[ARCHAEODUS script: 3rd revision]
[Rave Previews for Spring (trilogy)]

Petry System Family Wision USA

in conjunction with

projects 'lambhorn' and NEMO


project SesQuaTercet productions

Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
a division of Lanthus Corporation

a production website for tomorrows' 3DDV-HDDV movie screenplays

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic Director

Intends a few movie screenplays of science drama-fiction insights into the workings, past and future, of the sciences: especially mathematically comprehensive astronomics and systematics, redacted into plausibly actual realistic story constructions, under The ALMS Program: Astronomics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Systematics.

SesQuaTercet is not commercial, but the stories presented here may be up for production: Project SesQuaTercet was originally a subsidiary of the Son Dey School of Christ Science, a USA 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, expressly for the original purpose of producing movie redactions of 'lambhorn' Scriptural exegeses {eg. ARCHAEODUS}, as the professional extension of the Principal Screenwriter's project SesQuatercet, and subsequently transferred to Lanthus Corporation; and secondarily to produce science-fiction movies of excellent teaching under The ALMS Program, for and implementing umbrella organization Petry System Family Wision USA, with methods improving the state-of-the-art of motion pictures through stereo'eyes'ed digitized camera, recording, processing, editing, reproduction, projection. The screenplays herein-presented serve also as proposals and copyrights establishment for movie production contracts: in open-public-view.

Productions shall proceed in project SesQuaTercet as ordinary movie-making efforts: the actors, crews, and reproduction authorities shall be paid ordinary rates, and may be ordinary persons not affiliated with project 'lambhorn' - strict observance of goodly [clean, Godly] speech and conduct on the production location-set notwithstanding:

These movies may be done in regular HDDV-3DDV, or for theatric effect shot on-location (eg. outer-space) in electronic ultra-resolution large-format HDD-IMAX (70mm-eqv. 1.78, e-cinerama 2.67, or e-imax 1.19) -- and shall be available digitally recorded wide-screen [2:1] stereo'eyes'ed on disk and tape. The initial shoot shall be direct minute-by-minute to multi-gigabyte hard-drive, 4 megapixels/frame wavelet-compressed, copy-saved to DVD+RAM - the digitized sound and music edited in synchronized frames, fractions of a second - and the final product released on 3D-HDDV disk. The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both movie-house and broadcast. Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility. The final result shall be viewable stereo'eyes'ed 3.5-D with white 'sexichrome' or polarized safety-goggles, and HDTV-HDDV, and standard (telecined celluloid) 35mm or 70mm film, as well as home-theater DVD. These are rated G/PG/PG-13/R-17.
[The music exampled and specified in the following outlines and screenplays is the Strategic Director's selection from hundreds of CD's of existing works by artists whose orchestral timbre and lyrics fit each onscreen activity, and is not otherwise representative of projects SesQuaTercet and its purposes, nor of optioned source projects 'lambhorn', NEMO, nor of their purposes and exegeses]

Scene Outlines and Scripts

[with music specified and exampled]

  1. ARCHAEODUS ("First Journey") -Adam in Eden- [8/26/97] [science-docudrama]
  2. Professors' Spring (trilogy) [11/6/97] (trilogy) [science-hypercubed fiction]
  3. The StarTrails Game [5/20/00] [science-hypercubed adventure fiction]
    1. Flourish [11/23/98] [one-scene live-comics] [science fiction]
    2. To Boldly Go [1/18/97] [one-scene live-comics] [science fiction]
    3. Lonestone's Twin [9/13/99] [one-scene episode] [science-hypercubed fiction]
    4. Rogue Hole [10/8/99] [one-scene video record] [science-hypercubed fiction]
  4. Comeback Mouse Uber Alles -In Uproar Bit- [8/31/2001] [romantic engineered comedy/sci-fi]
  5. The Great Space Race -of the 21st century- [2/8/2002] [technology-scenario adventure comedy/sci-fi]
  6. SECOND OPINIONS -FIRST TIES- [supraquel double-length feature, includes StarTrails II, Archaeodus II] [space-science apocalyptic futurdocudrama action adventure thriller]
  7. AD 2100: [5%] The Grand Odyssey [science fiction]
  8. LEONID Variables [10%] [science scenario-drama]
  9. The Wriggly's: The Call to Pluto [5%] [science fiction]
  10. AD 4 Billion [science fiction]
  11. AD 4 Trillion [science fiction]
  12. Short short ditties [97-98] [science fiction]
  13. WARPA: Double Virtual [science fiction]
  14. STS-51L [reenactment science-docu-drama-fiction]
  15. Ezekiel [follow-through science-docu-drama-realism]
  16. Thules' Gold [science fiction]
  17. Thermageddon [science fiction]

The Strategic Director is liaison with the interested source organizations, oversees the compliance of the movie direction with the purposes of the original source organizations, and their technical and scientific accuracy, and, is on-set and on-edit at-will occasionally: making required suggestions and sufficient decisions as will present the best final effort.

The Production-Director furthers movie developments, processes, promotions, world-wide.

The Tactical-Director {Film-Director, Line-Producer} directs light, camera, action, on-set.

The Operations-Director follows through on all details of locations, equipments, personnel.

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS, BA, 1973 UCSD graduate in mathematics, former crypto-Tempest engineer with former Linkabit CORP, including digital radio satellite communications for the USA former SAC CommandPost, is the author of FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction, taking-up Holy Biblical Scripture as a synopsis of mankind's Scientific purpose on Earth --over 42 articles. He has served as the Vice President on his Branch Church Executive Board, as a Board Of Regents Appointee Lecturer in university mathematics, and is Founder and current Trustee-Director of The Son Dey School of Christ Science and project 'lambhorn', concurrently President of Lanthus Corporation, and Director of its Wision--SesQuaTercet USA subdivision. And he has several science-hypercubed fiction screenplays in his web-published repertoire.
[Mr. Petry also maintains several websites and posts on usenet news-groups and forums in the mathematics, sciences, technologies, digital electronic/computer engineering, and USA Presidential political-campaigning]

Principal Screenwriter: Raymond Kenneth Petry
Strategic Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Director, Sesquatercet
Producer-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Casting Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Tactical Director: [tbd]
Operations Director: [tbd]
Registrar: Wision--Sesquatercet USA (division of Lanthus Corporation USA)
Recipient: project NEMO Nuclear Emergency Management Organization, or [tbd; var]
Registered Owner: Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management
Licenser: [tbd]

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereďn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States).

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