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-Jehovah in Eden-

stereo-eyes-ed '3.5D' movie-version rating: PG-17 (UV)

story by Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic-Director
a Wision--SesQuaTercet USA production

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The story of Jehovah's arrival on Earth with Adam [and carrying Eve] and their life in Adam's Eden kindergarden, scripted, and choreographed to music, tells a plausible beginning of current modern scientifically advancing society, of what actually happened on Earth about 3670 BC, of our common past and our connected future.

introductory speech to cast & crews

Welcome and thank you all, for joining this SesQuaTercet production, ARCHAEODUS.

I'm the Strategic-Director.

I want to say right-up, that I have served our USA national security as a crypto-TEMPEST engineer in digital electronics and computing. I left that job decades ago when I felt that better developing security techniques and methodologies, not reorganizations, were requisite, and although we're not working in national security here in this feature movie, we are working in world-security - and we're not going to deviate one iota: I've seen to that. If you think you don't qualify, if you think you prefer a little sabotage here or there, in this place or that, leave now - this introduction is being video-taped for your replacement - and while that's not as good as being here, they'll know what you should have.

This story takes our audience back to the arrival of Jehovah and Adam and Eve in the Garden eastward in Eden, ca. 3670 BC - this is, to our best scholarly knowledge, the most recent singular introduction of lordship on Earth - there may have been prior visitations on Earth over preceding tens of thousands of years: archaeologic findings suggest visits by spacer-types world-wide - great civilizations, worshipped, lost, remembered - we don't specifically know whether those lords preferred unstable geographies to cover their traces, or that they quit or were chased-off. We're following Jehovah as the nearest we might catch-up, follow, or trail: For production purposes we may not be on location: the safety of the performers and crews, is a foremost company security concern.

Second, I want you to know right-up that, best, is not good enough. This production must be, good: I've seen to that. You shall have no opportunity to fail - if you willfully choose to fail, you have a ticket home. We may not always be welcomed on location, but we shall always have the authority and opportunity to do good - most of you are as expendable as cameos - a few of you have some role continuity, and are being reimbursed accordingly. The Uniform Code of Military Justice ranks every army man and woman in a foreign country, an ambassador for America. Be ambassadors: Don't die the death.

Thirdly, a word on your acting opportunity: Act - do not over-act! Acting is like thinking: the engineer is hired not to think - he always thinks: if he ever stopped thinking, he'd be unreliable for engineering - he is hired to think thoroughly, perfectly about a particular effort that is abundantly productive: broadcastly sellable at a small price, and bigger profit. You are hired not to act - you always act: if you ever stopped acting, you'd be unreliable for movie-making - you are hired to act thoroughly, perfectly about this particular effort that is abundantly productive: broadcastly sellable at a small price, and bigger profit. Act - do not over-act: To put this in paraphrase of a reknown religious reformer: Act, truthfully - do not over-act, do not re-act, do not in-act, do not dis-eased-act, do not die the death. Act-throughly - follow-through your act like the gymnast in the middle of her flip-flop: keep going: our editor needs something she can edit-out!

Fourthly, two rules on the set - actors included:

  1. Rule #1 - Never shout!
  2. Rule #2 - actors have their appointed acting coach to help them with Rule #1
There being no questions on these points, I remand you to your production-director.

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic-Director for SesQuaTercet

ARCHAEODUS[First Journey]Jehovah in Eden

Strategic-Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
Producer-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Casting Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Tactical-Director: [tbd]
Operations-Director: [tbd]
Screenwriter: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
Register: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Recipient: The Son Dey School of Christ Science : project 'lambhorn'
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The teachings hereïn are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, governments, find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: Astronomics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Systematics: Scientific inferentiation on Holy Biblical Scripture: What actually happened.

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The Son Dey School of Christ Science

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereïn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States). May your tabernacle measure true.
© 1996-98 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, lambhorn@ChristScience.US
© 1996-2001 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic-Director

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