cosmic æther and aetherslip

a dual-4-complexor (subplex of octonion) may depict time-space, and the aether itself its referential measure-base

Fundamentally important here is to recognize the potential utility of such a provided mathematical order ... While space-time physics sports the importance of three complex-imaginary space dimensions and one real time dimension, a 4'uple i-j-k quaternion (complector; destructured complexor), but quibbles over left-versus right-handedness of the cosmos, k or -k, -a semantic selection,- and rejects an aether (realistic or relativistic; which topic is changing among pragmatists), we must consider an absolute infinite having three virtual, dimensions, and both-handedness inextricably bound at every point in a dual-4'uple octonion complexor time-space [*]; -as reasonable as having two hands of the same individual embodiment;- putting us pondering one step ahead of the ordinary, just what is the aether--

(NB. Handedness actually arose in complex imaginary, though unmentioned in school: i, could have been other-handed by denotation, -i.)

Omnipresent Aether:

Our basic expectation is that an infinite outer cosmos, infinite mass at unit density, probably infinitely scalable bottomless resolution, supreme-unit pressure (whence superconductivity is the norm rather than exception), normalized to itself its practical aether ... within which condensed mass-hole singularities, our cosmos and infinitely many others, from collapse of large local stellar masses or equivalent larger before forming stars, which renormalized to micro-mass ... in fact, under sufficient pressure any aether spontaneously goes into pressure-relief motion;- Initial pressure would have been infinite, to get acceleration from infinitesmal decompression movement. (*)

* (How the universe got its aether motion, is open to adjustment:- Cosmic initial pressure presumed at-least-infinitesmal motion, which in infinite preceding time integrated to definite decompression; which triggered pressure-relief, and whence settled in entropy ... plus collapsation of mass-holes added turbulence superconducted back out: The famous question, for, What happens when the irrepressible force meets the irremovable object, answers to, Spontaneous superfluid commutation. And infinite entropy is -of course- irreversible statistically absolute zero, finite local-cosmos domains not being fully closed-off from an outer cosmos: "He uttered his voice and the [infinite; cosmos] melted." [Scriptural connotation])

However, More precisely the aether, renormalizes, too--

The base aether, contrived upon the definition of octonion time-space, is a self-cooled wad of superconductive entropic web-flow, 3-D sponge loops, with an excess residue of energy atop expressed as sponge vibrations: loop-to-loop phonons. Contemporary Gauge Theory points to this fine structure of the aether: Superconductivity removes (allays) the inline of three dimensions in aether string segments, or loops, leaving two for gauge-measure string-bouncing conducting its top-energy as loci of slightly-less dense hotspots of aether; and implicating the aether as having its own kinetic-massiveness-inertial ratio (consistent with a pre-cosmic mass-hole).

Aether self-cooling is by the renormalization process, expressed as PV=nRT where R is the aether constant (rather than gas) energy-per-molecule-temperature-pressure-volume; and, renormalization, is the splitting of superconductive strings when the density lets-up and pressure-time decreases to allow standard-conduction and string-multiplication. (The momentary challenge in this theory is, When that point is reached, whether immediately upon neutron-collapse or further down in mass-hole collapse.) The prompt multiplication of strings in the renormalizing inner cosmos increases and restores local aether pressure within the outer cosmos, while -self- cooling the inner. (The aether base-to-top-mass-energy ratio may be a significant constant, intrinsic for all cosmoses, outside and inside; and may explain another cooling mechanism in the early cosmos big-bang process when aether and mass were becoming separatedly definite; In fact, aether-renormalization may be the ubiquitous, continual process of top-energy-presence/-gravity itself, maintaining that cosmic constant * by auto-fill string-multiplication.) It may also explain what happened in the outer cosmos over infinite-time-preceding.

* (Note that mass-energy-hotspot presence pushes and deflects aether strings, speeding and "curving" space ... Strong nuclear force, yet another threshold, of enough-energy yielding string-multiplication yielding further curvature,- and likewise event-hole horizons ... Electron charge force, 1041.6 stronger than gravity, is a thousand times stronger than a holing mass equivalent at a nuclear radius.)

The space "between" aether loops is also dense: corners are filled; tighter corners push harder into adjacent loops: a regular means of loop-splitting. Rather an infinitely large "bowl of noodles" might be an accurate depiction. Slight changes in aether density preferring splitting, a process faster than recombination, may cause top-mass-energy to be absorbed as the redshift over cosmic distance (moreso in holes), or pumped, or created, particularly at mass-hole-cosmic-aether interfaces where aether loop-recombination is most rapid and sheer-turbulent; Aether business is "zeropoint" energy providing super-pressure to create and maintain wavicles.... The infinite super-universe is basely a superfluid rock concert of superconducting superfluid strings over-which dance phonons, called, energy.

(Top-energy above-the-base-'aether-noodle'-motion, constitutes aether-base-churning undetected by ordinary-process whence the quantum-statistical-models of atomic-orbital-electrons, the uncertainty principle, and radiodecay exponentiality which may be also effected by neutrinos as-have-been-detected, and, ordinary-process quantum photonic and neutrinic energies, mass-particles, etc.)

(Our cosmos may be near the 'point of origin' amid infinity, where the 'noodling' first started ... and, Infinity, has 'more' to go.)

Wavicles, standing-convolved or linear-moving, subatomic particles and photons, all mass-energies, consist of this top-energy flowing by conduction as phonons through the base-aether. Positive and negative charges are left-and right-handed helical waves, electronic-co-paired, photonic-contra-paired, -the helicity being consequent to aether pressure confining top-energy to smallest possible space: Helicity is a degree of freedom reducing pressure by auto-parallel flow, and stacking itself, forcing itself perpendicularly-forward; particle-pairing is its direct consequence in creation (*). The speed of top-energy helicity charge-winding is faster than light-speed, and corresponds to magnetism and magnetic lines (*). This is consistent with uniformity of subatomic particles and electromagnetism.

* (Left-and right-handedness, northerly-and southerly of positive and negative helicity respectivity to-be checked and verified; This also explains why magnetism does not have monopoles: Magnetic lines are primitive motion: their helicity creates charge properties;-- and entangled magnetic rings likely exist only femtoseconds before collapsing and disintegrating into photon-pairs, -as when positron and electron meet with building helicity at first attractive then destructive when their second half-leptons touch-and-go straight.)

(The helicity in aether-"noodles" is yet-to-be-considered ... Since it was not created, it need not be regular-enough to be, helicity.)

(NB. The question of total cosmic mass in cosmic-collapse theory becomes less relevant when there is mass outside the cosmos itself.)

Additional notes:

The possibility also exists for the aether itself to conduct mass-energy-existence "information" along its superconductive loops;- that speed yet to be estimated; and, softer-than-infinitely-hard means the Gauge-constant is slightly greater than 2.0,- but noncylindricity by momentary denting ovality or flatness may compensate the Gauge-constant back, to 2.0, or slightly lower.

Also, the possibility for aetherslip -through- the aether itself, by sudden impact shearing the sponge, as by vortex, may yield faster-than-light travel ... it may exist at colliding neutron stars mass-holing, creating such an event on large scale. To achieve it on practical scale will require surface-moment-vortex shearing from both exterior and interior around a supraneutronium-shell galaxyship general interstellar-dust protection, and, travel through cosmic-mass-string vortices left from the cosmic mass-holing event, likely now linked between galactic mass-holes --(such was a conjecture for my screenplay trilogy, Professors' Spring Break). Because aether-sheer has local "curvature" it may be denoted an "event horizon" trapping -and, excluding- photons ... however, it still has pressure, and energy can pass through exactly-directly, and tending to reconnect the aether, but spread by the cross-velocity and uniformity of the sheer. (Aetherslip local-sheer vessels may be the necessity for traveling, any speed, across interstellar space littered with cosmic vortices.)

(Mass-energy-particle wavicles themselves may likewise collectively drag the aether, cf empty bubbles dragging water up an aquarium aerator, and Earth rotation may have an aether-'frame'-drag component most noticeable well-inside the Earth, or well-down in an ocean, near a continent, as its dense mass is then 'leading the detector' during half-days in a year-orbit-cycle, to be cumulatively measured as gyroscopic pointing-lag.... On a larger scale, galaxies, should drag aether, noticeably, inside and to great extent beyond their visible stars, where momentum-shedding has thrown lighter mass objects, but in this case the noticeable effect would take hundred-million-year-scale to measure... Mass drag of the cosmic-space aether is thus also a term in the "dark matter" equation for apparent galactic orbital speeds....)

Aetherslip shear surfaces may also provide mild shielding by reducing the Gauge-constant toward 1.0 by a strange if credible process: Aether-noodles transfer momentum by cross, broadside, contacts; but within a shear surface, that's only perpendicularly possible, 1.0, as any cross-surface component slips the noodle through the surface without major contact,-- yet while sending the noodle through this tropocline (tropo-trans-pause), the noodle finite length and superspeed runs out whipping across the surface ... If the shear surface is sufficiently thick, a phonon's cross-surface force flat-vaporizes, -strengthening the shear,- and surface-parallel-escapes the shielded object:- theoretically essentially utilizing the aether base-energy superconduction, to re-move top-energy and spread its momentum. (Ordinary electronic superconductivity reflects photons rather than spread and dissipate their electromagnetic waves.)

In the "big bang"-event of our initial cosmos, uniformity to its mere, nuclear "singular" energy process, sheered a large space in the aether itself, beyond even the bounds of the inner cosmos, to settle to uniformity ... there may be residual radial aether orientation-flow, which on our Earth scale will seem a quiet ride while we learn about this; for, outside beyond our original cosmos the aether has its own "natural" turbulence, increased since infinite time past plus all the waves of renormalization from infinite numbers of cosmos renormalizations across the outer cosmos ... It isn't stable: It can't be learned: It moves... Our simplistic so-called, "laws of motion", exist as superficial extras, in the outer cosmos where things move spontaneously as aether-winds whip-through .... It may also spell an anachronous end of our cosmic nicety, when that sheering is (re)encroached by outer aether winds, and all things seem to "come alive": "Action-reaction" will have no further obvious learnable meaning when aether winds grab by light-relativistic factors shoving freely.

(Initial inner-cosmic spin, if any, shed to the equator in the early moment of aether-mass-and top-mass-energy renormalization.)

A note on the meaning of words, string, loop: Loop, usually means closed, but has the sense in opening and closing a loop, that it exists virtually when open to be closed again ... More technically, in aether: Large motions in the aether both fragment into multiple smaller motions, and circulate passing interfaces, refining into circular motions and whence stable loops ... String-splitting mostly dominates loop-splitting because loops tend to break into strings, but both stir up smaller loops. (String length is not yet estimated.)

Corollary notes:

Because the aether is gradually refining as aether-noodles split, cosmoses individually shrink to "disappear" (Yet another explanation for cosmic redshift) ... But also pertinently, the finer noodles become in eventual aeons, sub-scopic-to and all together cumulatively a spore-species-in the base aether pressure activity for yet new-and-larger aether-noodles on the infinite scale (assuming the aether is infinitely scalable and its energy content sufficient, -ie. infinite,- to continue renormalization).... Thus the infinite universe is and has been not-only self-similar on successive scales, but ever progressively repeating its noodle-rescaling:- Noodle-activity on one scale is the aether-base pressure on the next-larger scale ... It took infinite time to get where we are, And entire cosmoses exist (or in aeons will, if we're first) far-beneath our noodle-scale and subject-to noodles on our scale ... (our cosmos likewise may be pushed-about by larger noodles) ... Entire cosmic-existence cycles, trillions of years and knowledge thereof, precede us and succeed us (we needn't be first nor last), larger and smaller scale; And the resource of mankind may possibly be a nearby gravity-mass-hole (*) such as Pluton.

* (This was implicit in my screenplay, Second Opinions, for the chrysalis mankind of new-Earth planet Neoarth orbiting Pluton.)

(Note. The famous black-hole energy paradox of creating energy in the hole beyond the mass-energy total of the condensing nova-core star, has similar paradoxes to answer here: 1. The hole may swallow aether-ripple gravity beneath its event-horizon sheer, and likewise additional zeropoint energy in gaining that excess mass-energy similarly as contemporary hole-theories suggest though that depends on shrinkage rate; 2. The hole event-horizon sheer radius may collapse to a self-contained aether-blob point wandering free amid gravity (non gravity or anti), raising core energy only as core density, not exceeding the original total; or 3. The hole may actually create that self-contained top-energy by extraction from the aether increasing noodle-count density but 3b. conversely cooling likewise thereby.)

A caution on religionist takes:

The most profound note is that the physicist and religionist were wrong: Space is not, empty, but packed infinitely dense:- The aether is the absolute'ly infinitely everywhere all; Zero-point top-energy is its relative, and its, pressure, keeps wavicles, called, matter and energy, together ... Religionists, may call that aether, omnipresent Love, but it hardly explains, Love, and it's furthermore sort of silly to say, that matter does not exist, when it is merely an upper-crust top-energy sub-relative conception of top-things that change most obviously: which is itself that old hag that central entropy is undetectable as it is so common that it is ignorable, and extreme entropy is so rare that it too is ignorable: And on the slope, the human condition is most ignorant of all while entirely dependent upon all ... the kind of religion we used to call, dialectical materialism, talking about matter as all ... But we can't have two infinities, so, the best and most scientific religion recognizes the aether as the one manifestation of Mind, the All-in-all as it appeals to human scientific thought, and educates the human so and never oppositely, humanly putting and tending ever-y-thing where and as it belongs and never elsewhere and is grateful for knowing so ... always turning to the one right answer, the ideal solution, the perfect choice, and needing no other ... no other absolute, no other infinite and no other relative, no other top-energy ... no other matter .... Also, Religion is more interesting.

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* [Every point in dual-4-time-space has the same position in both parts: Other point combinations do not exist, in the pragmatics - analogously to the interface of hot-saturated and cold-unsaturated atmospheres precipitating rain-clouds when mixed, albeit dual-4-time-spaces interface more simply mathematically; seeking an exact definition for kinetic-aether-mass; We might early conjecture that each point in time-space 'spins' freely, as infinitesmal points have infinitesmal pointing vectors: a kind of magnetics]

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