The ExtraCosmos

outside our [finite] cosmos is the infinite cosmos
infinite space, infinite time, infinite mass-energy

Our super-galactic-cluster-abundant cosmos is but one cosmic mass singularity amid an infinitely larger cosmos ... let us suppose an extra-cosmic 'elevator' tied into a quantum aether vortex, and go up.

Conjecture, postulate an infinitely large cosmos with infinite mass-energy distributed near-uniformly infinitely long-ago [not any particular time] in a wave-flux pre-formation 'mode' - a 'steady' entropic state, such that the pre-extracosmos exhibited some independence or freedom from its measure base [called, the aether].

The sheer mass-energy content exhibits some mass-gravity effect: light travels at a certain speed [averaging constant across the entropic aether-sea] ... and entropically, sometimes-somewheres, the mass-energy wave-flux puts astronomically large amounts of mass-energy in smallish volumes, which then contract, auto-entangling (primitive gravity),- but with all the first-half of infinite-time to proceed ... eventually the localized mass-gravity surplus is sufficient to condense a mass to star size. Let us note that this mass-energy 'flux' consists of a blend of photonic and leptonic [and neutrinic] wavicles, as these form occasionally in the flux-dense space - further interesting is that like clouds form at the interface of hot-saturated air-mass and cold un-saturated air-mass, so energy 'forms' at the equipositional interface of right-handed and left-handed complexor space - a 'condensation' of charge positivity-saturation comingling with charge negativity-saturation [because that is the mode of charge: positive versus negative, rather than hot-presence versus cold-absence] ... the precipitate is merely energy in motion - the mass-energy tends to remain [photonic] energy-rich, because [leptonic] mass-rich zones are a blend of anti/matter, which is mutually meta-stable: the energy flux keeps anti/matter from settling into anti/matter wavicle co-transformation back to [photonic] energy. But given the infinite time-scale, there are ample cases of anti/matter becoming localized dominant on large structures so that actual stars may form. Infinite energy, on entropic occasions, may meet in sufficient local density to instantly condense to 'quantum-black-hole' size, or on larger scale, to gravity pits, sheets, strings (and spinning rings) - which then begin to accrete mass-energy from around them, and thence ever continually to accrete and condense more ... eventually (by half of infinity) the extracosmos becomes a more tenuous 'space' filled with 'black-holes' of two major kinds: ordinary [in either anti/matter] and 'energy-wells' [of both anti/matter] - and a thin background haze of 'un-swallowed' mass-energy, giving the extracosmos a generous but cooling hue, perhap livable blue.

Let's consider the plight of the mass-energy in pits and wells: a mass-type pit shrinks to a lepton-size point where renormalized micro-mass predominates and forms a cosmos like ours ... the energy-wells tend to renormalize [deep internally] as micro-energy replicas of the [outer] extracosmos, but with finite bounds [which thus greatly reduce entropic sufficiency, and stifle further development within the energy-well singularity] - a near permanent 'point-mirror' of the extracosmos: the in-flux and out-flux of energy tends to be found remaining at equilibrium - the outer extrascosmos becomes stabilized in brightness, homogeneity, and process: 'holes' accumulate through-out the extracosmos, as well as supernovae, ordinary novae, stars, and planets [and dust] ... but with infinite time, these settle forever toward finality.

Eventually the outer extracosmos is a background of light, from infinite remnant 'initial' values, and energy-well reflectance, and, mass-pit out-waving [of photons beginning deep within, and being reduced to mere long-radio-waves passing exactly straight-out, and thus not recirculating back into the mass-pit]. People may exist much as in our cosmos, but their loyalties are stricter, as it is not possibile to distinguish anti/matter stars by looking at them: either anti/matter emits the same photons, because photons are essentially symmetrical transversal positive-negative charge-waves. Thus an inhabitant of one outer world must know when to touch another, as anti/matters are mutually disintegrating ... the way to learn this lesson is, to live in a one-type matter cosmos, and learn at the astrophysicists study-rate - only when we are done may we profitably exit this cosmic-singularity, and play among the anti/matter stars.

Curiously we note that what is missing in our cosmos is in entropic balance in the outer extracosmos ... by time we get out of this cosmos, the lessons of distinguishing anti/matters will have been learned thoroughly and safely - and the occasional noble 'planckton' [anti-helon nuclei] wandering down to the planet's surface in continual rain, add additional light to all objects on the surface ... there is no night there, save in the case of a planet right at the gravity-lip of a large singularity may see only the bright center-point in the 'night' time, while the 'day-time' will glow in all the cumulation of 'Olber'-paradoxic light: near uniformly lit sky [except under super-telescopic examination, which reveals the cosmic 'graininess' of 'holes' infinitely many paving the star-lanes ... there may be interesting exceptions, dark space clouds floating almost reversed-video across the horizons and eons].

The people there may have no sense of time, to the infinite, with infinitely many [constructive] possibilities ... thus we may assume much building through-out the outer cosmos ... a super-cosm of science already found-out, and forever unfolding in greater cosmic-scale works - an infinite diversity of peoples - where infinite really means large-scale in-finite. Our cosmo becomes one of many incubators of people to supply the outer-cosmos.

We might also deduce that our cosmos is peopled by two types of people: those who came with this cosmos, and those who entered [jumped-in] later [and personally renormalize into micro-mass] - of course, in an infinite extracosmos, dinosaurs exist somewhere, and interplanetary [and same-matter inter-stellar] flight is simplified by the availability of anti-helon for cold-fusion rocket engines.

A premise discovery under the title,

Grand-Admiral Petry
'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
Nuclear Emergency Management