Engineering : Review

Notes on Engineering requirements in electronic equipment. (This is to be the basis of a course long due in our higher colleges of technology and science.)

[See also: Tempest : Engineering Design]

    leaving computers turned-on (electronics, mechanical components(2))
  1. earlier types of computer hardware (germanium transistor)
    1. intermediate power voltages: circuits strained, logic defective
      => quick power-on => total system sequenced
    2. transient power capacitively injects semiconductor conductances
      => slower power transients <=> in-circuit surge-suppressors
    3. localized power imbalances drives circuits backwards
      => total power-up, unsequenced, or, signal transients suppressed => slower
    4. hot air currents, after fans off, localize (rise) superheating
      => fans remain 'on' until all circuits cool
    5. thermal cycling mechanically stresses electrical connections
    6. cool components let moisture condense, permeate seals
    7. circuit failures usually unhailed until power-up for use
      => power-up (hours) early for pre-maintenance only => unused time
    8. computer-time costly; and peak-use demands scheduling resolution
  2. modern types of computer hardware (silicon integrated circuit)
    1. more robust circuitry can be left untended
      => less need to power-down <=> auto-power-up/down on demand
    2. inter-net connectivity obtains in Earth-global utility
      => 'round-the-clock' nearer-constant activity
    3. plethora of inexpensive computers with cheaper circuit protections
    4. personal use implies more frequent and shorter non-use gaps
      => leave powered-on for readiness
    5. home-use installation/adaptability means peripherals itinerary, and more generalized situational operations/constraints imposed on design flexibility
  3. future types of computer hardware
    1. self-monitoring
    2. self-recovering
    3. power-agile
    4. power-bursting
    mechanical components last fewer power-up/down cycles than electronics(2)
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