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sesquaterce - a [half] part less than four: three-and-a-half
a sesquatercet is a three-and-a-half-uplet: time-and-space
three full dimensions of space, and a 'half' dimension of one-way time

Sketches, Pitches, Chalk-ups

  1. AD 2100: The Grand Odyssey [5% 4//00] [science fiction] ... a short story I wrote ca. 1984 - and serendipitously discovered Pluton - rewrote and computer-composed ca. 1990 - a creative-writing exercise repartee to a famous author's stories, wherein I answered the larger questions, where are we, what's beyond, and the lesser questions, what are space-aliens: raised by said author ... the story is layered: the outer story, 20 Billion BC, relates the pre-big-bang to our cosmos, the main story itself, ca. AD 2020-2100, suggests a development of connectivity with the cosmos in the author's genre, an inner story related as a '2069' episode with Razeh Savage and Lew Pranceler, who send their Jorel d'Eaux on a billion-dollar visit to discover Retirement on Venus: Heaven or Hoax? The gruesome details of leisure-science gone awry.
  2. The Wriggly's: The Call to Pluto [science fiction] ... before writing any of these stories, I shared one over several months [1980] with a family of small children I'd gotten to know closely through Church-attendance friendship ... The Wriggly's, a take-off on their last name suitably modified so as to be funny, fun, and recognizable - they were 7, 5, 4 when we started - and including everyone in their family - right down to the four wild kittens brought-in by the tame mother cat, and named therefore, A, B, C, and D Wriggly, and Butterscotch-Cream Wriggly - plus myself. The story begins on Earth where the President of the United States has received a space-radio message purportedly from planet Pluto, and has called upon a family of scientists, the Wriggly's, to go investigate and welcome the caller, Muaka Nika Nu. The story is a fun imagineering of practical space-things, space-windows to see in the dark, space markers to find their way back, and look-alike robots the children could program personally, and automated cat-feeders [very important] .... It gets fancier as they search for the inventive Muaka Nika Nu trapped inside her station-house on the very very cold frozen planet Pluto.
  3. AD 4 Billion [science fiction] ... imagine living on Earth far in the future when our then-orange sun is going out, and history computers record a group of people called, the Christians, who went somewhere else long-long-ago ... where did they go, and why didn't they return ... what's out there?
  4. AD 4 Trillion [science fiction] ... imagine living on a planet somewhere in some galaxy when the last few stars remain in the stark night sky ... actually there are people out there in the deep dark of the remaining cosmos, but there's no natural sun light to illumine them: they've use their resources of hydrogen, and fusion catalyst down the last drops save what they can reap from a barren 'dry' cosmos full of black holes and cold neutron stars... oh, but it's eerie ... it's so very dark way-out there in the deep: there's much weeping and gnashing of teeth, as Jesus predicted ca. 30-33BC, if we haven't learned to leave this cosmic hole then a dark end awaits: Some may seek comfort by diving into the nearest black-hole ... but what might be down there?! [Some answers are given in the sequel to Spring Break, and in 2100 ... but let's not spoil our ending].
Plus, short short ditties [silly, short story extras: fantasy, parody, repartee] and other stories, I may sketch but not write, for national security reasons: even on the internet the freedom of speech deserves special attention, and continual culling and gleening.
  1. [new] WARPA: Double Virtual [science scenario] ... an ersatz-theorem, a thought-play on double-negative equaling positive, but double-wrong not equaling right: double-virtual is not reality - or is it?! There are lots of curious people, documents, and activities on the internet/WWWeb - there are cancel-bunnies on news-groups, hackers, lone-sysops, retired US Generals, university seismograph evidences, interpretations, top-secret EYE-THREE exposés, space-alien contact simulations ... data you never read in the p-mail news. Is this real? or just virtual? Or double-virtual ... suppose America took some drastic military action somewhere, that 'net'ers didn't agree-with ... the internet being instant communication, faster than any hot-line telephone, and multi-connected, broadcasting everywhere, durably digital, more secure than p-mail ... the internet/wwweb community could virtually mutiny: or more simply, re-construct its own real-ity faster than the TV news-media could/can report, faster than the USA President/Commander-IN-Chief could-can respond, faster than the USA military could/can mobilize ... internet/wwweb minutemen - yea, second-men, and women - are a distinct possibility ... suppose the real people on the internet got real-ly involved in world government, in a minute's notice - suppose the 'net-ocracy' and the 'free-web-ans' took-on the new-world order: real people, that is, really virtually: WARPA, the World Advanced Reality Projection Agency!
  2. [new] Ezekiel [science reconstruction] ... Scriptural records impute that a temple such as that Ezekiel designed, might be built in three days: indeed with fully computerized PERT program evaluation and review techniques it can: the elements must all be in their reserve places, the first on location and ready to go: an undertaking befitting a modern-day messiah; we may proceed from the logistical vantage.
  3. [new] Thules' Gold [fiction] ... a billionaire realestate agent melts the middle of the Greenland glacial ice cap for a continent-wide spa, by special "hundred gigatonne" thermonuclear device: the detonation itself is worth half the movie: his operation discovers not only gold, but something very like the real lost continent of Atlantis "buried under a mile of water" albeit now frozen millennia later.
  4. [new] Thermageddon [fiction] "Landing Venus" ... terraforming Venus has mystified science writers for decades, but there are anomalies in the current theory base that lend possibilities: This is one of them: When a Russian Venera lands in the one of the radar-bright Venutian crevasses and discovers artifacted shapes exposed therein, the race to venuform begins: Scientists propose catalyzing the atmosphere to release and reverse the cause of the famous temperature extreme at the surface, then at first cooling descend in the North Pole to begin research of the ancient culture - which didn't exactly die-out: Maybe dreams tell.
  5. [new] Phaethon's Sand Box [science scenario] "San Disasteroid, Kilometeors, Sandy Ego, Dune Buggies in the Sky" ... a rogue-state scientist discovers among NASA publications an NEA Near Earth Asteroid that is a large clump of sandstone, trillions of tonnes of sand rather than rocky-ice or nickel-iron, passing a few moon distances to Earth, and implements a plan to impact the sandy asteroid with a small deep-space missile, to burst and dump more meteorites onto the Earth ... no armageddon scenario: it makes a bright shower: But the billionaire meteor storm knocks out satellite communications systems every December - the first year is the toughest, but it's no better the next: NASA schemes recovery to remove the GEMINIDS.
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