Cosmic Mass Singularity

Astrophysicists discerning largest and smallest rules of the cosmos, find astounding evidences.

If we consider the 'energy' gained by an electron (a lepton, the smallest complete 'wavicle') falling to the 'bottom' (to within one electron radius) of a stellar gravitational singularity the mass of our sun, we find (by Newton's simpler estimate, before relativistic 'improvements') a total mass-energy equivalent of about 10^18 'electrons' [~1018MeV] ... or in other words, a whole giant star of three solar masses [about the minimum size for a neutron-star to collapse into its own 'hole'] will generate about 10^19 solar masses of mass-energy equivalent at the 'center' of the singularity (one electron radius big) ... of course electrons may squeeze, too, at that depth, but nominally in quantum physics 'we' find that particles have the same 'outer' radius (electrons and protons are measured in similar 10^-5 A = 10^-15 m), and may suggest that this apparent radius applies to every 'basic' particle, which the collapsing star 'becomes'.

What is very interesting here is that this total mass-energy equivalence is similar to the total number of stars computed by astrophysicists for our whole cosmos ... of course the collapsing star mass would have had to renormalize into micro-mass, like dimples around an upwelling on the smooth surface of a pond, and thence form micro-mass atomic wavicles, and micro-atoms ... and this'll require an understanding of aether 'utilization' density ... but in otherwords, our cosmos may be just a cosmic mass renormalized at the bottom of a cosmic gravitational singularity, a collapsed 'hole', viewed from the inside - and we felt going to the moon was a jump out of a gravitational well - but this also imputes the possibility of an outer-cosmos which includes our cosmos as a merely one of infinitely many [SIC: yes the really infinite may be outside] similar cosmic singularities ... in fact this imputes that the outer cosmos actually consists of predominantly 'holes' with a tenuous 'eternal' remainder of dust and gasses, perhaps replenished by energy conversions of the little light that does escape from the very center-point of each singularity [understandably Einsteinians were not interested in what happens to the occasional photons that shoots 'straight-up' and out of a singularity, as their theory has the speed of light less than the speed of the cosmic aether, which they say doesn't exist but as a chimerical number], and occasional planets comprised of such dusts ... and the real challenge, or more exactingly, the complex challenge, even the complexor challenge, is that this outer cosmos may have what physicists have long sought puzzling, a near 50:50 entropic balance of anti/matter ... and some 'holes' are anti-holes, and some planets are anti-matter planets, and some dust and some gas is anti-matter giving outer-cosmic 'space' travelers a little extra 'umph' and 'glow' and 'tingle'. "All aboard the cosmic 'elevator' for the outer-darkness". Well, consider each cosmic 'hole' emits that little bit of light, and, there are infinitely many of them, so, Olber's paradox holds in the infinite case, and all outer-cosmic 'space' is lit to even brightness, except for the occasional shadow of a passing planet, or, in the proximity of a 'hole' the half the sky would be darkened for half a day save for the 'hole's very bright point in the very center ....

We will eventually ask what we are doing here, how we got 'inside' here, and why: First, we 'had' to learn how to act wisely about anti/matter, because you can't tell it apart without touching it [that goes to the root of the GENESIS TWO dilemma]. And, we had to learn in a safe place where little anti-matter appears, but can be discovered scientifically: kind of a cosmic play-pen, kiddies; and inside a 'hole' the matter takes its preference anti/matter because the hole formed [originally long-ago] from one or the other anti/matter - given that in the infinite outer-cosmos, the entropic splash requires eventual localized excesses of anti/matter, which eventually formed into giant stars, which go supernova and 'hole' .... Thus we learn how to live safely with the 'anti/stuff'; and when we get out, when we are let out, of this cosmic singularity 'play-pen' we'll be responsible about where we go and what we touch of the anti/matter.

The 'how-did-we-get-here' might be found answered in something Christ Jesus pointed-out: that the eye has a center point, around which we discern and distinguish left and right - right down to the point-size accuracy: rarely do ordinary men speak of such an observation, but Jesus was a Jew, and the whole Jewish line of Biblical construction consists of finding and sharing, usually by priests and prophets, simple obviosities that politically educated kings and wisemen miss like stumbling inebriates. [whence the book of DANIEL] And we might find something on the order of soul-travel to the stars, because a) we know that children got here somehow, and maybe adults have to get somewhere from here on similar projective capacities, and b) we notice that ocular center-point readily by looking at a [dim] star, and to the edge of the star, left edge and right edge, and so learn a lesson ourselves you can't force in the schools, and c) we already know that focus and concentration are primary means among menkind for accomplishing any task ... movement onto an interstellar scale may be no less demanding of 'hit-the-mark' 'see-the-point' self-education. ["sin-not", don't miss the mark, less a worse 'gravity' come upon you]

REV Mrs. Eddy of the Christian Scientists, reminds us that mortals wake-up with bodies as they had before the belief in change called, death - but she does not say where, but presumably Earthy: indeed, as progress and education are imperatives, there may be something irretrievably lost in waking-up 'outside' - small as a key, large as a society.

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