the Geometric Anti-Gravity Ring

a possibility for a space-elevator

Consider a ring, in space, around the Earth or moon, with [heavy] sliders moving faster than orbit-speed: These buoy-up the whole ring. [This is standard celestial mechanics]

Next, add a second ring, in parallel, with sliders running the other way: It works the same, but, the sum angular momentum is now zero. [One might cover the arrangement in a conduit, and hang an elevator to the ground]

But, now, consider a special application:
Let the ring-pair be segmented:
Each short segment gets a pair of counter sliders: so that the sum-total motion is equivalent: Half the sliders are running forward, half, back, at any one moment ... the same sum momentum: zero in total, and zero in subtotal: each segment is closed - just touching adjacently.

Conclude and identify:
The segments are, atoms - and their co-valence electrons are ultra-fast sliders: Co-valence may be sufficient; Valence may be necessary, but less efficient for transferring momentum around the ring. [Compare the Mossbauer effect]

Does a wire around the Earth float - anti-gravity?

No, only two-thirds of the atoms are aligned right: and a third of their electrons' orbits cross the axis; A third have electrons spinning around the wire axis: which yields no buoyancy effect at all: but they might be realigned: and that may help.

Why haven't they built it?!

Useful valence electrons orbit at a tenth light-speed; Electrons have a 37-hundredth [3673rd] of a deutron's mass; those alignment factors cut 50-percent; Double-bonded carbon-12 chains [tubes] might have sufficient co-valence electrons: It might work around the moon - maybe not Earth.

Would that ring around the moon be stable? Or would it fall down: on one side?!

It's self-stabilizing by celestial mechanics: The electrons move too fast at any apo-luna: and that raises the peri-luna, side - And, too slow at peri-luna, lowers the apo-luna, side: The ring would center itself around the moon.

[A similar anti-gravity ring might exist as a spinning mass-hole ring, self-centering around its host planet or star]

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