quadrature mass-phasor rotation

This article was developed with project SesQuaTercet for its production of feature movie, The StarTrails Game, to support its science-text-base grant under the liaisonship clause for its option with NEMO - A specification for a two-scene comic substory, extending extratheoretically to charge-dimensional cosmic space: Conservative mass-phasor rotation -as- complex imaginary mass

Considering that astrophysics deems mass occurring as matter and antimatter, with positive and negative charges exchanged, and that, photons, electrons, etc; exhibit magnetic as well as electronic properties which are orthogonal, measured typically as complex pairs or (two-dimensional) quadrature along a line of motion through four-dimensional time-space ... We conjectured quadrature-phased matter: "imaginary-matter" (as a mathematician is likely to call it).

Imaginary-matter is invisible to us, passing through "light-years-of-lead" as did the harbinger neutrino ... Compare, neutrinoes, with 10MeV energy, are yet invisible, one in trillions caught, while y-rays [gamma-rays] of the same 10MeV energy plow their way through matter, leaving an electro-statically even chemically dirty trail meters in length, all because y-ray phase-structure is compatible with electronic atoms. The neutrino seems "super-conducting" until it hits a proton or neutron (or other) squarely head-on, and is absorbed and so detectable by the Cernkov Radiation emitted by that proton impelled to pass through a medium at faster than the local speed of light. In actuality according to recent KamiokaNDE II experiments, the neutrino is slightly scattered passing through the Earth, -ever so slightly grazing atomic nuclei and electrons,- so that about 20% fewer are seen on the night side. Still essentially transparent, it reminds us that there are no strange wavicles in this cosmos, just more to "see".

Let us suppose a mass-phasor rotator, constructed of equal quantities of matter and antimatter, and its means whereby to rotate the mass-phase while maintaining sum-total mass and phase (that being zero in balance). As both matter and antimatter detect photons the same way -(this is a danger outside our cosmos)- as it rotates phase, the cosine portion remaining "sees" our cosmos [and vice versus] proportionably less, as polarized sunglasses are dark to quadrature polarized light, yet bright to antipolarized light. The interaction lessens for a starship so mass-phasor rotated, and it may enter a star without frying ... However, the ambient quadrature space inside a star is thick and may slow the starship, as water slows the swimmer....

We further conjecture that deep inside neutron stars, where neutrons cannot pop readily, quadrature-mass may occur and accumulate as charge-distorted neutrons attempt to restructure in the central press: The contorted interrelations of e-m charge-fluxes creates neutrinoes in the first place,(during supernova core collapse) when they become statistically significantly possible at the baryonic (hadronic) inter-action level ... quadrature mass, in pairs, may possibly be one more constructible wavicle, and when separated may wander about only weakly interacting (not necessarily the famed WIMP).

Quadrature to the ordinary-mass nucleon strong-forces in their neutron star sources, they may act less dense and accumulate at the neutron star surface, mingling with iron nuclei scattered there ... and when pairs of neutron stars in galactic centers approach and wind-in toward each other, these quadrature mass wavicles may even escape between the gravities, and spray out, spreading through the cosmos ... and eventually slowed and captured, bound gravitationally and by drag in other ordinary matter stars and planets, such imaginary-quadrature-mass may exist in large accumulations, and become worlds inhabited around the inside and near the centers of ordinary stars and very large planets,- but the people there may never learn about their antimatter, nor mass-phase rotation, as any attempt to do so would discover the intense heat of the star's central fusion engine fire ... a very inside-out world bound by it's own "strange" rules of gravitation (eg. the further from the center the greater the pull-back, until the outside is reached).

(It is extra notable that because imaginary charge may not exist in fact as a conservative symmetry, charge is not a space-like dimension but an in-process aether-motion electron-handedness stability.)

This article was done in development of a project SesQuaTercet movie-story.

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