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Professors' Spring Break, trilogy

a cosmic space science-hypercubed adventure, Sci4I, PG-13

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic Director
a wision--SesQuaTercet USA production

(a division of Lanthus Corporation)

[introductory to cast and crews][mechanics of screenwriting][project SesQuaTercet]
[science-hypercubed adventure, trilogy] Four university tenure-track researchers hop the fence at an obsolete navy yard late one night and peer inside an old submarine roped to the dock: but which is so modern that, one vehicle leading to another, they explain their way right out of this cosmos. 2. Returning to Earth but finding society subtly alien, they retrace their steps to the infinite outercosmos, forever. 3. But not without leaving a trail: And thence commences a cosmic exodus. An astronomical linguistical mathematical systematical exploration turning the universe inside-out: as you never learned it in the ordinary universities.
[nota bene: some of the scenes-sets are production-identical]
The movie shall be available digitally recorded wide-screen [2:1] stereo-eyes-ed on disk and tape. The initial shoot shall be direct minute-by-minute to giga-byte hard-drive, 4 megapixels/frame, wavelet-compressed, copy-saved to CDROM - the digitized sound and music edited in synchronized frames, fractions of a second - and the final product released on 3D-HDDVideo Disk. The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both broadcast and movie-house. Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility. The final result shall be viewable stereo-eyes-ed '3.5D' with white 'sexichrome' or polarized safety-goggles, and (more widely available) HDDVideo, and standard (telecined celluloid) 35mm film, as well as DVD/DTV and VCR.
[Music specified in this screenplay is the Strategic Director's selection from hundreds of CD's of existing works by artists whose timbre and lyrics fit each on-screen activity, and is not otherwise representative of project SesQuatercet and its purposes ... Beginning with a little unstifled A Cappella, it jumps right into the modern dance-rhythm musics: a 'space-bopera']

Scene Script Music Notes

'extant examples'

[These musics are especially exemplary, and tentatively assigned]

Professors' Spring Break

prelude fanfare title credits: cross road, jump fence, run to submarine submarine start-up, escape across bay submarine leaves for ocean submarine rushes carrier, jumps torpedos submarine approaches south polar ice-cap, enters launch moon-rocket exit moon starship portal, launch, pass planets Pluton redirect, into aether slip-stream, [second redirect], exit to approach black-hole metal-ring-city around galaxy-center black-hole elevator ascent exocosmic garden morning-like swim, Gwen refreshes, swims distant city by yellow-brick road, return to elevator [hollow sound], begin descent Harry escapes with shuttle down black-hole, passes, waves, Peter chases, cajoles, climbs starship leaves ring-city: backs away, accelerates, aliens in distance, aether-slip stream reenter Solar system at Pluton to sub-light speed, Neptune, nukes, pass moon, to Earth encounter, avoid Earth missiles Earth missiles, descent to Area 51 desert, run away from landed UFO, catch ride taxi arrives home, evening credits: evening sunset on Gwen's neighborhood, airplane flies over on music-lull postludes alternates

[Spring Break]

[These musics are especially exemplary, and tentatively assigned]

Professors' Spring Returns

prelude fanfare HDTV report on UFO landing in desert Area 51, begins after key dialog credits: livingroom conversation plan escape, darkened livingroom rear-exit cross road deflect demolition crew, enter submarine, pull away, chase across bay, exit bay submarine run across ocean, Diana, Daniel discussion submarine approaches south polar ice-cap, enters gantry windows, outside-in, focus Diana; launch moon-rocket exit moon starship portal zone, launch, pass strange planets approach Pluton, redirect, microsupernova, into aether slip-stream focus: Diana reminisces, Daniel jokes, pass alien starship, sublight approach black-hole metal-ring-city around galaxy-center black-hole elevator ascent garden, cross river long-leg-run yellow brick road across field to distant city, data-team, glide to supercosmosians' domed gardened city, in, counselors, professors escalator to observatory, they discuss their cosmic success credits: shuttles traverse over domed city, cosmoliner lifts-off on music-soar, look-back postludes

[Spring Returns]

[These musics are especially exemplary, and tentatively assigned]

Professors' Spring Fling

prelude fanfare title credits introduction, police interview, inspect bedroom lecture on antimatter: exit auditorium helicopter wind-up, kick-start, rev-up, salute, thumbs-up lift-off, cross desert hills, quick-lands, pick-up extras helicopters come-in from desert hills, land at Area 51 UFO atterrissage enter UFO, run to escalator, up, enter control room, try, start-up, launch, outside crowd enters UFO, missiles attack, relaunch, to outer-space around behind moon, battle with nuke missiles security debrief, nuclear, Mike, Harry in command-office approach moon cavern port, land moon cavern star-ships museum walk star-ship fleet training Gwen's team leaves moon, Operation Diana Quest-set team chases: approach Pluton, microsupernova, pass Gwen in aether-slip-stream, sublight approach ring-city, battle aliens at ring city, enter ring-city inside Gwen's starship, in ring-city leave Harry, Susan in elevator, rush back to flagship, return to aether-slip-stream back to Earth Solar system Dave waits for aliens to arrive, flash-by at 100Km in half second, orders team max-response chase Michael arrives in flagship hyperhot pursuit, enters foray, orders override repair to moon discussion vid-link with President reapproach ring-city, destroyed, greet supercosmosian data-analysts, discuss outer cosmos, Jaime's "baby" confession exit galaxy via aether-slip, cross galaxies towards outer-cosmos wall, SNR's credits: hop across cosmos of supernovae-sparkling galaxies, John-Jaime kiss-talk on title postludes alternates

[Spring Fling]

[listening samples sources]

Strategic Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
Producer-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Casting Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Tactical Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Operations Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Screenwriter: Raymond Kenneth Petry
Registrar: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Recipient: N E M O Nuclear Emergency Management
Registered Owner: Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management
Licenser: [tbd]

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereïn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States).
© 1997-2006 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

project SesQuaTercet