supernova neutrino discrepancy

neutrino-record discrepancy in supernovae

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A priori (it seems to me) the condensing iron core, especially its center, achieves sufficient overpressure to firstly spallate most Fe56 nuclei into near-Fe56? nuclei in equilibrium ... this isotopic spreading early absorbs energy from the iron condensate without changing its nuclei-count entropy, so that sudden iron-collapse is preempted, and cannot happen as directly - it binds significant mass-energy hours before the main neutrino event. (1)

[Spallation may require more steps, eg. Fe56+Fe56 => Cr52+(Fe56+He4=>Ni60) with extra He4: entropy plumps the core, delaying its final iron-collapse]

The core compresses slightly in this manner, accelerating the process, and liberates low-energy neutrinos until the Fe56 is consumed and main process resumes to final iron-collapse, though it is but chromium-nickel-collapse. This probably accounts for two hours-early NDE neutrino-record events. (1)

Finally as the smaller Cr52? fusions more readily into super-heavy Ag108?, which increases potential energy, cools, densifies the core, and quiesces, the core collapses rapidly finally, and neutrinos are liberated in bursts: histogrammic evidence shows 7.1-7.4MeV-multiples in the SN1987A event. (2)

[low-energy neutrinoes in the Fe56 core-pre-sump would be subspallation events: proton-neutron conversions, resulting in Cr52? rather than Cr52]

(1) (REF: one Russian, one Italian NDE recorded five hours-early - best recall) (2) (REF:

A premise discovery under the title,

Grand-Admiral Petry
'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
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