air pressure reduction lift : half pressure

buoyancy enhancement for wings and moving wing-forms

Air pressure atop a wing is by molecular impingement: A contemporary technology wing, -a metal-matrixed deflector of molecules,- exchanges air-molecular momentum up to 2-units by elastic bouncing.

Likewise below the wing.

But, By using a wing surface of lightweight end-bonded molecules, eg. B-C-passivation, momentum exchange may be reduced to 1-unit if that unit is cooled 'dumped' to the 3°K cosmic-night sky spontaneously (or in maser-stimulated action) in an underlayer: up to ~0.03eV 40μm 8THz, well-above Earth-background lowband 'noise' up to 30Ghz ... Thus reducing top-pressure by half, for significant lift.

It is conceptually a thermocouple, photon-siphoned-through 'hothouse'-warm air, to colder sky ... and as such must emit at atmospheric transmission-frequency, to keep feedback minimal. (Maser-stimulation may be needed to speed the energy-'dumping' process.)

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