Qualifications : Grand-Admiral

the office and duties of Grand-Admiral of the United States of America

Each Grand Nuclear Space Fleet Cruiser shall be assigned one Grand Admiral, who shall have been qualified as explicitly hereļn.

The rank of Grand-Admiral is 'cactus'ed at and above Admiral: parallel without comparison to the JCS Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff, Secretary-of-Defense, and President of the United States of America - the necessary authority for non-test nuclear-device detonations.

The office of Grand-Admiral is as that of Admiral on an ordinary nuclear aircraft carrier in the USNavy, but specifically qualified and assigned to the Grand Nuclear Space Fleet.

[The title of Grand-Admiral shall be deprecated except in direct reference to the individual operating in that capacity]

The duty of Grand-Admiral is primarily on-board [his] Grand Nuclear Space Cruiser, with final authority for C4 command, comprehension, communications, and control of, in, and near the vessel, of its personnel, and of its course and vicinity, at all times ... a veritable [small] city of space-qualified professionals [and their space-qualified immediate families]. Scope of command shall not include another GNSCruiser, nor its rescue - however, personnel may be shuttle-transferred upon proper documentations: GNSCruisers must stand-off in space - there can be no risk of collision.

The qualification of Grand-Admiral includes a thorough understanding of the cosmos, the cosmic aether, and the theory of the extracosmos: essentially a degree in 'cosmothematics'.

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