Hot Fission Potentials

notes on potential "clean" neutron-chain nuclear fuels

[See also topically: warm fission]

Hot fission was originally of uranium and thorium elements, and later of their adopted-parent-products, plutonium, americium, ... but there may be others among lighter elements having α-type no-β big-brother but low-α no-σ 'clean' themselves, of comparable power output up to 75% per-nucleon:--

ALPHA-BIG-BROTHER-TYPE, no β: (base-α ~ 1018yr, no σ)

* (Note that Tungsten was recently reclassified as 100% α-emitter, W-180+182+183+184+186 = 100%.)

These can be compounded (as alloyed) with radionuclides to adjust for critical mass-compaction and neutron-chain rate superunity.

[under further research]

Also, High-mass metals need be taxonomized for neutron production rate vrs. neutron input energy.

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