Grammatical Proximity

alphabetic proximity is rarely sufficient

For periword and periphrase comparisons,
I propose for general use on computer word-stations and the internet,
an established formula of decending priorities of dissimilarities:

  • letter simple doubling/singling {b-bb,t-tt,}
  • dropped/extra silent/simple vowels {nd-ned,}
  • dropped extra silent/simple/similar consonants {p-b,d-t,mt-mpt,nd-nt,ci-ti-sh-ch-tch,f-ph-'gh,ts-tz,}
  • near-language similars {z-tz}
  • transpositions:
  • similar symbols, y-j-i, l-1, m-n, t-+-x, o-0, etc.
  • dropped suffixes -s,-es,y-ies, etc.
  • splits, hyphenations, and compounds, eg. re-use [reuse], brainwork [brain work] [higher priority]
  • thesaurus-like replacements, or
  • strange spellings, eg. light-lite
  • sound substitutions, eg. busy-biz'
  • abbreviations, missing word-fragments, eg. temperature-temp-temporary
  • reördered words in phrase
  • missing, extra words in phrase
  • differing words by foregoing rules
  • largely misspelled words
  • largely missing or extra words in phrase

    [While this is not well-ordered, it is highly useful in searching]

    [under construction]

    A secondary discussion includes the computation of plaguing or plagiary [plagiarism] specialized for linguistic translation.

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