Tempest Engineering

notes on engineering design for meeting CRYPTO-TEMPEST requirements in electronic equipment

shielded twisted Tri-Par*

DC-TPSK triature-phase-shift-keying in sesqui-pair,
(cf DC-OQPSK offset-quadrature in dual twisted-pairs*)

[for inter-box data-transfer meeting crypto-TEMPEST EMI-minimization]

Shielded twisted tri-par is magnetically-coupled three-conductor constant-current triature (spatial tri-phase) signalling-wire:

Tri-Par must be driven by current-mode logic line-buffer/drivers such as ECL Emitter-Coupled-Logic;
The line-terminators should include small additional capacitance to damp sub-nano-second switching-transients.

Note fiber-optics has less magnetic coupling but greater optical coupling which lasts longer, the duration of the fireball, and is similarly more susceptible to laser-light penetration-interference. The joints of fiber-optics must be very-high-precision manufactured to maintain coupling I/R index-of-refraction; and nano-crazing directly interferes with photons. Fiberoptic technology is yet new and little development of photon-color has been tried; meanwhile, little induced-lasering has been researched; neutron-pumping of fiber-glass is an infancy-art ... and better to let the infant grow-up in a science-conducive environment, than send it immediately to the TEMPEST front: it's ultimate utility may be found in fiber-optic-web/nets interconnecting tens of thousands of microprocess-control elements, as in adaptable-wing devices, and single-photon-encryption media-complexes ... since these require more circuitous service-looping, and photon-packet-switching,- and can be cost-and-mass-effective.

* ['tri-par'ed 3-paired 3-near 3-adjacent 3-twisted 'thristed' 3-conductor (cf 'twisted'; cf three:two::thrice:twice::thrin:twin)]

* [cf DC-OQPSK, OQTK offset-quadrature-transition-keying in dual-shielded twisted-pair, was application-invented by RKPetry ca 1978-79, Linkabit CORP Engineer #37, for minimal-EMI emission on optimally-/heavily-filter-damped interbox-cabling, with full-bit-radius clocking (00↔01↔11↔00) at high signal-bit-rates on TEMPEST Crypto processor equipment installations for USA SAC-CP and USN UHF-Follow-On military systems contracts: It was precursor similar to the decades-later IEEE 1394 "FireWire" which particularly defined a data control format and connectors... DC-TPSK or TTK in shielded Tri-Par is hereïn a subsequent and further improvement]

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