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sesquaterce - a [half] part less than four: three-and-a-half
a sesquatercet is a three-and-a-half-uplet: time-and-space
three full dimensions of space, and a 'half' dimension of one-way time

Howdy, neighbor,

This is my w-w-web-cottage internet-leisure-residence - a nice place to sit and write ... no number on the gate: just my name ... no promotional references to my interParty 2000 President-Candidacy politics, no famous expository Son Dey School of Christ Science religious exegeses, no contemporarily foresightful Nuclear Emergency Management operations ... just, science-cubed docu-drama-fiction writings: insights into the workings, past and future, of the sciences, especially mathematically comprehensive astronomics and systematics, redacted into plausibly actual realistic story constructions.

This is a good place to sit and write a few movie scripts ... it's not commercial: it's not my profession - and the stories are science dramatizations: science put into an entertaining story format, involving fictionally contrived characters when their identities are less well known ... I do try to portray realistic persons and depict logistic developments, but the likelihood that such a combination of events took place exactly, is less likely - and that's why it may be called, science-fiction: in order to compress the introduction of scientific topics in a readable and viewable (short) time-frame, it's told in a compact storied arrangement: saving time for the listener-learner. Enjoy reading: ARCHAEODUS, Professors' SPRING BREAK, SPRING RETURNS, SPRING FLING, The StarTrails Game, AD 2100, The Wriggly's, AD 4 Billion, AD 4 Trillion, and some ditties!

[Nota Bene: These screenwrites are in HTML with variable width fonts]

  1. Archaeodus [First Journey] Adam in Eden [8/26/97] [science-docu-drama] ... the story of Jehovah's arrival on Earth with Adam [and still carrying Eve] and their life in Adam's Eden kindergarden - scripted, and choreographed to music - tells a plausible beginning of current modern scientifically advancing society, of what actually happened on Earth about 3670 BC, of our common past and our connected future .... [moved to pre-production 2//1998]
  2. Professors' Spring Break: [11/6/97] [science-cubed fiction: trilogy] ... this story and its sequels, Spring Returns [4/3/98] and Spring Fling [11/17/98] turn the whole cosmos inside-out, and present reality in a way you never learned it in the ordinary schools - it's about four post doctorate university researchers [a woman and three men] who slip-out late one night, hop a fence at an obsolete USNavy yard, and look inside a curious old rusting submarine roped to the dock ... but which turns-out to be so modern inside that after a pre-programmed visit to the South Pole, they ride right out of this cosmos. [A little astronomical, linguistical, mathematical, systematical, ALMS Program, exploration] Subsequently they return to Earth, but find Earth-society subtly alien - and they retrace their steps to return to the infinite outercosmos, forever ... but not without leaving a trail, courtesy their college-smart tag-along: and thence commences a cosmic exodus. [copy in pre-production 1//99]
  3. The StarTrails Game [5/20/00] [science-cubed fiction] ... Mi-Kee (Michelle-Keela) Thomaine is an 8th grade girl who likes StarTrails (retro-quel to Spring Break) so much - StarTrails TV episodes, movies, magazines, internet-news groups - she's won a summer-fun contest to ride NASA's Deep-Space Simulator, but she's more qualified than NASA's own captain, so, she gets the captain's chair ... and it looks all too real for a simulator: They launch from Earth for deep-space rendezvous with Pluton and whatever planets, gravity-singularities, space-clouds, are way-out there at the edge of our Solar system. The Game itself is a seven-player simulator-trainor for tomorrows' deep-space astronauts, to help NASA look ahead: in the 1960's America went to the moon, and developed nuclear-powered space engines with the thrust equivalent of the Space Shuttle's main-three running non-stop for going to Mars ... now it's time to return to immanent domain, power, and glory. [Relations: see the amazing facts] [The concept is that StarTrails is the reality of her favorite science-fiction story, Professors' Spring Break] [copy in pre-production, 6/2000]
    1. Flourish [3/1/99] [science fiction story-bite] ... the computer dreams by-passing its logic-comprehension circuits - for the duration of the outer movie.
    2. To Boldly Go [1/18/97] [science fiction short-story] ... takes us on one of the truly no-where journeys of outerspace, inside the very stars, by rotating mass 90 degrees to the mathematicians' 'imaginary' mass, where 'real' mass nucleons and photons disappear from view [as neutrinoes are invisible] - a brief interlude into an obvious yet never-been-there-before inside-out world.
    3. LoneStone's Twin [9/13/99] [science fiction short-story] ... goes relativistic: a black-hole accelerated to light-speed travels across the cosmos.
    4. Rogue Hole [10/8/99] [science scenario fiction short story] ... a rogue black-hole in our galaxy approaches Earth's Solar system, and the news-media must decide our fate.
  4. [new] StarTrails II: Reality [science-cubed fiction - under construction] ... 16 years later the real planet Pluton has been found beyond the edge of our Solar system, and 29-year old Mi-Kee, grown-up long since her 8th grade virtual command aboard her summer-fun ride at the NASA Deep-Space Simulator-Trainor Facility, returns as a qualified NASA captain, albeit pregnant ... and this trip is for real: A month from Earth, they rendezvous with Pluton in deep-space, and find the real newEarth city-planet uninhabited, and set-out on a course to find who built it: When they meet the real Jehovahns, the cultures almost clash, but they do bring an emissary home.... [The concept is that StarTrails II is the reality follow-up to a thorough virtual training]
  5. [new] Mouse To ORBIT [8/31/2001 single-concept science fiction comedy] ... the skyhook-to-orbit is safer and more efficient than either Space Shuttle or GEO-rope elevator: being essentially that compound: The feasibility is drawn-up as a spec' script in the genre of 1959's, The Mouse That Roared, roars back: When the US dollar collapses on the Securities Exchange, in the Duchy of Gran Fenwijk, the Professor schemes to recover their national revenues, as the first nation to put a hotel in orbit ... copying every sci-fi story: They succeed with little damage to the world, and a lot of global good humor.
  6. [new] The Great Space Race [technology fiction comedy] ... billionaires are such fun, especially when they compete with their toys: When Sheik Alfaseti's little boy crashes the country's security computer by inadvertently saving his e-mail on top of the hard-drive file his daddy named after him, the Sheik embroils billionaire computer mogul Bill Flops in a modern great race to the moon and back: Bill informs nag-buddy billionaire Ross Payrol, and all conniving, they launch from Baikonur, California, and Florida.
  7. [new] Leonid Variables [science-technology scenario-thriller training film - under construction] ... a cometary particle late in the tail of the yearly November Leonids meteor shower punches a hole in the NASA Space Shuttle's wing - EVA determines it's too large to reenter the Earth's atmosphere - they repair to a Russian space-station, which is being shut-down for final reentry in one month, its budget dried-up - a solar flare reduces that to a week - pushing the station back up using the Shuttle retros saves them four months: the ordeal, the dreams.
Plus short ditties [silly, short story extras: fantasy, parody, repartee] and other stories I may sketch, may write: For national security reasons, even on the internet the freedom of speech deserves special attention, and continual culling and gleening.
  1. [new] WARPA: Double Virtual [science scenario] ... an ersatz-theorem, a thought-play on double-negative equaling positive, but double-wrong not equaling right: double-virtual is not reality - or is it?! There are lots of curious people, documents, and activities on the internet/WWWeb - there are cancel-bunnies on news-groups, hackers, lone-sysops, retired US Generals, university seismograph evidences, interpretations, top-secret EYE-THREE exposés, space-alien contact simulations ... data you never read in the p-mail news. Is this real? or just virtual? Or double-virtual ... suppose America took some drastic military action somewhere, that 'net'ers didn't agree-with ... the internet being instant communication, faster than any hot-line telephone, and multi-connected, broadcasting everywhere, durably digital, more secure than p-mail ... the internet/wwweb community could virtually mutiny: or more simply, re-construct its own real-ity faster than the TV news-media could/can report, faster than the USA President/Commander-IN-Chief could-can respond, faster than the USA military could/can mobilize ... internet/wwweb minutemen - yea, second-men, and women - are a distinct possibility ... suppose the real people on the internet got real-ly involved in world government, in a minute's notice - suppose the 'net-ocracy' and the 'free-web-ans' took-on the new-world order: real people, that is, really virtually: WARPA, the World Advanced Reality Projection Agency!
  2. [new] Professors' Spring Harvest [science-cubed fiction series] [retroquel] When the space aliens returning for the fleet on the far side of the moon, destroy the moon, and nearly the Earth, the student team routes them, saving Earth, but with the compromise that they must leave to keep the aliens at bay - thence Earthers must figure out all the science they nearly had in their grasp ... [under construction]
  3. [new] Professors' Spring Training [science-cubed fiction series] [retroquel] ... [under construction]
  4. [new] Professors' Spring Goose [science-cubed fiction series] [retroquel] ... [see the amazing facts about CMDR Penny] ... [under construction]
Amazing facts on certain roles:
  1. Amazing facts about the role of undergraduate, CMDR Penny, Professor Harry's A-student: Entering briefly with the Professors in the moon port starship cavern (scene#8) in the trilogy third, she takes command of their UFO, repaired galaxy-ship Bounty renamed Pickel, brought in by alien-Gwen, which needs its database updated to compete in the training exercises, because it was from another galaxy and another time. Penny reappears after the alien invasion as the neo-heroic loner who intervenes and saves spaceship CeeBird under alien fire, and during formal reprimand aboard the flagship, an emergency call from Star Quest draws them all away to the galaxy center, where she is left in command of Gwen's new starship while Grand-Admiral Michael takes the flagship to the edge of the cosmos: Thus Penny is the one member of the flag-ship to remain behind in our galaxy, and knows where they went forever: Penny is pivotal for the series follow-on. [CMDR Penny is the property of Lanthus Corporation for story follow-up and HDTV series development] The details are more amazing: Pickel (which we thought was renamed after Jeff's joke about a bounty of pickles) is the one other starship not given a cosmic name (eg. Star Quest, CeeBird, etc.), and has the same first initial as Penny, thus it was named by her team leaders, P,K,L, and as a math joke about pi-killing; When Michael reproves her daring, her three special passengers, key story Professors Gwen, Peter, and Daniel, play a game of insinuating each other while Penny evolves as scathelessly bespoken as the Grand-Admiral himself in that very same situation: She'd given order to rescue CeeBird by saying, Do it! - the very same words by which Michael himself had ordered her assistance: thus forshadowing Penny's potential role as the next Grand-Admiral in Michael's absence; When Penny explains she'd believed they'd had the most experience, she means not only her team continuing in their original UFO galaxy-ship, but also that that galaxy-ship itself had had the most experience, having brought alien-Gwen to her Earth, survived the battering onslaught of nuclear SafeGuard missiles coming in under alien-Gwen's control, then going out behind the moon under Jaime's control - both Gwen and Jaime were pivotal roles, more than just leads: Clearly Penny is attuned to Gwen and her starship: Penny is in essence unspoken, the daughter Gwen had never had (whereas Diana, the other pivotal role in the trilogy second, was the sister that alien-Gwen had never had) ... Penny sees herself as the offspring of womanhood and mechanism: heroine and starship; And she now has command of an experienced crew aboard Gwen's new and essentially virginal galaxy-ship: She can return to Earth, she can take-on the next alien invasion, she can gain credibility as the fleet's new Grand-Admiral, she can go to the stars, she can find another flagship somewhere ... she can chase Michael. Or, Penny could take life easy and implement the cadet's plan: take her ship back to Earth at night-time, sneak into bed for the night, and leave before dawn: She could even buy Grand-Admiral, a rib-eye steak!
  2. Amazing facts about the role of smart 8th-grader Mi-Kee, Gary's little sister in Professors' SPRING FLING(17), but daughter of Gary and Gwen in StarTrails: In reading her favorite extracurricular StarTrails comics which take on Spring Break (trilogy) and come to life as brief video imageries, Mi-Kee sees her professor dad as an older brother among his university peers escapading across the cosmos in commandeered alien science and technology, and explaining everything to a demure female cadet, alter ego of herself until she must save his cosmic dream team from the USA President through all she has learned about administrations. Gwen, her know-everything, do-everything mom, she sees as assistant ever taking everyone everywhere, always running the vehicles, submarines, rocket-ships, galaxy star-ships, cosmic elevators: Gwen is her role-model of womanhood taking charge in a man's world, among her men friends.
  3. Amazing facts about the role of demure undergraduate, Cadet Yeoman Barkel: First appearing as a mathematics student of Professor Gwen, whose homework manages in a phrase to turn the cosmos into a 3-D Brauer Fixed-Point theorem (ringing of computer sciences, too), this young adult woman through multiple talents works her way to the top, innocently entraining lead Professor Harry to invite her to volunteer for the UFO heist, then gets herself elected as the students' sole representative to sit among the professors and graduate students in the UFO command (bridge) center, then spontaneously appoints herself the lunar sciences museum curator before the team principals, leading them about by their attentive ears, she creates herself a major lead-role among super-peers: equally intelligent, equally funny, equally real.

© 1997-2001 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
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