proton spin - notes

A recent-year high-energy nuclear physics research item, referred-to as, Proton Spin Crisis, an anomaly of spin moment, was redacted for project SesQuaTercet's production of Professors' Spring Fling, script#3. as an after-lecture reference discussion, regarding the 1996 PITHA Abstracts.


The reference is as follows:--

Regarding sub-nucleon quarks: noting the severe tidal asphericity imposed by positive and negative charged quarks upon each other within the proton (similarly for neutrons), and the freedom of motion for quarks sliding around each other in 3-object co-gyration, co-orbits, and the further perpendicular torque and consequent quark spin gyro-precession: the conclusion is that the asphericity precesses, -and very fast at sub-nucleon radii,- and this must be accounted as pairs of nonspherical charge-masses spinning in the same direction, and contributing the spin difference, -the so-called spin crisis,- and acting as generators of magnetic fields, as well.

We elected to summarily call it, quantal quark-asphericity spin-precession.

Having introduced the perception, we left this item to further common research.


Also, in the same paragraph, the reference to a Deutscher (SIC: German) science citation on spin-challenged radiodecay in Holmium-Dysprosium-163 co-version, is an extrapolation of the same experimentation to inclusion of the spin-challenge: The Ho-Dy-163 co-version itself was reported ca early-1990's; and discovered that removal of the 1-s electrons (ie. fully ionized, all electrons) from a Dy-163 ion, allowed its conversion by electron de-capture (Beta emission of insufficient energy to eject it, whence it could not leap over the 1-s electrons to reach the 2-s orbits) to Ho-163;-- and, which promptly reverted when electrons were allowed back to de-ionize the Ho-163:-- meaning, the electrostatic "weight" of the electrons helped condense the 1-s electrons into the nuclear core.

As there noted, it was not easy to find again but was a realistic possibility when checked in the chemistry and physics handbook.

This article was done in development of a project SesQuaTercet movie-story.

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