Sunspot Triggering

On-file with the NSA, 1985 (Top Secret, 1984 to 2004), is a discovery gained in the course of research locating and verifying the existence of Pluton ... a discovery that includes the potential of solar (stellar) engineering, heating, cooling, flare aiming, propulsion ... possibly it is already functional to keep Earth on certain course; possibly we can modify the course: the potential for commuting in the galaxy, even exiting the local stellar group, avoiding galactic asteroid clusters, will open new discussion among Earth's leaders. The attendant technology will develop over the next three centuries; first use may be to send "indian-flare" signals to distant stars; second use may be to adjust Earth's climate; third use may be to alter comet and planetary orbits; fourth use may be to escape near-collision with an interstellar rogue planet, brown, black-carbon or neutron star, or black hole, or recover solar disheveling associated with gravitational-fling passing ... anciently our solar system crossed paths with such rogues inducing anomalous factors in Earth eonic weathering, and spurious cometary-asteroid impacts as in the demise of the pre-asteroid planet or the axis-flipping of planet Uranus.

While reviewing solar sunspot photographs of Hα, H-K, CaII, x-ray, magneto, I came across an extraordinary large-structure feature of six large sunspots grouped north and south by three east-west at the typical usual, approximately two-day separation, reflected in certain symmetry on the backside, 13 days later, as though passed straight through the sun, all six together by size and configuration, parallel; suggesting temporary internal order, magnitude larger than spots and groups ...-similar structures are known already in solar seismic resonances but here data appeared as magnetic confluence, sunspots. The expectation is low for such featuring but distinctive enough to suggest its existence: Another photograph exhibited a long slanted sunspot, that also, reflected on the backside, days later. What made this interesting was twofold: 1) the controls of sunspotting are external magnetic, more certainly for this configuration as the internal layers of the sun turn slowly away; and 2) sunspots, more specifically magnetic outburstings, focus the flux of solar wind, and increase it locally by funnel-deflection converting horizontal motion to vertical (the same tapering effect that bottles protons in Earth's magnetosphere, bouncing them back by the poles). Sunspot temperature is thus more kinetic, less in the optical range, drawing thermal energy from its surrounding base sides, into its plume (which rising above the surface, reradiates horizontally, openly, leaving the sunspot overall darker despite its superfluence of energy welling-up) ... Then, as the proton flux departs above the sun surface, it accelerates away by charge repulsing the sun itself (electrons escape more readily, 43× faster than the 1836× heavier protons stayed as excess charge on the surface).... And thus sunspots might be used as ion-thrusters controlled by remotely triggered lobe formation.

(There is also charge stratification inside the sun as the deeper is hotter, driving electrons outward, slightly evacuating; and electrons less dense mass per charge, tend to float retained by that charge and by gravity and interstitial packing. But total charge is regulated by surface temperature and escape-rates in equilibrium, charging positive until protons reach excursion bouyancy and escape velocity, and equal electron flux but slower as escape energy only needs be achieved,- near double for electrons. The velocity disparity further charges the solar system,- and charge accumulated anciently maintains presently, accelerating protons, decelerating electrons, till they reach equal average velocity at some astronomical distance, where they recombine. Our sun has 100-200 Coulombs stayed charge.)

Triggering generally round and sun-relatively small sunspots by remote external magnetic field or electric flow, the inducement must be narrow, and the solar subsurface flux narrow. The sunspot latitudes north and south, are narrow, ridge-lobed by internal factors, drifting toward the equator with polar alternation (22-year subcycle). The inducing "trigger" is also, narrow and round, crossing the latitude near vertically, approximately every two days, resulting in spots typically usually narrow round and separated or sometimes slanted. As the large symmetry noticed was not centrally symmetric (called, anti-symmetric) it was not by electron vortex wavefront circling the surface, converging far antipodally; though that may have contributed. One likely trigger, by inference from the sunspot cycle, is pinch effects in the Pluton-sun magnetic bottling,- which might imply that Pluton's axis is near horizontal, and, the trigger is bidirectional electric currents rather than magnetic direction in the bottle: as the correlated sunspots are the same polarity on both sides of the northern hemisphere. It should be of interest, in this next century, to attempt direct triggering of sunspots by near-sun orbiting nuclear-powered E-M-Pulse device; Control of ion-drive sunspots must make the magnetic flux open-ended, that the outflow escapes the solar system -cf a CME coronal mass ejection,- and, make sure far-side reflections are not induced.

What ranked this Top Secret, twenty years, was that control of sunspot formation and generation is classifiable for the security of Earth-global solar-space satellite radio-communications ... it may lead to theory-work on Earth's own magnetosphere, potentially for creating hurricanelike magnetic storms atop the atmosphere, even reflected to other places on Earth, bringing aurora down in places for moonless nightlighting, disturbing the ionosphere radio-reflection layers, repointing old-style magnetic compasses ... for example, the so-called "devil's triangles" near Bermuda and off the coast of Japan on roughly the opposite longitude, about the same latitude, were fairly aligned a century ago with the longitude and opposite latitude of the South Atlantic Anomaly (where the lower Van Allen Belt reaches the atmosphere), but as the geomagnetic field has moved (its north and south poles only intercept the Earth surface and are not the magnetic North and South poles), the "triangles" may have moved ... eventually, in a century, moving the solar system, will become the classifiable technology. (*)

* (A reliable -not infallible- Christian religious prophet was recorded a century ago, predicting the consumption of the world by fire by 2001 ... however interpretation of Biblical Scriptural prophecy regards firstly the world known in the Old Testament: the Fertile Crescent of the Mesopotamian Valley, where Jehovah landed Adam in an eastern Arabian steppe garden and Noah's flood broke up all the fountains of the great deep a millennium later, to Abraham's Egypt-... in peril since last century's spread of nuclear weaponries.)

A premise discovery under the title,

Grand-Admiral Petry
'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
Nuclear Emergency Management

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