steps, -with a newly extant sister,- to the infinite outercosmos forever.... But not without a clue and thence commences a cosmic exodus. An astronomical linguistical mathematical systematical exploration turning the universe inside-out, as you never learned in the common universities.
The movie shall be available digitally recorded widescreen 2:1 stereo'eyes'ed 4Mpx 30 fps released on 3D-HD-DVD, HDDVideo, standard 35mm film (telecined celluloid), home-theater HDTV/DVD/DTV, VCR etc. (Stereo'eyes'ed 3.5-D is viewable with white sexichrome or polarized safety-goggles; The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both broadcast and movie-house.) The initial shoot shall be direct to gigabyte hard-drive; wavelet-compressed and copy-saved to DVD+RAM;- the digitized sound and music edited in synchronized frames-fractions of a second. Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility.
[Music specified in this screenplay is the Strategic Director's selection from hundreds of CD's of existing works by artists whose timbre and lyrics fit each onscreen activity, and is not otherwise representative of project SesQuatercet and its purposes ... beginning a little unstifled a cappella, it jumps right into the modern dance-rhythm music: a 'space-bopera']

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, independent research scientist, is the author of FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction, taking-up the Holy Biblical Scripture as a synopsis of mankind's Scientific purpose on Earth, (web-published); and as well, Project NEMO advanced-topics science articles base including his 1984 discovery of presolar remnant star core Pluton. A 1973 UCSD graduate, BA, Mathematics Dept., Mr. Petry is a former crypto-Tempest digital electronics engineer with former Linkabit Corp. of San Diego, CA, in digital radio satellite communications systems for the former SAC Command Post. He has also served as Board Of Regents Appointee Lecturer in mathematics at UH Manoa, HI; and Vice President on his prior branch Church Executive Board, Eighth of San Diego; and is Founder and current Trustee-Director of The Son Dey School of Christ Science, the erstwhile project 'lambhorn'; And, since 2001, is President CEO of Lanthus Corporation and Director of its Surrogate Executive Accessions Management, and its new-market PubNatSec and pdqbanking divisions. Mr. Petry writes science docudrama, science-hypercubed, science-scenario, feature screenplays, based on satellite photography, Biblical astronomical fact, correlative scientific Scriptural exegesis, and mathematical induction, in his repertoire at Wision--SesQuaTercet USA productions (registrar; division of Lanthus Corp), where he is also Strategic Director and Principal Screenwriter; He has several more works in research and development.
As profferred Adult.Basic.Educator to the Internet, Mr. Petry acts as liaison to scientific organizations primarily in the cosmo-thematical studies, mankind's common past and connected future, presenting science in an entertaining redacted format.
[Mr. Petry also maintains several websites and posts on usenet news-groups and forums in the mathematics, sciences, technologies, digital electronics and computer engineering, and USA Presidential political-campaigning]

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Abstract Overview


During a Spring Break in our current era, four bright university laboratory researchers venture-out one night to find happiness among the unknown technologies: Their obstacles begin with highways and mundane fences, and jump right into submarine and nuclear sciences, mathematics, celestial mechanics, astrophysics, cosmology, demanding progressively more intellect and skills till they have achieved the seemingly impossible and left the entire cosmos itself!- But the outside view, looking inward on our cosmos, poses thoughtful dangers too, and they return home under a barrage of reluctance, disagreement, resistance, opposition, and ultimately, new impossibilities and the threat of being exposed under immanent alien law!


Mere days later, still Spring, they're being sought in connection with the UFO sitting in Area 51, and, better-now-than-never they return to their outward-bound curriculae again ... But as they've also already been discovered by a sister newly extant, they take her along as to replace their one wayward team-member; And the new foursome retraces the previous route with redoubled intellectual vantage, looking at those once-learned lessons from a new perspective of cross-expectancy and revised learning twice ... When they reach the top this time they keep going all the way, never to return,-- And learn that even the very infinite has relative finities countless!


Meanwhile back on the strangely similar alien Earth, the fiancé of the sister follows her lead and gives chase, taking his university nuclear chemistry class and grad-friends with him:-- Opening at her home cordoned-off by police, he discovers a vase with an atom of viable antimatter, and presents this as a tabletop experiment for his evening class. The grads rush to the desert as an A-I-Response team, rent two helicopters to the UFO-landing site where the USArmy investigates, start-up the crashed galaxy ship, pick-up hundreds of undergrads, under a barrage of missiles, and fly to the moon backside, encounter a barrage of SafeGuard missiles like a video-game, discover caverns of starships and muse and launch tens, and the golden flagship for fleet exercises, chase and protect his fiancee's starship when they eventually arrive (they took the longer route), leaving the moon for planets, the deep-space swing-point, the aether-slipstream, the galaxy center black-hole metal-ring-city, where they nuclear-battle space-aliens in galaxy ships, leave the fiancé in the ring-city cosmic elevator, race back to join the fleet already battling the alien invasion nearing Earth, win, and meet the alien survivors, who escape, video-link conference with the President of the USA, and leave forever: The ring-city has been destroyed .... They pick-up a stranded team of supercosmosian data analysts and head-out across the cosmos to see a new merging cosmos.


Their sets and settings include, a USNavy dockyard at night, open ocean travel at elevated speeds, a confrontation with battleships, the South Pole glacial-ice-flow and an under-ice research complex, whole stuffed dinosaurs and un-Earthly animals, a variety of moon-rockets for escape to the backside of the moon, immense underground space-port-caverns full of starships for interstellar travel, galaxy ships, passing Jupiter and Neptune and strange-Jupiter-star, accelerating to the speed-of-light and redirection swing-rounds at mass-points-in-the-space-map, aether-slipstream travel at super-light speed, astronomically large metal-ring-cities orbiting the event-horizons of galaxy-center mega-black-gravity-holes, cosmic-elevators; and outside our cosmos, a garden landing, curious animals, golden-hued fruits, sunless day, a focus-blinding bright trillion-star monster amid sharp-edged counter-night and a sky telescopically speckled with Olber's-paradox-infinitely-many not-so-black gravity-hole stars, a river edging the garden, a distant city and cosmic spaceliners launching, reached by a golden yellow uranium-cake brick road, the supercosmosian domed city, its garden-scaped interior and observatory, and the supercosmosians ... And also, their faces and hands glow in the dark, a two-shuttlecraft dive into the light-warping depths of the ring-city's host black-gravity-hole, a barrage of out-coming SafeGuard missiles from the moon, missiles from Earth, a skirmish with jetfighters, crash-landing a galaxy ship in the desert, a hitchhike ride with a sci-fi-famous driver, and home in a quiet footlighted neighborhood.


Wision--SesQuaTercet USA productions seeks:

Coproducer, financing, distribution, for:

REF: this prospectus:

Project SesQuaTercet productions is seeking coproducers, investors, distributors, theatre circuits, line producer, director of photography, 3DDV-MAX Digital-Video cameras, facilities, equipments, CGI engineering and editing, for feature moviemaking:

Project SesQuaTercet productions has optioned a significant science articles-base, NEMO Sciences, and is committed to producing several media features of scientific derivative - a significant portion being represented in the following motion picture trilogy:

The story scripted is, Professors' Spring Break trilogy (SPRING BREAK, SPRING RETURNS, SPRING FLING), on their course of mathematical insights and sciences, redacted and retrebled in an expanding lesson of sublimely aethereal cosmic proportions reaching beyond and outside our present state-of-the-astrophysics and right out of this cosmos to the larger realm of the infinite possible; In entertaining science4-fiction format; in conjunction with project NEMO. The Strategic Director's concept is that its numerous ideas are realistic, not only sufficient to the telling of a good sci-fi story, but cogent to the contemporary world's proper education in the school studies of sciences and technologies and the near-future made foreknowable.

Regular viewers will include 3DDV-MAX theaters, HDDVideo feature, 35mm film, and, HDTV/DVD/DTV home-theaters.

The PG-13 rating is recommended for its significant scientific dialog:- Faster students in lower elementary grades who have learned multiplication and the metric system may pull-in better-educated parents. The presentation is light humorous dialog embracing role-models in successive cosmic fashions. Professors' Spring Break trilogy is targeted for the college-inclined; There's minimal violence, presented in allusion or elementally, eg. nav-diagrams over window-blacked nuke detonations in outer-space; no gratuities but idyllic polite-angle scenes, eg. swimming and washing in a remote river, designer swimsuit briefs, a street-clothes change to team jumpsuits.

The Director-selected music is expensive, ample, and (much of it already) choreographed to fractional seconds.

Visual effects and extensive computer scenery graphics shall match-to-exceed, ranging from deep-space, to Earth-like garden, miles-deep lunar caverns stacked with hundreds of starships, driving a desert road, ring-cities around galactic black-holes, a clean modern bedroom, a dazzling classroom antimatter experiment.

We're envisioning shooting-budgets scoped at (2002 est.) $3.5Million each, $5.0M market before big names, $7.0M return.

We think this feature movie should be important to your media because of the impressive potential in portraying reality in thoughtful perspectives and reassuring your clientele and their customers of a contemporary adult education that is both publicly enriching and commercially beneficial, and worthy of your marketing support.

We will appreciate your response and followup correspondence.

The Strategic Director for SesQuaTercet.

Professors' Spring Break - Spring Returns - Spring Fling - (trilogy)

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Screenwriter: Raymond Kenneth Petry
Strategic Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Director, Sesquatercet
Registrar: Wision--Sesquatercet USA (division of Lanthus Corporation, USA)
Recipient: project NEMO Nuclear Emergency Management Organization
Registered Owner: Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereďn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States).