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stereo'eyes'ed 3.5-D movie-version ratings PG-13-17(UV)-R
stories by Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic Director

Strategic Director for project SesQuaTercet productions

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[introductory notes to cast and crews][project SesQuaTercet productions]

Although the ultimate owners shall be other organizations, these productions shall proceed within Wision--SesQuaTercet USA as ordinary movie-making efforts, The actors, crews, and reproduction authorities, shall be paid ordinary rates, and may be ordinary persons not affiliated with said other projects organizations: strict observance of goodly [clean, Godly] speech and conduct on the production location-sets notwithstanding.... The screenplays herein are presented serving [also] as a proposals for contracts, in open-public-view.
These movies may be done in 3D-HDDV/3DDV (or for theatric effect shot-on-location, eg. outer-space, in electronic ultra-resolution large-format 3DD-IMAX, 70mm-eqv. 1.78, e-cinerama 2.67, or e-imax 1.19,- and shall be available digitally-recorded wide-screen stereo'eyes'ed on HD-Disk and tape. The initial shoot shall be to terastore harddrive, dual-4-megapixels/frame, wavelet-compressed, The digitized-sound and music edited in synchronized frame fractions of a second, and hardcopy saved, And the final product released on 3D-HDDV disk (now standard): The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both movie-house, and broadcast (commonplace as of ca-2010).... Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility, The final result shall be viewable stereo-eyes-ed '3.5D' with white 'sexichrome' or, super-polarized (cosine-squared), safety-goggles... and HDDV-HDTV and standard 35mm film (telecined celluloid) as well as home-theater DVD....
[Music specified in these following outlines and screenplays is the Strategic Director's selection from hundreds of CD's of existing works by artists whose orchestral timbre and lyrics fit each onscreen activity, and is not otherwise representative of project SesQuaTercet and its purposes]

[stereogram: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry] Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, independent research scientist, is the author of FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction, (1996 web-published 42+ articles), taking-up the Holy Biblical Scripture as a synopsis of mankind's Scientific purpose on Earth; and as well Project NEMO advanced-topics science articles base. A 1973 UCSD graduate, Mathematics Dept., Mr. Petry BA is a former crypto-Tempest digital electronics engineer with former Linkabit Corp. of San Diego, CA, on digital radio satellite communications systems for the USA former SAC Command Post; He has also served as Board Of Regents Appointee Lecturer in mathematics at UH Manoa, HI; and as Vice President on his prior branch Church Executive Board, Eighth of San Diego; and is Founder and current Trustee-Director of The Son Dey School of Christ Science, his erstwhile project 'lambhorn'; And since 2001, is President CEO of Lanthus Corporation, and Director of its Surrogate Executive Accessions Management and its new-market PubNatSec and pdqbanking divisions. Mr. Petry writes science docudrama, science-hypercubed, science-scenario, full-feature screenplays, based on satellite photography, Biblical astronomical fact, correlative scientific Scriptural exegesis, mathematical induction, in his repertoire at Wision--Sesquatercet USA Productions Registrar (division of Lanthus Corp.), where he is also Strategic Director and Principal Screenwriter; He has several more works in research and development, including, his upcoming, "SHTH! A Story of Purpose," a 6-10-hour extrapolatory-legal-docudrama putting god Seth on trial for the murder of god Osiris and dismemberment of the corpse, (Beware that he already found Seth exonerated in his 150-webpage exegesis). As profferred Adult.Basic.Educator to the Internet, Mr. Petry acts as liaison to scientific organizations primarily in cosmo-thematical studies, mankind's common past and connected future: presenting science in an entertaining redacted format.

Mr. Petry is educated in mathematics and experienced in fast digital electronics, programming and hardware circuit engineering for signal waveforms communications processing; and has complete confidence for the near-future prospects of these advanced technologies, both in-and-out of context… 2Mpx-HDDV cameras [1] are shyly equivalent to 35 mm celluloid film (HDDV has fixed-placement pixels instead of random grains), Compatible 4Mpx 3DDV stereo'eyes'ed is his proposal to the HDDV-HDTV industry (2*2Mpx-color binocular or 2Mpx-B&W+2*2Mpx-color trinocular). He also proposes HDD-IMAX (large-format) by using 3*4 HDDV-pickups.

Mr. Petry also has several significant scientific discoveries which will in due course revise all estimates of this world, including: the remnant star core (mass-hole or magnetic quark-condensate) of the pre-solar Pluton at the edge of our solar system; its potential Neoarth-planet; Jehovah's space-city-ship atterissage, meteoric impact crash-site, four hundred miles of gouged shallow-sloped walled g(u)ardens eastward on erstwhile-razed Arabia-Iraq; one such impact-crater near the Pison north bend (Wadi Batin) being Adam's kindergarten... And even Atlantis, as a sidebar note on the gods.

In JAN 2001, Mr. Petry incorporated Lanthus for the specific and general purposes of advancing technologies and applications in the public national security, especially to secure international airline travel [2], and for facilitating the management of additional phases, non-profit and commercial, of The Son Dey School, its accounting, media publications, and related science and mathematics publications.

[Mr. Petry maintains several websites and posts on usenet news groups and forums in the mathematics, sciences, technologies, digital electronics and computer engineering, and USA Presidential political-campaigning]

Recalling his elementary school days (Sacramento, 1950's) as the de facto principal A/V projectionist (16 mm Bell&Howell) frequently getting out of class [3] to run in others: "The present era," says Mr. Petry, "is ready for the audio-visual talking-image industry to graduate from one-room-school theatrics,-- lifelike video face pupils, Grade A compressed graphics saying, Here!" … explaining further: "Excellent in mathematics and music (singer), I hear, my story choreographed, a masterwork … my first-ever screenplay, ARCHAEODUS, was totally gorgeous music before I wrote, FADE IN."

[1] Many 2Mpx-CCD HDDV cameras and camcorders are now available, studio and field cameras in the $100K range, also 24fps and variable, from established manufacturers; Also lower-resolution 3-D cameras; And recently, inexpensive 2Mpx-CMOS video cameras have challenged to supersede, with faster rates (240fps) and greater contrast range … There is also competition in color by R-G-B (3-pickup) vs. RGBG-B&W (2-pickup) vs. triple-layer (single-pickup) … and ultimately with active-pixel processing for better image compression, motion detection, identification, and 3-D.

[2] The story is that in March 2000, during his Presidential Election Campaign he sought the executive Salvage Rights to the $7B Motorola Iridium satellite constellation, for $1, seeing as he propounded there was no low-technology salvage possible, and having the technologically highest bid deserving salvage rights: he proposed to keep everyone on and bring in a new client,- collectively the major airlines with his secure digital navigator, then-potent solution to skyjacking:- 9-11-2001 at half the cost of Iridium, Mr. Petry had tried to save them all, the year in advance: but the DOD-Pentagon already had a hub and preempted him in Southern New York Bankruptcy Court, with its own slightly larger bid for the rest of the system.

[3] He adds, "… except for the girls gathering in the multipurpose room for the showing of, Menstruation, which I set-up and left (and looked up the word). … I later produced with a friend and his sister, an 18fps cartoon version of The Dot And The Line, by Norton Juster,- the same year Hollywood made their version (1965) … we did dialog first, which had us laughing with every breath; then timed and shot frame-by-frame beneath a tripod … and today my screenplays are still under a tripod-- dot com."


Dear Sirs and Madams:

Project SesQuaTercet productions, is researching the internet for producers and co-producers with line-ups of investors, theatre circuits, directors-of-photography, equipments and capabilities, of camera, recording, computerized graphics and editing HDDV/3DDV high definition digital video feature movies.

The stories are scripted: the entertainment format is science docu-dramatization and science-cubed-fiction.

Regular viewers include 3DDV-HDDVideo feature movie theatres, and standard (telecined) 35mm film feature movie theatres. [And VCR and DVD/DTV follow-ons]

The rating PG-17(UV) is suggested for the Scientific language intensity and Ultra-Vivid portrayal of actual events and distinct inferentiated interpretation of records in religious Biblical Scriptural works, with minimal violence presented elementally when necessary ... a Sunday-school chaperone should suffice for PG-17(UV), in lieu of parents for R-17.

The stories are redactions of known events, and fictions of unknown, but highly scientific.

The music Director-selected is expensive, ample, and choreographed to frame fractions of seconds: The visual effects and significant computer animations shall match-to-exceed... Scenes range from deep-space to Earth-oasis; From dream-collage-sequence to cooking.

We're envisioning shooting-budgets scoped at $4 million target ($10 million marketing) before 'big' names: We'll have extensive technical graphics expertise.

We think these feature movies are important to your media because of the impressive need to portray reality sometimes in thoughtful perspectives - to reassure your clientele and their customers, that there is something publicly beneficial, worth your marketing support.

I'll appreciate your present response, and follow-up correspondence.

The Strategic Director for SesQuaTercet


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Strategic Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
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The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereïn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States).
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