universal protolinguistics


a discovery-invention from self-evidence...
Earth-languages are phonetically adjoint having the similar tongue but conversational references to things are manifold

[See also Sumero-Egyptian handsignage symbol-linguistics (simplest-possible); also semantary spelling constructives.]

Language by tongue -by reduplication, tongue'age- is an approximation-by-training, almost fluidic or plastic in definition.... Common language dictionaries translate roughly manipulating words, idiomaticizing, and avoiding literal direct translation;--

The following is a study of protolinguistics not strictly metalinguistics:-- We presume that the linguistics is fairly uniform among all languages, at some level as surely as the tongue and mouth are similar among mankind (*): and designate such level, Proto-linguistics.

* (and among 'spacers' but evidentially quieter, more tip-of-the-mouth, closer-lipped, unvoiced-aspirated, liquids but fewer vowels, stiffer tongue, more sibilant, more nasal, more-combined consonantal elements; upon review of archaic Sumero-Egyptian linguistics.)

As a major language, English takes (borrows) from predominantly several contemporaries, German, French, Spanish, Italian, (which do have similarities among themselves), and others to some or lesser extent, But we here-expect to find their common phonemic roots:--

In the general conversant experience, phonemes and meanings range seemingly almost freely: the similarity among languages being as diverse as fashion and political correctness. We note the simple example of the famous French phrase, Plus ca change, plus ca meme, which even French-native speakers agree, means, (The) more it changes, (the) more it (stays) the same: a globally-accepted blandish joke; Yet more realistically its deeper meaning or original intent (*) is, More it changes, more it memes: meme as a verb creating an associative item in memory, distinguishing items as memories: More insight, more meaning. But French, meme, refers to self-evenness more than sameness (e.g. moi-meme: me-myself; me-even; me-the-same), albeit very similarly, while the English, meme, refers more to individual identification of an idea: not just a list of qualities but the individuation determined in being identified: whence the same individual when so identified. Memory, as the word itself, refers to that sameness of idea and identification - even as the self of an individual is the same-as, is not separable from, the individual under (a) law, though the self is more the effect-under-control of the individual -(a metaphysical manifestation later proven in Christian Science as surely controlled as is the hand; albeit there were two schools on the concept of memory, whose proponents passed-on; Ontology is not the specific discussion here but illustrates the word concept, meme);- One might even suppose the original retort purposed, (The) more it changes, (the) more it evens-(out): entropically: which is itself a scientific concept of 'frequency-doubling': the more-finer the pieces, the more-flatter settled, more-even overall.

* ('original intent' includes since-obsoleted royal meanings: cf the French Revolution royal phrase, "Let them eat cake," meant in situ, 'If they can't make bread of it, let them make cakes of it:' because the wheat needed to make french bread was a higher-gluten flour which had run out of supply at the moment it was so discoursed, but a French maid overheard the phrase and took it as narrow-minded ridicule of necessity: close in meaning but countrymen 'du pays' much prefer good bread to eat, to well-bred upper crust.)


Sumero-Egyptian (archaic Hebrew) protolinguistics - [3rd draft]
soundsmeaning (adjustments)examples
Aupwelling/spring/flow outward/forward/towardE-A house of fresh water (Bab.), Aegyptus Nile Ae-gi-Ptah, Amun wealth-spread (Egp.)
definite, definitive-to, subjective-object-base, substance, unheaven-belowKi the-place lower-land earth (Sum.), Ge earth (Grk.), Ka soul, Aegyptus Nile Ae-gi-Ptah, Hat-Ka-Ptah place-of-the-soul-of-Ptah Egypt (Egp.), h'adam the-firstson/man (Heb.)
E Yconstriction, inclusion, covert,
house-of, branching, place, land
Ki the-place lower-land (Sum.), E-A house of underground water (Bab.), Aegyptus Nile (Egp.), y and/with (Spn.)
Wextensive, unbounded, distancy, reaching-to-allAnu high-plateau/sky (Sum.), Shw wind-to-distance (Egp.), Mizrah Matsor m(a)-z(w)-R(a) filling-throat-of-Ra (Heb.)
Bcontent (adj.), father, holdcf Apsu Ap-Shw (Bab.), P'Tah father-topmost-fount (Egp.)
Pexceed beyond, sire, fountApsu Ap-Shw (Bab.), P'T'Ah sire-of-greats-diaspora (Egp.)
Mfull-filled, level-limit, first-line, maximum/minimum, grandeurMahalaleel Ma-Ellil, Elohim Eloha's-first-lineage, Mizrah Matsor m(a)-z(w)-R(a) filling-throat-of-Ra (Heb.)
S Zfleet, wind, breeze, blowAnzu lord-fleet/bird (Sum.), Shw wind-afar, Sheth wind-plumping-the-house, Shutekh wind-of-hottest-desert (Egp.)
D Ttopmost, firstmost, the-great (cycle), greatest, peakTiamut T'Mut (Sum.), Temu T'Amun, P'Tah father-of-greats highest-fount, Thoth T'Kwt thrice-great-Hermes (Egp.)
N(g)secondary, sub-peak, high-level, over, lord (low'rd)An overlord, En-Ki lord-of-land (Sum.), Khonshu K'An-Shw The/Earth-lord-Shw (Egp.), ni nor/nand (Fr.), unto un-to
N'N(co)-secondary, lesser/contra, female, wife, princessNinki N'N-Ki Enki's wife, Ninigiku lord-of-all-Igigi Enki's-subtitle (Sum.)
L'Luplifted, breath, fragrance, airEnlil lord-in-the-midair (Sum.), Lilith demon-odor (Egp.)
Rthorough, round, (retrebled D-T)Har knoll (Bab.), Ar(t) eye, Ra starburst-sunblaze (Egp.)

SENSE-REFLECTION: (cf the head of a river pours forth, the mouth pours out, open to larger)

e.g. RA = (R)(A) = thorough(round) + definitive(outflow) = sunburst, sun-radiance, sun, showing-giving the light;
e.g. AR[T] = (A)(R)[T] = definitive(flow-to) + thorough(round) = eye, eye-of, seeing-receiving the light;


  • X-, subject or greater, importance, quality; of/to/for-
  • -X, -of/to/for object or lesser, holder, container,

    e.g. Mummu Tiamut, M'Amun of T'Mut (Sum.),
    e.g. Hathor, house-(consorts-plural-greater)-of-Horus,
    e.g. Lil-het, (fragrant) air of the house,
    e.g. Shw, wind that blows to the distance,
    e.g. Ast Ashe-th, Wsr's sister-wife (Egp.),
    e.g. Min M'n, the firstmost-of/to/for-the-second, i.e. seed,
    e.g. Man M'An, the maximum-limit-of-the-An-lords.

    Words and names are compounds of intelligenced phonemes with implicit interstitial prepositions, i.e. object-(preposition)-object ... Apparently they found the prepositions too fluid-plastic too overlapping to call, and left them to the listener-reader to discern....

    MULTIPLE ENTENDRES closely related (not merely punning) as-though-thought-through by verbally-wise gods of (a)eonic longevity.

    (Note for research-interest, these few letter-sounds represent elemental cosmic existence more-than-four but not-many-more-than.)

    RUDIMENTAL SOUNDS (the above) delineate the identifying structures, upon which inflections further voweling increase the technical-detailed meanings, cf Upsukinaku [p]Shekinah, Apsu's 'kanaka' (Haw. men; Kan. gold[en]) were as-inflected Shw's Council; Letters are like identifiable 'bones' of words; Inflections are more-verbal 'activities'. ('Consonant/vowel' is insufficient study.)

    ASPIRATION HARDNESS is the indication-intensification of actual definitive: (e.g. P, is, definitive-B; Apsu is the-Definitive-Absu)

  • A, is an upwelling-outpouring, a named or titular instance thereof;
    --(possibly rudimentally our indefinite 'A');
  • H, is a definite generic instance thereof, 'the', e.g. H'Adam, the-man;
  • K, is the definitive instance thereof, 'the-selfsame', e.g. Khonsu Kh'an-Shw, THE-LORD=Shw;
  • G, is the substance-base thereto/thereof; [...maker of the definition...];
    --cf the -uk/-ach suffix meaning the-chief-one, e.g. Marduk Merodach Mered-uk;
    --cf Enki En-Ki Lord-Earth, may have originally intoned Lord-of-THE-HOUSE(whole one);
  • B, indicates filled-upto-the-bound, e.g. SUB;
  • P, indicates overflowing-the-bound, e.g. SUP;
  • M, indicates the limit-bound that-becomes-and-cannot-be-overflowed, e.g. SUM;
    --whence P'Tah, in the sense of a fount above an upwelling, redoubled with Father-of-the-Greats-of-the-spacer-Diaspora; (*)
  • D, indicates reaching-the-convergent-touch, e.g. AD, going-toward;
  • T, indicates exceeding-the-convergent-touch, e.g. AT, gone-to;
  • N, indicates the limit-convergent-touch that-becomes-and-cannot-be-exceeded, e.g. AN, highest lord;

    * (Note that, P father, meant then-current-father, not implying specifically sire, hence P'Tah most-assuredly-probably was preceded by prior-other P'Tah's but only he was current; He had under him a Council of T Greats, but was only father to them, not their sire... P'Tah's proper name was Nun, in fact T'Nun P'Tah-Tanen, because he himself was a T Great.)


  • (Eng.) IF = (E)(Ph) = inclusion(with) + content(satisfied) * going-beyond = if;
  • (Lat.) IPSO = (E)(Ph)(o) = inclusion(with) + content(satisfied) * going-beyond + (o) = if, by-the-very-nature-of, inevitably-by;
  • Chaos Khaos Kh'Ws THE-Chasm (kha(ős)), the archaic rift in the Persian Mountain range, ('the lips of', in which ApShw's body had lain after his murder, in which Marduk was incarcerated during his tribulation-trial, in which the daughters ensconced themselves from their husbands, through which in-utter-darkness Gilgamesh Izdubar traversed on his 12-hour journey to reach the upper plateau and ultimately immortal father Utnapishtim);
  • Ws, the 2-D-expanse-to-the-distance, as-of the wind on the surface of the Earth;


    Languages differ greatly-further by object-invention and purpose, e.g. an automobile mobile of itself (sans external horse-engine) vrs. robot-on-wheels (a contained engine doing horse-taskwork), could be specially descriptive of the same object.

    [under construction]


    We begin with another basic example:

    In the major languages, English, German, French, and many others, the simple definite article, the, der/die/das, le/la/les, el, al/(ar),..., has an apparent equivalence in vocalized generalized "dthl" or "dth'l" formed by the "l"-vocalization of "d"-opening in "dl" where "l" is deeper gutteral -nearer "u"-... the French further splitting "dl" as "de la" -of the-. [cf French, a-le/les, combines, becomes au/aux, proto-linguistically a'l/a'ls]

    (The expanded definite article, this/these, diese, etc., likewise, dthls or dth'ls.)

    the, der/die/das, le/la/les/de-la, el - dthl, dth'l ("dthuhl")

    high, hoch, haut - hahl, haul

    tongue,,langue[age] - tlahng[age], tuahng[age]

    speak, sprechen, - spAkh, sprkh

    same, sammen, meme - samem, semem, semme

    welcome, wilkomme[n], bien venue - vul-com-es, valu-co-mise

    man, mann, homme - ha-man; (cf kane/tane may come as a remote specific reference to Cain)

    woman, [frau[lein]], femme - (wh)a-man; (cf wahine/vahine possibly from w-[h]kane)

    un - one - s'un, l'un (cf christ, man: moon)

    um - full, whole (discernment), perception - s'um, l'um

    Comparative phonemes: gh(ch):f;

    gh(ch), -mit(send): light(licht); right(recht), rect-, rife, river:
    f, met(meet): lift(lifed, lived); left(leaved), lept-, lift, lifed, lived, leaven;

    -en:-ed - (nasal-d=n):(vocal-d)



    clap + -m- : clamp

    pap + -m- : pamp(er)

    rap + -m- : ramp

    skip + -m- : skimp

    scrip + -m- : scrimp

    tap + -m- : tamp

    tep + -m- : temp ... [cf tep(id)]

    trap + -m- : tramp

    -n- soften, slight, partial,

    flag + -n- : flang[e]

    hit + -n- : hint

    hag + -n- : hang

    scat + -n- : scant

    rage + -n- : range

    taut + -n- : taunt

    * (NB the -m,n,ng- are actually nasalization of the sub(ad)jacent consonants m+p,b; n+d,t,j,ch,z,s; ng+g,k; and mixed m,n+v,f)

    -l draw-out, pull-out, enlarge, [qualify; -ic:derive from]

    temp + -l : temple

    tip + -l : tipple

    tramp + -l : trample

    tra[b]ve + -l : travel

    rebut + -al : rebuttal

    matter + -ial : material (general: composition; resource used; emph. qualitative)

    person + -al : personal

    matter + -iel : materiel (specific: items; equipment utilized; emph. quantitative)

    person + -el : personnel

    tab + -le- : table, tabulation


    ta[c]k + -l- : talk

    -l-et comprising or concurring, as one-of-many, smaller-of

    cave + -l-et : cavelet

    crater + -l-et : craterlet

    leaf + -l-et : leaflet

    -et[te] smallish (smaller), inferior one

    -ette: e.g. palmette

    -et: e.g. tablet

    -ant: noun; progressive,

    -ent: adjective; progressive,


    -er: e.g. editer (specific, inner: case instance; worker; machine: program run; subjective doing)

    -or: e.g. editor (general, outer; official capacity; titular; man: skill qualification; objective intent)


    -ible: e.g. sensible (conceptual, inner: spontenaity; deductive; intelligent; thinking, power; subjective doing)

    -able: e.g. sensable (general, outer: ability; inductive; mechanical; action, skill; objective purpose)


    -d- along the way, a constrictive slowing or gathering or bunching

    her +d : herd

    cur +d+, +l : curd +l : curdle

    -t- along the way, constrictive stop or shortening or loss or brevity

    hur +t : hurt

    cur +t : curt

    -tl- along the way, constriction (causing slowing) or overpass

    hur +t+ -l : hurtle

    -g- early, source-control, pre, constrictive slowing

    -k- early, source-control, pre, constrictive stop,


    "i-a-u" (passifying: depth):

    action verb pass-ifying: cf ring-rang-rung, sing-sang-sung, fling-[flang]-flung, cling-clang-clung, think-[thank]-[thunk] (colloq.)

    adjective passifying (lower): cf clink-clank-clunk, plink-[plank]-plunk; sip-[sap]-sup

    descriptive noun relative loc-ationing: cf brim-brink-bring, rim-rink-ring,

    EMPHASIS: (by stretching vowels)

    T(o) - t(oo)


    B, P, D, T

    PH, closer to (PF) not (F)

    M, N

    KN, as (~gn:short;fast start), except after vowel, better a(ckn)owledge

    GN, as (~gn:long start)

    SCH, as s(ch)

    STH, as (sth) not (ss) nor (th) nor (st: before aou)

    school, commonly s(k)(oo)l, properly s(ch)(oo)l [not s(tch)(oo)l], which is close to sc(ue)le or better s(ch)(ue)l, the schule (Ger., commonly shoola);-- the approach from common, is, s(kyu)l.

    girl, commonly (g)irl, properly (gi)rl [not (j)irl; but likewise (gi)raffe not (j)iraffe].


    The letters learned in order, by babies and archaic mankind, correlates to the original order of learning sounds, long before the formal written,--
    A (vowel) - diminuitive of a cry, but baby does not recognize it as communicative ...
     In early play it uses glottal stops as it develops breath control ... most recognizable
     are the lip letters doubled, as single looks at first like ordinary mouth motion:
    B,M,P (consonants) - BB baby, MM mother, PP father
    W (lquid) - WW water
    L (consonant) - visibly the tongue tip at the top inside
    D,N,T,J - when closure is adapted from B-M-P
    S,Z,Sh,Zh -
    F,V,Th -
    Y - 
    R - L with tongue curled back
    Ng -
    G,K -
    L-proper - decades later
    H - adapted from A-quiet
    C - written
    X - written
    Q - written
    E,I,O,U (vowels) -

    A premise discovery under the title,

    Grand-Admiral Petry
    'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
    Nuclear Emergency Management

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