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Professors' Spring Break (trilogy)

[stereo-eyes-ed '3.5D' movie-version rating: PG/13]

story by Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic-Director
a Wision--SesQuaTercet USA production

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[science fiction] This story and its sequels turn the whole cosmos inside-out and present reality in a way you never learned it in the ordinary schools: It's about four post-doctorate university researchers, one woman, three men, who slip-out late one night, hop the fence at an obsolete USNavy yard, and peer inside a curious old rusting submarine roped to the dock ... but which is so modern that, one vehicle leading to another, they ride right out of this cosmos - a little astronomical, linguistical, mathematical, and systematical [ALMS Program] exploration. Subsequently returning to Earth, they find Earth-society subtly alien: and they retrace their steps to return to the infinite outercosmos, forever ... but not without leaving a trail - courtesy their college-smart tag-along - and thence commences a cosmic exodus.

[nota bene: some of the scenes-sets are production-identical]

The movie shall be available digitally recorded wide-screen [2:1] stereo-eyes-ed on disk and tape. The initial shoot shall be direct minute-by-minute to giga-byte hard-drive, 4 megapixels/frame, wavelet-compressed, copy-saved to CDROM - the digitized sound and music edited in synchronized frames, fractions of a second - and the final product released on 3D-HDDVideo Disk. The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both broadcast and movie-house. Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility. The final result shall be viewable stereo-eyes-ed '3.5D' with white 'sexichrome' or polarized safety-goggles, and (more widely available) HDDVideo, and standard (telecined celluloid) 35mm film, as well as DVD/DTV and VCR.

[The music exampled and specified in the following outline and screenwrite is the Strategic-Director's selection from hundreds of CD's of existing works by artists whose timbre and lyrics fit each on-screen activity, and is not otherwise representative of project SesQuatercet and its purposes ... beginning with a little unstifled oratorio, it jumps right into the modern dance-rhythm musiques: a 'space-bopera']

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS, BA, lecturer, is the author of FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction * RKPetry, which takes-up the Holy Biblical Scripture as a synopsis of mankind's Scientific purpose on Earth - it is comprised of about 35 articles. Mr. Petry, 1973 graduate of UCSD, in mathematics, is a former crypto-TEMPEST engineer with Linkabit CORP [now, M/A-COM] of San Diego CA, on digital-radio satellite communications systems for the USA SAC/CommandPost [now reorganized and transferred]. He has served as the Vice President on his Branch Church Executive Board, and is Founder and current Trustee-Director of The Son Dey School of Christ Science and project 'lambhorn'. He has several science-fiction short-stories in his repertoire published at his SesQuatercet scripting site.

[Mr. Petry also maintains several websites and posts on usenet news-groups and forums in the mathematics, sciences, technologies, digital electronic/computer engineering, and USA Presidential political-campaigning]

Abstract Overview


During a Spring break in our current era, four bright university laboratory researchers - four tall handsome clothes models - venture-out into the night to find happiness among the unknown technologies: Their obstacles begin with highways and mundane fences, and jump right into submarine and nuclear sciences, mathematics, celestial mechanics, astrophysics, cosmology, progressively demanding not only more intellect, but more skills, till they have achieved the seemingly very impossible, and left the entire cosmos itself! But even the outside view looking inward upon our cosmos poses thoughtful dangers, and they return home against a barrage of reluctance, disagreement, resistance, opposition, and ultimately, impossibilities and the new threat of being exposed under immanent alien law!

Mere days later as Spring returns, they must return to their own newly advanced studies - their outward-bound curriculae again - but as they've already been slightly discovered by aliens newly extant, they must drag-along one, a sister replacing their one wayward team-member - again, four tall handsome clothes models. They retrace their previous route with renewed intellectual vantage: looking at their once learned lessons from a perspective of cross-expectancy: and learning twice! This time at the top, they keep going all the way, never to return! And they learn even the very infinite has relative finites to learn, ceasely!

Their sets and settings include, a USNavy dockyard at night, open ocean travel at elevated speeds, confrontations with battleships, the South Pole glacial-ice-flow, and an under-ice research complex,  whole stuffed dinosaurs and un-Earthly animals, an escape-rocket to the backside of the moon, an immense underground space-port-complex full of starships for galactic travel, passing-up Jupiter and Neptune, accelerating to the speed-of-light, a swing-round a point-on-the-space-map, aether-slip-stream travel at super-light speed, an astronomically large metal-ring-city orbiting the event-horizon of a gigantic galaxy center 'black-gravity-hole', a cosmic-elevator, and outside our cosmos, a garden area, curious animals, golden-hued fruits, a sunless day and a focus-blinding-bright single-star semi-night, a sharp-edged sky telescopically speckled with infinitely-many 'black-gravity-hole' stars, a river edging the garden, a distant city, and rockets launching, reached by a golden yellow brick road, but then, their faces and hands glowing in the dark, a two shuttle-craft chase diving for the depths of the ring-city's host 'black-gravity-hole', a barrage of out-coming SafeGuard missiles from the moon, and more missiles from Earth, a crash-landing of the starship in the desert, and a hitchhike home with a famous driver. The retraced route is mostly set-similar until they cross the fields,  enter the supercosmosian domed city, its garden-scaped interior and observatory, and meet supercosmosians.

Back home, on the strangely similar alien Earth, the fiance of the sister follows her lead, and gives chase, taking his university nuclear chemistry class and grad-friends - hundreds of handsome clothes models - with him: Opening at her home cordonned-off by police - appropriately dressed - he discovers a vase with a speck of viable anti-matter, and presents this as a table-top experiment before his next evening class. The grad-friends rush to the desert, ten as an A-I-Response team, rent two helicopters to the UFO landing site where the USArmy investigates, start-up the crashed starship 'UFO', pick-up hundreds more of the students under a barrage of missiles, and relaunch for the moon, encounter a barrage of back-side SafeGuard missiles like a video-game, discover and muse more caverns and launch tens of starships, and the golden flag-ship, for fleet exercises, chase and protect his fiancee's starship when they eventually arrive (they got ahead) and leave the moon for the planets and the swing-point in-space, the aether-slip-stream, the galaxy center black-hole metal-ring-city, where they nuclear-battle space-aliens in starships, leave the fiance in the ring-city cosmic elevator, race back to protect Earth, the fleet battles the incoming aliens approaching and passing the moon toward Earth, they meet the alien survivors, who escape, and they video-link conference with the President of the USA, then leave, forever; the ring-city has been destroyed, and they pick-up a stranded team of supercosmosian data analysts, and head-out for near galaxies.

Sets (Props)

[many of these are compounds of real and virtual, registered by matted blue-screen]


[general notes: the control panels throughout are advanced, 26+2-key alpha-pads, press-rings, touch-screen, touch-indicators]
The submarine is of a configuration never used: designed for speed rather than stealth: its conning tower is shallow (steeply) raked, its engines are dual drive, dual nuclear power plants with cross-over, whining rather loudly at high speeds or powers, the front-end speed-active water-displacement mechanism grinds noisily. A short dock ramp reaches part-way onto the top-side. The vessel is 80-100 meters long, 10 wide, roped to the dock.
The interior conning tower has a standard rung ladder, cover and wheel-latch with lock. It opens down to the floor, forward corridor to crew and Captain's Quarters, third doorway on the left - furnished with koa-wood - and further to nuclear engines. The rear-main corridor opens directly into the control room.
The interior control room has four command seats on the [left] side facing 4-6 wide-displays, and a button on the wall above, stick-on labeled in break.
The Captain'sQuarters seen the the door ajar in returns, has a bed with spread, a comfortable chair with lamp.
The aluminum door, lock-in-wall, opens into a maze of clean aluminum-walled corridors, numbered doors opened or closed, proto-linguistic directory wall-plaques depicting floor-plan, dinosaur taxidermies with dried eyeballs, d. 1861; They find their way to the gantry entrance door.
In break, they enter the station in the very dark, with only the submarine flood-lights in the cavern, and as they speak the lights come-on full.
In returns, the lights are already on full, technicians in white lab-coats pass, comment.
The gantry is narrow, glass-walled view of the curved wrap-around silo wall, and a side partial view of the moon-rocket standing ever-ready, [hydrogen-steam fumes waft-up].
The 4 padded seats [plus 2 empty seat-spaces, totaling 6 seat-spaces] are arrayed radially, head at room-center, feet outward, console controls-panels and small displays at each side about the armrests, adjacent to the next set, seat-belt-bars, hand-rails and special floor for 'mag'walking. Harry watches Sat-News TV.
Glass-view surround, room for 15-20, descends the miles-depth of stacked starships passing short landing-gantrys at the maximum width of each starship.
The basic starship is a stealth black long slender ovoid, about a kilometer long and a hundred meters wide and high. Golden is remarkably golden, and has an extra layer of height beneath the main control-viewing level. The control room top layer has steeply raked (shallow) wrap-around view windows (centimeters thick) which amplify starlight orders of magnitude, but limited against nuke-brights, and deemphasized, slightly darkened in broad daylight. End-on the starship is hollow: its giant aether-stream thrust coupler slightly scintillates the center view, as though photons passing through were stressed. There is no apparent exhaust. The (apparent) defenses are laser-peening, rail-gun flack, micro-nuke (bullets) and major nuclear missiles (equiv. 1-99KTon) for removing cometary debris. The starship side-slips (steers) by vernier aether-coupling - an effectual defense [exterior hull-strikes damage expose dull pale bluish-green] - the outer surface is arrayed with shallow recessing areas enclosing quadruplets of half-spheres.
In break, returns, fling, they (eventually) wear starship communicator head-gear.
  • In break and fling (on TV in returns), their Earth-landed starship sits slightly tilted
  • In fling, possibly in returns, on land, erected walking-ramps lead-up to the open portal; and the lower rear near side [left] has been invasively tampered, damaged
  • In returns and fling, the fleet trains with low-power laser-peening beyond the moon, maneuvres are interwoven: grouped first in 2x2's, then in both 4x4's and 4x4x4's
  • In fling, possibly in break and returns, ring-city windows live-view the control room
The interior control room is simple spacious: the helm (center-left) and navigation  stations (center-right) face forward, behind-center is the captain's chair, at the back are the communications (right) and engineering (left) stations, and the glassed-in office (far-left): furthest side-left and side-right sides are the extended weapons-control stations facing forward-and-outward. At the room back center enters the fluid escalator coming-up forward from below decks. The enhanced-view-window wraps-around the room: images are increased liminal acuity: especially Earth-night-side shows city-night light (webbing). The emote controls are an aero-goo-gel surface, or sticky surface, or graphic-meld hand-palms into the control-surfaces.
The ring-city corridors, gantry, are austere: simple existance: windows out to the night; one of the doors is to the cosmic elevator room, with a control-panel at its side.
In break, Harry steps aside into a glass-floored observation dock, where deep-orange light from the bright center star-point of the galaxy black-hole below streaks-up his face.
In break (second time), returns, fling, there are blaster marks, rewelds, on walls, floor.
In returns, first-Harry carries a sandwich from a dispenser room.
A plush cushioned side-wall-seating circular room, cosmos-view-windows wrap-around 80% sides, seat-top, up. The control panel is just inside at the door: touch-indicator-lights.
In break, room lighting adjusts to very dim for them to see their glow-spots on their skin.
A compact one-man space-shuttle, long, powered similarly to starships, pilots wear same starship head-gear. Harry passes close to the ring-city dock, waves, Peter runs-jumps into another shuttle, presses buttons all around, then one that starts it, the door closes, the shuttle pops-away from the ring-city, tumbles, rights, chases. [all to music]
The interior includes diagrammatic navigation-targeting Harry's shuttle, the black-hole, and the ring-city, and radio-contact with Gwen and Daniel in the starship. A computer [female] voice-system warns when Peter descends below the event horizon.
The chase gives glimpses of both in their shuttles, deep into the event horizon scene, talking, waving.
In returns and fling, tiled entrance, white carpet, stairs (carpeted) to the right, kitchen center-right with telephone, living-room fore and left to HDTV console far-left, sofa before, chair near, low-table room-center, exit doors or sliding glass to patio rear-center. A VCR and camera sets on the HDTV.
In returns, the HDTV displays news, and later, the VCR camera records their plans.
In fling, Harry knocks on the front screen-door, the front door is open, the Police inside.
Pristine white carpeted upper floor, railed landing-walk, bedroom, with a small console TV and VCR to the left, 5 cassettes stacked on top, one inside, far-in a desk and lamp, with labeled manila legal envelope, a bed, chair, dresser, mirror, additional lamps, the water-vase of flowers.
Reached by the fluid-floor accelerating escalator, a [3rd floor] spacious museum room with various modern observatory equipments, large picture-windows over the domed city, and view of 2 cosmic-superliners readying to launch, video-diplays for tele-micro-scopes into our cosmos which interests Daniel, a live-action 3-D model of the local supercosmos mass-holes and the mega-hole-cluster.
A small office with door [east] and windows [east, south] to the hangar and 3 helipads with 2 helicopters idling ready, on a tall cabinet viewable from the rental counter a small TV [facing north] not in line with the morning sun, a register, 2 chairs behind for the owner and secretary, a metric-HESIT-time wall-clock. Mike, Jeff, et al, 2 certificates in hand, discuss the rental of 2 helicopters with the owner, sign rental forms, xerox. Exeunt.
The modern university lecture-auditorium seats 700-1000, with overhead [and up-front] video-repeaters for laboratory-table close-ups, and podium lecture-recording, the podium is easily accessible to and from the seats, the clock on the wall is in metric-HESIT-time evening hour [12.00-13.00PM~7:12-7:48PM], the chalk, marker, or video-projector board is covered with notes on anti-helon energies, electro-chemistry equations with heavy water, D2O, augmented pseudo-carbon-oxides, CO, the students final-sit, quiet-down, Harry lectures to a near-full audience of his nuclear chemistry students, plus invited graduate students and professors: a few students at back close the doors on request, he remote dims the theater-lights, runs a VCR on the video-repeaters, raises the lights but low for his antihelon experiment in which a dot of light in his vase, pipette-transferred to a flask of heavy-water blazes, streaking-up his face, wriggles-about, and boils over until flicker-flashing on the table top; second transferred to a lithium cup, it blazes red, quits.
The President sits on a presidential rolling chair, bangs a running shoe on the chipped corner of the oval desk, it emits a nebulous jogger-huffing, the center of the desk faces the WWDC-TV camera [which RECORDS], the crew finishes their cabling set-up, a monitor is just to the left of the camera, the secretary and aide-narrator sit opposite, off-camera. This arrangement runs concurrently with the set in the Golden command center [which a camera RECORDS], as Mike and the President converse over a 3-second delay loop with differing vid-link set-ups: both have vox-actuated vid-pause, but Mike has a fast-reminder which replays everything 3-4x fast, then slows to ~1 sec normal-replay.
[The cueing-timing is exacting: it regenerates much of the meaning of their discussion]
Typical TV channels and SAT syndicated news stations backgrounds, reporter at desk.
In break, weak signal, Harry watches at his moonrocket command-seat panel-video.
In returns, opening scene then HDTV inset, broad introductory UFO event news coverage, commercials, desk reporter talks to live-monitor deep-coverage scoop-camera reporter.
In fling, Grand Admiral Mike and officers watch on video displays, Mi-Kee joins reporter at desk to explain her high-technology e-mail encouraging USA President to forgive them.

Props & Attire

Strategic-Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

Producer-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Casting Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Tactical-Director: [tbd]

Operations-Director: [tbd]

Screenwriter: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

Register: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Recipient: N E M O Nuclear Emergency Management

Owner: Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management

Licenser: [tbd]


The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances herein to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States). May your tabernacle measure true.


© 1997-2001 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

project SesQuatercet