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REMOTE EVENTS with Earth-local consequent events (radioactivity, light, heat, electromagnetic, neutrino)

LOCAL EVENTS (gravity; tide; orbit; aether; light; heat; electron; neutrino; radioactivity; barrage; visitors)

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  • interstellar rogue objects - planets:
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  • solar-system alignments:
  • solar-system arrivals:
  • solar-system spacers:

    + [Type Ia supernovae yield a significant mass of nickel-56 radionuclide not all iron-56 because hours after the nova-event the electron-density is too low to supply EC electron capture, primary radiodecay mode of Ni-56 5.9-day 'half-life' ... upon arrival at Earth amid 2 g dust/m²\light-year² nuclei slow from 10%-light-speed and radiodecay resumes rate]

    + [The arrival of the 'gods' on Earth may have been in preparation for future events, including, the minor-likelihood that their original planet, in escaping their-own-sun-going-supernova, if theirs-did and not merely another-nearby, came this, way, -the event and its direction they could not precisely predict,- and they were to rescue its inhabitants from that planetary-cocoon iced-over since millions of years ago ... we would have to drill down maybe-10-miles to reach their upper chambers]

    + [At 10%-light-speed, nuclei crash to solid-nuclear shockwall, nuclear-fusioning rock, sand, dirt, water,-- whence the epithet, "cosmic dirtbomb" (Not the "dirty bomb", a military weaponry). Potential sources: 1. Asteroids in nebula-orbit around pre-supernova stars of ten solar masses: the nova-event flash-wind mass-fraction crosssection is upwards of 60Ktons/m²\AU² pushing interstellar at 10% light-speed; 2. Grazing coorbiting fast-spinning neutron stars attrit significant surface mass in proton-neutronic tidalwave-mounds gravity-chicaning huge blobs at near light-speed, the blobs' new-iron cores kept compact, cooling, by proportional-expansion in explosive neutron-radiodecay]

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    A premise discovery under the title,

    Grand-Admiral Petry
    'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
    ... cruising the cosmo-net on planetship Earth ...
    Nuclear Emergency Management