compact fusion drive

model-A ... cool linear magnetic plasma feed, d+e+d hot fusion in a detonation chamber

(See also hot fusion, notes on enhancements, improvements, variations.)

As noted in discussion of hot fusion, a magnetic-lined proton-electron chain is linearly bound at a rather low fraction-electron-charge, 33-66%,- but the lines repulse adjacently and need the containment force provided by the electron-charged wall ...

Or ...

By threading surplus electrons on oxygen (3.4 eV electronegativity) into the adjacent magnetic field lines passing back, the total flow is electrically neutral (zero-pressure) while the forward flow lines are preparing for the "confusion" chamber (nuclear combustion) ...

The magnetic lines gradually constrict passing into the combustion chamber where each 2d + e deuteron-electron chain -(or the He + 2d helium-deuteron-chain *)- is lined-up and shrinking toward d+e+d fusion ... and beyond, where the magnetic field widens to bottleneck-reflect the hot-exhausting nuclei.

* (Each helium holds the binding "half"-electrons for a clinging deuteron-pair. ibid)

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