subatomic structures

internal - electron, photon, neutrino, proton, neutron

[See also intracosmos explanation of antimatter paucity]

The electron: a self-convolved focal spot of helical flow (right-or-left-hand to be determined; the opposite helix being the positron) in aether-space, like a pair of matched linked rings ... a spheroidally symmetric standing-wave self-transformer ... repulsion being that of superposition-avoidance (energy-by-the-square-law) ....

The photon: a complementary pair of half-charges: Deducible from positron-electron mutual annihilation to equally-paired y-rays ....

The neutrino: a half photon, or a surrounded central charge: Assumed from its non-interactivity with electrons except straight on the central symmetry equals an electron in linear motion ... the fact of solar neutrino paucity at one-third may be due to unavailability of electron symmetry on one dimension and effectually one-sided on the other two ... (the claim that a neutrino is neutral, may be specious, considering the non-directional effect of its anti applied to an electron, its lightspeed cancelling electrostatic attraction-or-repulsion, and its electron-impact equivalence to electron motion being an electron in a one-handed-helical magnetic field)....

The muon: essentially an electron of higher order rings, eg. a figure-eight-through-a-figure-zero .... (Note in research: the lepton mass ratios, tauon mτ=1777MeV, muon mμ=106.6MeV [one is], electron mβ-=0.511MeV, are nearly 150/9 and 130²/9², including end-to-end.)

The proton (and neutron, and their anti) is layered: -considering:- hundreds of concentric spheres [the aether resonance frequency] of double-charge around a singular center of singular charge, yielding overall unit charge ... The proton-electron collision is essentially stable;-- which implies the outer -reachable- surface of the proton is not-nearly positrons, but electrons ... indeed, the proton captures an electron to be a neutron, not cosmic stable but typically minutes stable,- in a subatomic whirl ....

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