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(a spec'script)

(Comeback Mouse in Uproar Bit)

a romantic engineered comedy, PG

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic Director
a Wision--Sesquatercet USA production

The Mouse That Roared, roars back to orbit,
hitching its waggin' to its brightest star.
(a division of Lanthus Corporation)

[index][screenplay][music][sets&settings][budget][prospectus][roles][casting and crews]
[feature] Cold War was the dish best served with chutzpah. But it's colder and funnier when the tiny duchy of Gran Fenwijk restarts the space race for international prestige by building the world's first nuclear powered skyhook and a traditional spinning roulette-wheel space-hotel at MEO; hires a headwaitress and invites the world's Presidents for its Grand Opening-Up and marriage-made-in-heaven finale... A light-hearted real-science satire. "This time the mouse captures all the world's big cheeses."
This is by design a Hollywood pro forma story expanding one science theory: the efficacy of a nuclear powered skyhook to MEO (middle Earth orbit) on 1/20th the length of a GEO (geosynchronous) elevator cable-- the expansion is what a little motive and effort might thereby accomplish.
The movie shall be available digitally recorded widescreen 2:1 stereo'eyes'ed 4Mpx 30 fps released on 3D-HD-DVD, HDDVideo, standard 35mm film (telecined celluloid), home-theater HDTV/DVD/DTV, VCR etc. (Stereo'eyes'ed 3.5-D is viewable with white sexichrome or polarized safety-goggles; The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both broadcast and movie-house.) The initial shoot shall be direct to gigabyte hard-drive; wavelet-compressed and copy-saved to DVD+RAM;- the digitized sound and music edited in synchronized frames-fractions of a second. Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility.
[Music specified in this screenplay is the Strategic Director's selection from hundreds of CD's of existing works by artists whose timbre and lyrics fit each onscreen activity, and is not otherwise representative of project Sesquatercet and its purposes]

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, independent research scientist, is the author of FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction, taking-up the Holy Biblical Scripture as a synopsis of mankind's Scientific purpose on Earth, (web-published); and as well, Project NEMO advanced-topics science articles base including his 1984 discovery of presolar remnant star core Pluton. A 1973 UCSD graduate, BA, Mathematics Dept., Mr. Petry is a former crypto-Tempest digital electronics engineer with former Linkabit Corp. of San Diego, CA, in digital radio satellite communications systems for the former SAC Command Post. He has also served as Board Of Regents Appointee Lecturer in mathematics at UH Manoa, HI; and Vice President on his prior branch Church Executive Board, Eighth of San Diego; and is Founder and current Trustee-Director of The Son Dey School of Christ Science, the erstwhile project 'lambhorn'; And, since 2001, is President CEO of Lanthus Corporation and Director of its Surrogate Executive Accessions Management, and its new-market PubNatSec and pdqbanking divisions. Mr. Petry writes science docudrama, science-hypercubed, science-scenario, feature screenplays, based on satellite photography, Biblical astronomical fact, correlative scientific Scriptural exegesis, and mathematical induction, in his repertoire at Wision--Sesquatercet USA productions (registrar; division of Lanthus Corp), where he is also Strategic Director and Principal Screenwriter; He has several more works in research and development.
As profferred Adult.Basic.Educator to the Internet, Mr. Petry acts as liaison to scientific organizations primarily in the cosmo-thematical studies, mankind's common past and connected future, presenting science in an entertaining redacted format.
[Mr. Petry also maintains several websites and posts on usenet news-groups and forums in the mathematics, sciences, technologies, digital electronics and computer engineering, and USA Presidential political-campaigning]


The story is a classic 4-act comedy: [Famous Patriarch] Returns

ALT TITLE: Yo-Yo Mouse
ALT TITLE: Mene Midi Mici
ALT TITLE: Mouse Overbored
ALT TITLE: Centrifugal Mouse
ALT TITLE: On-Mouse-All-Over
ALT TITLE: Mouse Jacks The Sky
ALT TITLE: Mouse Overly Exorbitant
ALT TITLE: Comeback Mouse Uber Alles
ALT TITLE: Mouse Wears Van Allen's Belt
ALT TITLE: Comeback Mouse In Uproar Bit
ALT TITLE: The Mouse That Ate The Budget
ALT TITLE: Mouse Takes-On Shuttle Diplomacy
ALT TITLE: The Mouse That Skyjacked The Earth
ALT TITLE: Comeback Mouse In Stiff Upper Orbit
ALT TITLE: Mouse Droppings In The Skies Over Gran Fenwijk
ALT TITLE: etc. etc. etc. (over 145, last count)



PITCH: The Mouse That Roared, roars back to orbit, hitching its waggin' to its brightest star.

TAG: Outerspace is very very cold; and very very funny.
TAG: Children these days: They take their own mother to outer space.
TAG: In outer space, Presidents are like extended family members.
TAG: I've never been so high in all my years as President.
TAG: A colder gassier space hotel war.

LOGLINE: Moonlandings passé, the tiny duchy of Gran Fenwijk restarts the space race for international prestige by building the world's first nuclear powered skyhook and space hotel casino; And wins handsdown up. Cf The Mouse That Roared. 1:45 PG

KEYWORDS: securities-exchange, sunday-mornings, ruritania, political, satire, actor-playing-multiple-roles, us-senate, nasa, space-station, space-shuttle, air-force, nuclear-weapons, cold-war, end-of-the-world, destiny, planet-earth, adult-music-redubbed-for-children, nuclear-terrorism, nuclear-winter, marriage, tearjerker, slapstick, comedy, revelations, meteor, ufo, amateur-video-news, international, presidents, detente, world-domination, video-gambling, happy-ending, comeback, sequel

BILLED AS: The Changing Of The History

GENRE: a romantic engineered comedy, PG

DIRECTOR: [Famous Patriarch]

Duchess (Famous Patriarch; double role)
Son (Famous Hot Property Adult Male)
USA Senator's Secretary Waitress Daughter (Famous Hot Property Adult Female)
Copilot second son (Hot New Property Adult Male)
Russian Prime Minister Pudin (double Duchess, portly-plus like 'Ollie')
USA President Horhay J-J Butch (Famous Established Property Female)
Executive angel-transient (Famous Established Property Male; reprise role)
Professor (Classic Choice Property Senior Male)
USA Senator Father (Choice Property Male)

200 more, presidents, senators, ambassadors, military attaches, entourages
(in order by alphabet, appearance, MFN-rank, dialog-length, pay, or memory)

President Strauch of Germany (slim like 'Stanley')
President Buisson of France
President Cespuglio of Italy
President Kaisou of Japan (short)
President Cserje Bokor of Hungary
President Krzak of Poland
President Rubus of the Latinium States
President Bujo of Esperantia
Mad Surfer President
British Minister of Out There

President Arbusto of Spain or Portugal
President Heester of the Netherlands
President Huang Cong Po of China
President Kust Kschak of West Israel
President Busk of Denmark
President Børste Skrubbe of Norway
President Böghürtlen of Turkey
President Xamoklado Thamnos of Greece
President Thammag Dreas of Scotland

(Presidents) Tall, Medium, Short
(Presidents) First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Fifth-aide
(Presidents) Resoluters, War Hawks
Prime Minister Freebush of Canada

some-ought, a few
plump one, someone, another, pious one, yet another
anyone, anyother, another, someone-near, another-near
restrainers, targetees
several at the air lock
someone, another, someone near, anyone, any other, any else
some#1-6, other#1-6
one, hummers
Q, A

USNucleer presidential attache
RUSNucleer presidential attache
AstroPilot hero
Gunners with handheld body-nude(PG-13)-scanners
10 Astro-Stewardesses

stock exchangers: investors, mavericks
matron, butler
3-5 others: fast one, slow one, third one
pupil crew: anyone#1-4, some odd, another#1-7, someone, someone else, anyone, smart, smarter, comeback
royal windowwasher
swing-stunt child, 2 assisting children
senior miniature golfers playing croquet
SPACE HOTEL: (redup. Fenwijk)

Foreman Balzac
Town Crier (in orbit)
First Waitor to Duchess
carpentry crew: workers, diaper-out, driller
1-2 sous chefs, 2-4 helpers
2 waiters, 4 cart-waiters, 4 ushers
2 waiters catching

Inspectors: Jim, Harry
3-5 backgrounders (implicit)

Mr. Kenny [voice male]
sultry [female phone-voice]
e-voice-warnings by desciption:

[ENG], [GER], [FR], [IT], [SP], [POR], [RUS], [ESP]

[living-portraitures of Great Gran Duchesses (Famous Matriarchs)]
[ad hoc television preachers]
man-shadow (redup. transient)
3 cute little gran'children
... and more with revisions ...

BUDGET: 105 min. medium before big names-- but with 200 all-timers nobody particularly stands out as big-budget....


Facing a new financial crisis when secret Russian backing is cut-off, the US-dollar market collapses, Sunday morning teatime, in the Duchy of Gran Fenwijk.

The Professor, inventor of the Q-bomb (electrical Q), borrows phrase from his Duchess praising their Son's daily F-23 practice on the woodshed, for pulling their little country forward to new technological heights unforeseen, to invent his amazingly cheap sky-hook-to-space-orbit launcher: and the first space hotel ... it's real-science, real scenario.

The Duchess and Son convince NASA to launch the Professor's "communicationsing" satellite - 90 tons of Russian aluminum, two, thousand-mile coils of centimeter braid borazine-carbide nanofiber in canisters, a small nuclear power generator, and operation radio-controls - to MEO "Middle Earth Orbit".

And, with their one supersonic F-23 national-defense jet, a prior throw-away bargain from the USA, after its manufacturer lost that contract, their pilots fly up to catch the end of the cable, hang on and swing up to orbit, unload supplies at the construction site, and return ... the nuclear power supplying the pull to keep the orbit in full high swing.

The Professor describes his vision to the Fenwijkian building crew: a 100x20m casino-roulettish plate-wheel spinning upright, 1000 mile altitude over a great circle of the Earth, with light-strips up the red and black spokes and along the moss-green annulus. And the Son flies dozens of workers packed by 2's behind the Copilot seat, who remain in space building Gran Fenwijk's Hotel Gran MEO.

Months go quickly, troubles are handled ... a commercial jet gets in their path, and they abort back to Fenwijk; an incoming cometary dust cloud, and Son diverts and deploys a Sidewinder-X missile to fend, but he's diverted into the path of the International Space Station. Dismissing the effusive Fenwijkian apologies for the demise of the Station; the US Senator is suspicious about ex-orbit-ant [clue-word] fuel costs for the Duchess' Son's F-23, which she explains as con-comit-ant [clue-word] with training an additional pilot.

Son takes-in some small fishing; An applicant hires-on through an online advertisement for a cute spacey waitress in a remote diner, and gets the castle tour ... she's actually the US Senator's staid secretary daughter who takes the head-waitress secret-security-job in her bare-midriff miniskirt outfit. They take her up to the near-completed Hotel Gran MEO. She radio-calls Daddy to let him know what's really up.

Then Son takes the Duchess up to Hotel MEO for the Grand Upening, with the Copilot on her lap as she won't sit behind him and she likes flying, now. They settle in national-hotel-emblemed white-jacket dinner-formals as Maitre-de's; Duchess in nouveau spacer-regalia; the Fenwijkian workers reattired as waiters.

Grand Upening guests arrive, Presidents, Senators, Ambassadors, British Minister of Out-There, by orbit-transfer-vehicles capsules from Space Shuttles. The Waitress discovers a transient attired in formal angel-whites trying his Capitol EXtremes Games coin-tokens in keyholes and eating from the workmen's dinners, who'd been stowaway'ed aboard the OSHA Hotel Inspection Mission with a bag of tokens, and wants to go home (a super cameo role).

The Grand Upening buffet is held in the space-view-surrounded Grand Bouffe Room: Its ceiling vaults to top-dead-center view of the gravity-spinning hotel.

Trouble sparks when Grand Upening party cake flags are found switched between the Russian and USA cakes, by the earlier-taste-testing German President, and they stake them on the German's cake, dividing the icing east and west and mock-up nuclear-war over Germany's ignored surrender, posturing massive retaliations, ellipton bombes, new clear-missiles, and developing in the first-ever fork-flung cake-lobbing space-war.

The Russian and USA President climb above the uproar but coming closer in the height lose footing and bounce across the room and roll back down. The Duchess attempts to restore the party atmosphere, pulls out her garter pistol, and waving it, orders a cessation of hostilities. Guests restrain her from using a gun in a space but she blusters a shot at the wall—and ALL STOP as a 6-in. hole behind the Waitress, the air escaping, grabs her skirt, the Son heroically extracts her, and as the air thins, the hole shrieks sucking a bluish dancing vortex, meanwhile an astropilot restuffs a dinner turkey with dishes, and charges--retrograde--flying at his goal-hole, and plugs it--the hole squealing its last--and APPLAUSE! And then, the Son notices the waitress' plight and promptly hides her, begging forgiveness, and proposes, guests encourage prenuptial agreements and fashion a golden tablecloth wedding gown, and the pair join in the first holy space matrimony as waiters roll-out an already-decorated wedding-cake.

The Duchess is all grins as she's gotten two-birds with a single stowin'. And amid opening cans of sodas gushing-up foam, the scene closes on-- the transient playing electronic casino games in the background, jack-pots credits with triple Earth-planets, and bouncily exclaims, "There's no, place like, hoooommme..." (too bouncy for low gravity).

Epilog: The Duchess closes the bedtime storybook for three little gran'children; and the Royal Son and former-waitress Wife live happily ever after....

all acts

Screenwriter: Raymond Kenneth Petry
Strategic Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Director, Sesquatercet
Registrar: Wision--Sesquatercet USA (division of Lanthus Corporation, USA)
Recipient: project NEMO Nuclear Emergency Management Organization
Registered Owner: Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereïn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States).