plasma electronics - submarine communications

notes on fast-signal transmission through ionized plasma

Though seawater is a conductor on ionic scale damping ordinary HF radio communications, -whence submarines use long-line LF or long-line-to-HF-floater,- Concentric-electric signal-communications may be directly effectual:--

In plasmas, neutral or charged, magnetic and electric fields conduct currents, neutralizing their range [*] ... But a concentric-electric field modulator, though containing its entire field between its core and shell (skin) charges, may by extraduction of electrons produce a species-abundance "partial" pressure transporting a signal to the surface ... a work function "Fermi-wave" ... essentially a par-sonic sub-sound wave of electrons rather than water ions, deep-sub-lightspeed (1/30th C) at 1/33,000th the mass, for electronic detection.

(Similar signal-communications may work in contained hot electro-plasma, but hotter also has more "1/f" thermal noise co-modulation of protons with electrons ... Plus for any atomic plasma, the inner-atomic orbital electrons tend to exhibit larger mass, and so spread the signal at mixed speeds.)

Beyond that, "Fermi-waves" might be aimably shaped, concentric-positive-co-negative UHF neutrino-like, self-siphoning soliton waves.

* [Note. Direct magnetic field transversal femtoscopic modulation might utilize superconductive-like ion-pairing ... further research]

[The par-sonic process might also improve geophysical mapping of the Earth interior, penetrating the core where slower atomic sound refracts too quickly; And might also improve detection of underground nuclear testing]

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