[Wision--Sesquatercet USA ™ de facto trademark] Petry System Family Wision USA

This specified document contains certain pre-contract, RFP, B&P, PDR, CDR, information and other not being made available to the general-web public at this time... (stay tuned but 'don't hold your breath'--moviemaking is more art than science)... Meanwhile the script and other development and budgeting documentations are readable here....

'So this American university student studying French, for the summer, walks into the branch of his American bank in Paris, And reading from the bank brochure describing, "Ask for the Man On The Spot," says, "I'd like to speak to the Man On The Spot--please," And the bank clerk, behind the midriff-high counter, who only then -closer up- looks very pregnant, says--(What should you think she'd say to that: She was French, and some jokes are funniest in the setup; The Manager, sitting at a desk nearby, sniggered.)'

Thank you, for a moment of your time and consideration; It's really exhilarating to develop public performance.

Project Sesquatercet.