cogear compressor pump

a mathematical conjecture for optimum mechanical configuration for simplest variable-volume mesh

Off-centered (near-concentric) circular co-gears, one inside another of more teeth, can mesh tightly to make a sealed-positive nonreciprocating-reciprocal simultaneously-many-chambered air-gas compressor pump ...

Maintaining multiple positive contact between the inner and outer rings about half the cycle; A full rotation of the gearset translates the gear tooth-order.

A preestimate shows the mathematical shape of the teeth is between sinusoidal and half-sinusoidal,- the possible compression ratio therefore exceeding 8.3:1. Leakage is slight, flowing to adjacent chambers where it is mostly recovered. (Two small additional meshed gears in the gap where the large gears separate, will positive-isolate the in-and out-air-gas flows through side-ports.)

Uses include--

  1. a simple air-chiller by thermal-radiant cooling the compression zone.
  2. an internal combustion -diesel- engine, ...
  3. (or with side-portaled laser-ignition of the air-gas in the compression zone)

[under further construction]

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