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Professors' Spring Break trilogy
{Spring Break, Spring Returns, Spring Fling}

The StarTrails Game
-Real Virtuality-

(Comeback Mouse in Uproar Bit)

The Great Space Race
-of the 21st Century-


We have the science, the stories, the discussions, the scripts, roles, scenes, budgets, packages, technologies: [typ. G-PG-13]

This is an expanded mirror website to the Strategic Director's web-cottage scripts and sketches of insights into the workings past and future, of the sciences, mathematics, astronomics, systematics, redacted into plausible actual realistic story constructions:-- science put into an entertaining story format, involving fictionally contrived characters when their identities are less well known, portraying realistic persons, depicting logistic developments ... though the likelihood that exactly such combinations of events ever take place is so less-likely, it is deemed science-hypercubed fiction: In order to compress the introduction of scientific topics in a readable, viewable short time-frame, it is told in compact storied arrangement saving time for the audience.

Follow the productions (full screenplay scripts are available from Accessions Management):

  1. ARCHAEODUS "First Journey" -JEHOVAH IN EDEN- [8/26/97 science docudrama PG-17:UV]
    The story of Jehovah's arrival on Earth, with Adam and Eve and their life in an Eden kindergarten, tells a plausible beginning of modern scientifically advancing society, of what actually happened on Earth ca 4th millennium BCE, north of the Persian Gulf. (Choreographed to music) [pre-production 1998... project 'lambhorn's summer-2001 discovery of the garden depressions eastward in Eden is edited into this 2002 production version; and the actual Genesis story has trebled in detail since ca 2006 with my project 'lambhorn' articles-base "The Archaic Primogenitors," and planet Mars discoveries, sufficiently to do a complete-and-total rewrite, before production starts; and it is also as-of-2018 a proposed university course "Introduction to..."]
  2. Professors' Spring Break (prequel) [11/6/97 advanced space sciences romantic adventure comedy, PG-13 Sci4fi]
    Professors' Spring Returns (sequel) [4/3/98 advanced space sciences romantic adventure comedy, PG-13 Sci4fi]
    Professors' Spring Fling (requel) [11/17/98 advanced space sciences romantic adventure comedy, PG-13 Sci4fi]
    [trilogy] Four university tenure-track researchers hop the fence at the obsolete navy yard late one night and peer inside an old submarine moored to a dock,- but which is so modern, that one vehicle leading to another, they explain their way right out of this cosmos.... Returned to Earth but finding society subtly alien, they retrace their steps, -with a newly extant sister,- to the infinite outercosmos forever.... But not without a clue and thence commences a cosmic exodus. An astronomical linguistical mathematical systematical exploration turning the universe inside-out, as you never learned in the common universities. (The Strategic Director's selected music begins with a little unstifled oratorio, and jumps right into high-energy dance: a 'space-bopera'.) [pre-production 1999]
  3. The StarTrails Game -Real Virtuality- [5/20/00 science-cubed-adventure PG-13, update 3/28/11]
    "Before NASA sends men to another planet it will be simulated a thousand times." An 8th grader who loves StarTrails comics-to-movies-to-forums has won their summer fun contest to ride with the regular astronauts six weeks at NASA's Deep-Space Simulator Training Facility... But she's virtually over-qualified and gets the first-captain's chair, and it looks all too real for a simulation: They launch a full-scale mission from Earth to Neptune, routine until she learns the real purpose for the mission is to rendezvous with a newly-discovered near-solar-system-object, and must cope with the consequences of trying their best among gravity-singularities and stray atmospheres, and whatever planets are way out there at the edge.... The concept is that StarTrails is both the reality of her favorite science-fiction story and, NASA's next big push for the edge. (Her dad was her older brother in the third of the Professors' Spring Break trilogy: See Mikee's debut, Spring Fling, part#6.) [pre-production 2000] The Game itself is a seven-player simulator-trainor for tomorrows' deep-space astronauts to help NASA look ahead: In the 1960's America went to the moon, and developed nuclear-powered space engines with the thrust equivalent of the Space Shuttle's main-three running non-stop, for going to Mars and beyond... but nuclear power was deemed unclean, unsafe and unsane, 'til now (Ca-48, Zr-96, Ni-58,...)-- it's time to return to immanent domain, power, and glory.
  4. MOUSE ON THE HORIZON (Comeback Mouse in Uproar Bit) [8/31/2001 romantic engineered-sci-fi comedy PG]
    Single-concept-science fiction: A skyhook-to-orbit is safer and more efficient than either Space Shuttle or GEO-rope elevator, -being essentially the better parts of both;- The feasibility is drawn-up in the genre of 1959's, The Mouse That Roared: Moonlandings passé, the tiny duchy of Gran Fenwijk restarts the space race for international prestige by building the world's first nuclear powered skyhook and space hotel; And wins handsdown up. "This time the mouse takes all the big cheeses."
  5. The Great Space Race -of the 21st century- [2/8/2002 technology-scenario adventure comedy/sci-fi PG-13]
    "Billionaires dare it eccentric." When Sheik Alfaseti's little boy crashes the country's security computer by saving his Dear-Mommy e-mail on the hard-drive, the Sheik embroils computer mogul Bill Flops in a modern great race by Space Shuttle to the moon backside and back. The President calls on Bill's IRChat-buddy Ross Payrol to go watch after America's interest -- and they launch from Baikonur, Vandenberg, and Canaveral. Comedy at 25,000 mph.
  6. SECOND OPINIONS -FIRST TIES- [2003 space-science apocalyptic futurdocudrama action adventure thriller PG-13]
    One greater cometh ... Jehovah returns to Earth with a rotation crop for mankind, to finish prophecy on schedule,- except there are four righteous: ready. Based on Biblical astronomical facts, mathematical induction, satellite photography, and Scriptural exegeses. PG-13 Stereo'eyes'ed 3D-HDD-MAX. A connected future, so large it takes a double-length feature, three megastars, a supermodel and munchkins, to bring this together: A restive commander reconstructed from the body-parts of his fatal team; a top surgeon who sees his own work as advancing in Christian Godliness; a multi-billionairess grand-admiral hot on the trail and dredging up pieces at Jehovah's original spacecityship atterrissage in the middle east; and a NASA Commander awaiting a deep space mission since childhood, going pregnant. As stories merge in a search to the Solar system, they discover the Jehovahns one step ahead of prophecy, returning to Earth with a rotation crop of chrysalis mankind for the mideast America watershed, making good on the Scriptural guarantee. Months from Earth, they rendezvous at the edge of our Solar system, and find the new-Earth city-planet uninhabited; Mi-Kee gives birth; and when the Jehovahns arrive: purposes, cultures, and history, past and future, clash, but with all sides winning ... except it's still up to someone to save America. Dual-sequel to ARCHAEODUS -Jehovah In Eden-, and, The StarTrails Game. Opens on a 1979-cinerama scene; thence in 2005-stereo'eyes'ed large format. The concept is that Jehovah didn't quit what she started.
  7. (and more nearing the line-up)

  8. SHTH! A Story Of Purpose [tba extrapolatory legal docudrama scenario PG-13]
    The story of Seth, third son of Adam Geb: unlike anything ever expected but true-- 25% direct fact, 25% deduced fact, 25% derived fact, 25% dramatic enactment... A rogue old-school catholic priest searching for the God of the Lord of Abraham, triggers a national security rescue and legal trial of returned 'immortal' god Seth for the murder-spoliation of Osiris in Egypt ca 3263 B.C., resulting in an overturned verdict-- Based on a rigorous exegesis of archaic Egyptian, Sumerian, Hebrew, Greek etc., Genesis records and, astounding modern evidences... In two acts. 1. "Habeas Corpus." 2. "Nolo Contendere." The contemporary story is set in our era of the-return-of-Saddam's-best-twin... In development, 6-10 hours (600 pg.) (7/14/2010)
  9. (and more starting the process)

  10. [tbd] The StarTrails Game, Episodes (#3 Mars, #2 Venus, #1 pilot) [further science-cubed-adventures PG-13, update 4/8/19]
    "Before NASA lands men on another planet, they'll take a million, photographs, and simulate the mission a thousand times..." NASA has been developing its plans for the next several decades' solar system exploration, and running its Deep-Space Simulator Training Facility with the regular astronauts... and now (next summer, after the pilot movie) a 'new kid' is with them, about to land on Mars—so Mikee has been redacted (nomenclature for called-back-with-rank-benefits) this time for sitting in the CapCom chair, on Earth, watching over the mission—and it looks all-the-more-too-real than a simulation ('if NASA does it, it must be good') as they're about to find what Mars holds in store about our-own past and future (facts, direct, deduced, derived, deterministic) way-out-there... it's time to return to immanent domain, power, and glory. (8/6/2018)
  11. [tbd] IN THE BEGINNING -aka- ABSOLUTE NEGATIVE DEGREES [science scenario PG-17/R-17]
    In the early cosmos there was no direction in the sky that was not equally warm all year round ... there was no, year, no chilly season, no snow, no polar ice cap; except the scientists could -invent- cold ... interesting by comparison when today the common people know what, cold, means ... it took major, NASA-esque science and research to even discover what cold, was, in the early cosmos: They had to deduce it from star-hot to ordinary temperature meant the scale of heat was extrapolable, to-- "Cold Water Rocks! Amazing Discovery!" ... Eventually, they did reach absolute zero, but, went right-on-by and discovered ~so cold~ atomic electrons stop moving altogether and sit outside the nucleus ... Our, science, hasn't gotten that far in nine billion years ... or, we forgot something in getting here ... (9/20/2004)
  12. [tbd] SCHROEDINGER'S LITTER [science comedy scenario PG-13]
    Y'all know the paradox of Schroedinger's Cat-in-the-box, and what he'll find when he opens the box ... well, This, is the third possibility, that Schroedinger didn't, discuss. When a deep-space tourist shuttle sinks in an uncharted black hole beyond the edge of the Solar system, the world's wacks attempt to explain it all, -from souls, to gravity. NASA has the captain's last word, stretched to the infra-redshift, but nobody is certain just what he was going to say, or whether it was important,- as theologians and pundits proffer opinions and hype, and electronic accounts start taking-on responsibilities of their own ... Did the hole lead somewhere they might still be alive ... Only Harry Dressar knows for sure, and he doesn't show-up until the second act ... (2003)
  13. [tbd] THE BIGGEST GAME -aka- SUPPOSE YOUR NAME WERE MUD [sci-fi thriller scenario PG-13]
    Welcome to the Internet, the biggest game on the planet ... Suppose, you, were in charge of the Federal Treasury Reserve Board, and, had the Job -"But I'm not"- ... Yes, just suppose, you were, in charge, of deciding whether to raise or lower the Discount rate ... and suppose I were to play your market:- My advantage is that where scientific economy is concerned I can think just like you and manipulate funds to my monetary advantage;- I might be stiled, A Bank Of Banks, ABOB ... So, What would you do to stop me from playing for pure gain? ... -"There are established rates that draw-off your profits"- ... Yes, and those cause inflation and 'vapor money' which nobody mints or prints, and I've got you where we want you ... -"Who's, got me, Where?"- ... On the books, kept electronically ... -"I'm not following your line of reasoning: We already have the Internet: so, what?"- ... So I've made my first move, and moved you into, my, domain, of thinking and playing, And the question -still- is, What would you do to stop me? ... -"I'd have to act slightly dumb and do something less than what I know is scientific"- ... Precisely. Are you interested? ... --from the job interview for IT Expert, on the reality, of virtual control. (2005)
  14. [tbd] THULES' GOLD -aka- B'NEATH [science-fiction discovery adventure superblockbuster PG-13]
    A double-feature with a single higher concept including broader deeper science development and extrapolation of lower concepts previously deemed, single concepts ... A billionaire realestate agent melts the Greenland glacial ice cap into a continent-wide spa, by detonating a linear hundred-gigatonne thermonuclear device at its center (thermonuclear always was arbitrarily large): Preparing the hyper-h-bomb is Act One, ending with a neat moon-space-view of the detonation lighting up the entirety of Greenland like a Christmas tree, momentarily "Whiteland".- When the ice melts into clarity, the view of the bottom reveals -not greenzilla but- possibly the lost continent of some Atlantis, a vast city structure buried a mile beneath chilly Green-Sea waves ... The USA government takes over the operation, paying the billionaire developer handsomely to open the depths entirely, -raising oceans, and, whence higher security in a strange realm big-enough for airlifting a navy before draining, and the new branch of service called, the US Air Marines (USAM). Divers in the dwindling depths discover the city is in fact the topside of a vastly deeper, -underground,- structure, ten miles into the Earth (the stable equivalent of a mountain upside-down) still water-filled (kept melted by the Earth's interior heat; Greenland was icing atop) ... They discover the Earth was inhabited in the era of Solar system building, a billion years ago, most near polar regions as the Solar system cooled a hundred degrees, (descendants on Earth survived the early dinosaur age ... Some like famed Lucy, made it to Africa from the South Pole four million years ago, but that's another story): This city was their last operation on Earth, with technologies brought from even earlier eras when the cosmos was actually warm by our temperature standards. This changes the entire outlook of Earth and moon: We're closing another major future-reconnection, here.
  15. [tba] CHUMMING BETA -aka- HUNTING SETI -aka- GALAXY SIX [sci-tech scenario-thriller PG-13/R-17]
    A little noticed factoid, is, that the US Government -purportedly- has never let SETI Scientists make a significant broadcast to the local Solar system ... and meanwhile neither is NASA making tremendous excursions into the Solar system (a few ballistic space platforms with narrow-beam antennas transmitting back to Earth telescopes probably went unnoticed by space aliens monitoring televised broadcasts of the same); and neither can, entrepreneurs, afford real outerspace exploration for large number of people ... and so it all looks very quiet ... but, if an entrepreneur, were to transmit the first broadcast to local Solar space, the USA might take to space with a massive first-launch vengence for national security, even to the radius of the Solar system, to secure it for ourselves at whatever cost might be expedient and necessary. Oddly, this is like the earlier USSR model which secured its position on the planet through great expenditure the people could not sustain, and now the question becomes whether America can sustain a bigger, portion, of such a model, based on can't-wait expectancy ... How does the entrepreneur do it?- Howabout a declared-stray satellite eg. Galaxy Six, instead of broadcasting television to Earth, televised messages throughout the Solar system ... Take-off your nitrogen inhaler and let's go SETI-hunting ...
  16. [tba] LEONID Variables [1998 science-technology scenario-thriller "Shuttle training film" PG-13/R-17]
    A cometary pebble early in the yearly November Leonids meteor shower explodes a hole in the NASA Space Shuttle's wing, too large to reenter the Earth's atmosphere: They repair to the RKA Mir space-station but which is being shut-down for final reentry, its budget dried up. A Solar flare reduces that to a week---pushing the station back up using the Shuttle OMS saves them some months ... the ordeal, the dreams. [This was proffered to NASA and RKA jointly a year before the MIR was downed---the more probable comet is the recently discovered Tunguska stream]
  17. [tbd] HARVESTERS' MOON [science fiction scenario PG]
    "Moon Shatters, Fuller Moon All Month, Sunglasses At Night, Moon Reapers, Moon Crackers, A Bumper Crop of Moon Dust, The Light At Eventide." Decades from now, the moon has been revisited with a variety of mining equipments, including, nuclear gouge mining which results in immense clouds of lunar dust thrown into very high orbit all around the Earth (dust that comes lower, passes through the upper Van Allen belt and gets electrically charged slowing it further as it plows through the lower belt dragging the opposite charge) ... resulting in 24 hour sunwarmth over the tropics (doesn't melt the poles, as charged particles avoid the magnetic aurora zones) ... What's left of the moon is on the drawing board: Lowering a chunk to LEO (orbit) to let mankind escape Earth by skyhook, is one proposal, and cheap: by tying pairs of chunks on a ten-thousand-mile long elastic tether, the lead chunk slows and lowers its orbit, ten thousand miles ... then the next ... then of those two, the next, ten thousand miles ... down to say, five thousand miles above Earth, where, NASA, can hook-up a cheap'er space-elevator ...
  18. [tbd] THERMAGEDDON -"Venus Landing"- [science-fiction PG]
    Terraforming Venus has mystified science writers for decades, but there are anomalies in the current theory base, that lend possibilities: When a Russian Venera lands in one of the radar-bright Venutian crevasses and discovers artifacted shapes, the race to venuform begins: Scientists catalyze its atmosphere to reverse the cause and release the temperature extreme at the surface: then at first cooling, descend in the North Pole to begin research of an ancient culture -- which didn't exactly die-out -- if they have enough time before it heats up again.
  19. [tbd] Professors' Spring Goose (series) [science-cubed fiction retroquel to the trilogy G-PG]
    The amazing facts about the role of undergraduate, CMDR Penny, Professor Harry's A-student: Entering briefly with the Professors in the moon port starship cavern (act#3) in the trilogy third, she takes command of their repaired UFO galaxyship Bounty renamed Pickel, brought in by alien-Gwen, which needs its database updated to compete in the training exercises, because it was from another galaxy and another time. Penny reappears after the alien invasion as the neo-heroic loner who intervenes and saves spaceship CeeBird under alien fire; and during formal reprimand aboard the flagship, an emergency call from Star Quest draws them all away to the galaxy center, where she is left in command of Gwen's new starship while Grand-Admiral Michael takes the flagship to the edge of the cosmos: Thus Penny is the one member of the flagship to remain behind in our galaxy, and knows where they went, forever: Penny is pivotal for the series follow-on. [CMDR Penny is the property of Lanthus Corporation for story follow-up and HDTV series development] The details are more amazing: Pickel (which we thought was renamed after Jeff's joke about a Bounty of pickles) is the one other starship not given a cosmic name (neg. Star Quest, CeeBird, etc.), and has the same first initial as Penny, as it was named by her team leaders, P,K,L, and as a mathematical joke about 'pi-kill'ers; When Michael reproves her daring, her three special passengers, key story Professors Gwen, Peter, and Daniel, play a game of insinuating each other while Penny evolves as scathelessly bespoken as the Grand-Admiral himself in that very same situation: She'd given order to rescue CeeBird by saying, Do it!- the very same words by which Michael himself had ordered her assistance: thus forshadowing Penny's potential role as the next Grand-Admiral in Michael's cosmic absence; When Penny explains she'd believed they'd had the most experience, she means not only her team continuing in their original UFO galaxyship, but also that that galaxyship itself had had the most experience, having brought alien-Gwen to her Earth, survived the battering onslaught of nuclear SafeGuard missiles coming in under alien-Gwen's control, then going out behind the moon under Jaime's control: -both Gwen and Jaime were pivotal roles, more than just leads:- Clearly Penny is attuned to Gwen and her starship: Penny is, in essence unspoken, the daughter Gwen had never had (whereas Diana, the other pivotal role in the trilogy second, was the sister that alien-Gwen had never had) ... Penny sees herself as the offspring of womanhood and mechanism: heroine and starship; And she now has command of an experienced crew aboard Gwen's new and essentially virginal galaxyship: She can return to Earth; she can take-on the next alien invasion; she can gain credibility as the fleet's new Grand-Admiral; she can go to the stars; she can find another flagship somewhere,... and chase Michael. Or, Penny could take life easy and implement the cadet's plan: take her ship back to Earth at night-time, sneak into bed for the night, and leave before dawn: She could even buy Grand-Admiral, a rib-eye steak! (2000)
  20. [tbd] Phaethon's Sand Box [science scenario PG]
    "Sandy's Asteroid, Kilometeors, Sandy Ego, Dune Buggies in the Sky" A rogue-state scientist discovers among NASA publications one NEA that is a large sandstone trillions of tonnes sand rather than rocky ice or nickel-iron, passing a few moon distances by Earth, and implements a plan to impact the clump with a deep-space missile and disperse it as meteorites ... no armageddon scenario: it makes a bright shower: But the billionaire meteor storm knocks out satellite communications systems every December: First year is toughest, but the next no better ... NASA schemes recovery.
  21. [tbd] SPACEWORKS -The Lamb's Army- [science fiction PG]
    Travel across the Solar system space, even by Grand Nuclear Space Cruiser, is as slow as caravanning across a desert---figure months to get anywhere. And communications by planet-landing robots is obsolete, simplistic, dullwork technology by time it's built. It is better to send a fleet of GNSC's with intercommunications, and shuttled robots. Opening on the famous statement, "It is economic to put men into Earth orbit and leave them there---all we need do is, figure out how to bring the shuttle back for the next upload," ... and the Space Program blossomed: Then, recovering a 'lamb' from NEO orbit (an asteroid that orbits the sun; shepherded loosely by Earth), SpaceWorks crews begin refining and building a transsolar interplanetary grand nuclear fleet of thousands of men and women,---not counting children.
  22. [tbd] "Ezekiel Laid Them, Dry Bones" (song lyric) [science reconstruction PG]
    Scriptural records impute that a temple such as Ezekiel designed, might be built in three days: Indeed it can, with fully computerized PERT, Program Evaluation and Review Technique: The elements must all be in their resource places: the first, on location and ready to go: An undertaking befitting a modern-day messiah: We proceed from the logistical vantage.
  23. [tbd] Disasteroids [science fiction PG]
    Using magneto-plasma fields extended by nuclear detonations (m-bombs) in space among the asteroids, to recollect them, the belt suddenly collects, trapping the scientists in a concreting moon-size planet.
  24. [tbd] WARPA -aka- BIG GOVERNET -aka- 'DUBDUBYA' -aka- NET WAR [science-fiction scenario PG-13]
    An ersatz-theorem, a thought-play: Double-virtual, can be more real,- or not?! The Internet/world-wide-web has curious peoples, documents, activities, newsgroups and cancel-bunnies, hackers and lone sysops, retired US Generals, seismograph data, universities, interpretations, top-secret exposés, space-alien contact simulations ... Is this real?- or just virtual?- or double-virtual ... Suppose America took some drastic military action somewhere that democratic net'ers didn't agree-with ... The Internet, being instant communication faster than any hotline telephone, and multi-connected broadcasting everywhere, and durably digitally secure against nuclear blasts ... the Internet-web community might -virtually- mutiny, by simply reconstructing its own real-ity faster than TV news-media can report, -faster than the Commander-IN-Chief can respond, -faster than the military can mobilize- ... Internet-web minutemen and-women,- a distinct possibility ... Suppose the -real- people on the Internet got really involved in world government in a minute's notice:- Suppose the "net-ocracy" of "free-web-ans" took-on the new-world order: real people, really virtually ... Who would stop them?- The military has its own mil-net, and supernet is on the way ... wWARPA, The Worldwide Advanced Reality Projection Agency. (pre-1998)
  25. [tbd] Boy-Robot Meets Girl-Robot [sci-fi-tech comedy PG-17/R-17]
    Sci-fi can get down to nothing-at-all when the premise is mere human foible -funny but not much science- ... The story begins with HE in his room entertaining himself with his Marilyn-Mon'Robot, adult cubot version, and SHE in hers with her Cary-Gran'Bot,- and the story develops that THEY feel simultaneously jaded, or jilted, by their robots, -Who can tell, with robots,- and toss them down the garbage chutes ... in the same building. Cary-Gran'Bot gets stuck along the way, squeakily ... And early next morning when the garbage truck arrives, boy-robot and girl-robot are still meeting in the Dumpster ... And the rest of the story is about two -normal- people learning to get along with "very old fashion" morality rediscovered in a "very cosmopolitan future,"- while quick reviews find boy-robot and girl-robot perpetuating their meeting in various States and stages of garbage ... In the finale we last see the robots busy buried atop a bail of garbage,- and as the camera pulls back to full-pan, the garbage bail is atop a heap, of garbage bails, on a barge, of garbage, heading out New York harbor, passing the Statue of Liberty, and bearing for the wide-open ocean. (1997)
  26. [tbd] STS-51L [docudrama-based extrapolative investigation sci-fi PG-17]
    Did Judy jump?- NASA searched thoroughly what little remained of the Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-51L ... But in the arena of investigative speculation, missing evidence becomes story "lightly based on events" usually going for deep character scenario ... Would, she, have jumped?- For example, Judy had jumped before, a troubled marriage;-- committed, yet knew when to give-ground ... The question then is, Suppose she had jumped: We can reconstruct what transpired in the Shuttle command cockpit, -as NASA did find they were still alive,- and the NASA esprit de corps, as when they saved an Apollo mission; and where she could have dived into the sea ... Could she have survived on her NASA-training for that scenario?- Then the thriller sets in: Does NASA immediately admit they have recovered her? Does NASA want extraneous publicity over one, wounded and recovering astronaut? Do they reconstruct her, or, give her a new identity? ... How much does NASA cover up?- How much "white lie" is permissible in extremity situations bordering on national security? ... And behind it all is the innate -human- conviction that prayers to higher intelligence are heard where no willful wrong is being given ground, nor warfare nor assailing of would-be terrorists, even as in the case decades later of the Shuttle Columbia where it was revealed that their prayers were heard in the hours of the night before, though not the extent of proof ... All standard Hollywood "Los Angeles" drama fare. (1986; pre-1998)
  27. [tbd] AD 4 TRILLION [science fiction PG-17/R-17]
    Imagine living on a planet somewhere in some galaxy when the last few stars remain in the stark night sky ... There are people out there in the deep dark of the cosmos, but no natural sunlight to illumine them; and they're mag-sweeping the remnant hydrogen and fusion catalyst from the "dry" vacuum full of barren black holes, neutron stars, iron stars ... "Oh," but it's eerie ... so very dark way-out there in deep space;- And there's much weeping and gnashing of teeth,-- as Jesus predicted ca. 30-33 BC, If we haven't learned to leave this cosmic hole (a la Spring Break, and 2100: Grand Odyssey-- but let's not spoil the ending) then a dark end awaits ... Some may seek comfort by diving into the nearest black-hole ... But what might be down those? (pre-1998)
  28. [tbd] AD 4 BILLION [science fiction PG-17/R-17]
    Imagine living on Earth far in the future when our then-orange sun is going out, and history computers record a group of people called, the Christians, who went somewhere else long-long-ago ... Where did they go, and why didn't they return ... What's out there? (pre-1998)
  29. [tbd] White Coats and Who Wants to Know [series sci-fi PG]
    A series of independent TV episodes on mathematical topics, one-each, and a story built around each. (ca. 1985)
  30. [tbd] Nuclear Powered President [sci-fi scenario PG]
    When a nuclear bomb built in the basement of the Soviet Embassy, removed Washington DC, the few absentees return to recover the US government-- But, Is the Vice President whom he looks like?- or, a look-like?! (ca. 1985)
  31. [tbd] AD 2100: THE GRAND ODYSSEY [science fiction PG]
    A short story I wrote ca. 1984 (and serendipitously discovered Pluton), rewrote and computer-composed ca. 1990;- A creative-writing exercise repartee to a famous author's stories, wherein I answered the larger questions, Where are we; What's beyond; and the lesser question, What are space-aliens, raised by said author ... A multilayered story: The outer story, 20 Billion BC, related the pre-big-bang to our cosmos; The main story itself, ca. AD 2020-2100, suggested a development of connectivity with the cosmos in the author's genre; An inner story related as a '2069' episode with Raeza Savage and Lew Pranceler, who send their Jorel d'Eaux on a billion-dollar visit to discover "Retirement on Venus: Heaven or Hoax?"- the gruesome details of leisure-science gone awry ... designed also as a Halloween-Aprilfoolsday perpetual rerun story of three famous News-TV personages in silver-punk-spike makeup. (1984, 1990)
  32. The Wriggly's: The Call to Pluto [science fiction G]
    Before writing any of these stories, I shared one over several months [spring-summer 1981] with a family of small children I'd gotten to know -- the wrigglies (a take-off on their last name suitably modified so as to be fun, funny, and recognizable: they were 7,5,4 when we started, and they adored my sense of humor: to the littlest) and including everyone in their family, right down to the four matching wild kittens brought-in by a tame mother cat, named, A, B, C, D, and Butterscotch-Cream Wriggly, plus myself (a then-recently more cosmic traveller from the military stealth satellite communications single-point-failure-safety crypto tempest program industry avoiding an act of treason, busily dredging up involvement furthering the development of the Christian Science Movement by the end of that millennium as REV Mary Baker Eddy's personal successor at her request, and pursuing matriculation to a doctoral degree program in mathematics,... all standard multi-talented start-up procedure). The story begins on Earth when the President of the United States receives a space-radio message purportedly from planet Pluto, and calls upon a family of scientists, the Wriggly's, to go investigate and welcome the caller, Muaka Nika Nu. The story is a fun imagineering of practical space-things, space-windows to see in the dark, space markers to find their way back, and look-alike robots the children can program personally, and automated cat-feeders (very important)… And it gets fancier as they search for the inventive Muaka Nika Nu, walking in circles 'til they realize a circle has center where she’s trapped inside her station-house on the very-very-cold frozen planet Pluto. (Specified music is Director-selected and choreographed, new-age empathic voice-instrumental orchestration.) (1981)
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