TEMPEST Programming

Notes on engineering design for meeting
CRYPTO-TEMPEST requirements in electronic equipment.


thou hast no enemies

A fundamental challenge in current theological attitudes towards high technology is the recognition of the brotherhood of all mankind - sung-up in hymns, it's more than a hazy afterglow on the workweek: it may take some diligent effort in special situations, but the attitude runs into a fierce war-front in the military-industrial-complex, and deserves special attention here - as we do consider TEMPEST the worst of all warfare, and not always merely Earth-elemental inclemency.

Here we must takes sides for the right - to avoid sides leaves us in the DMZ de-militarized-zone with attitudes striking in every direction. In the ultimate we may recognize the more religious claims upon man's brotherhood as God's children - this shall come with healing of death and severe injuries as well, and we can always set ourselves on the right course thiswise, at every instant - it occupies thoughts only with clarity and confidence in good purpose, leaving men more capable thinkers .... One of the aids I found I had to work-with many years, is, the story of Abraham's find a ram caught in the thicket when he would have had to meet then-current religious-law demand to sacrifice his first-born to his 'God' ... he subsequently recognized that true sacrifice to God was not the wave-offering, but a mental devotion to Godliness, which was something he could afford presently to impose on his son: it gave his son a more Godly sense of living on Earth with dominion, rather than fearing a death-dealing God who might be assuaged by sacrifice of friends.

Clearly there was something in human thought that had to be worked-out, so that men did not sacrifice children they'd just received: Abraham found a ram in the thicket - no doubt he'd also preestablished for himself a higher, purer worship of God, that enabled him to appreciate this winning solution to human erroneous-worship - indeed throughout remaining history Godly men learned much avoidance and amelioration of evils: they learned that wine is a mocker and strong drink [beer] is raging, for example, that they could put-off: it was not required by their God, and they were free to eliminate it before it culminated in queer-worship that plagued some so severely that they succumbed to earthquakes rather than walk away given the angel-warning - the story of Lot, Abraham's brother's-son, for example, leaving the city of Sodom before it and Zoar were destroyed in geographic upheaval.

The benefit we may gain here [not leaving that ram-in-the-thicket] is that there may be escape-ways that do not require us to live a life of having enemies before we can have [them] friends. In the TEMPEST engineering scenario, equipments must be designed to withstand every kind of expectable [or unexpectably possible] assault. This is in effect the equipment-equivalent of the mathematician's proof that withstands every mathematical challenge ... but it's this temporal sense of proof and logic that quickly distresses human thought about TEMPEST requirements: when does the quiz come?! becomes the factor in the contract - it makes the challenge claims of spuriousness, unexpectability, overwhelming, sudden, frightening [to which the Godly man feels that calm requirement, peace, be still, and know that I am God ...] - but in TEMPEST engineering we build for the occasion but are rarely around when it comes upon those who've bought our equipments - it has become an ethical more than a moral challenge: the engineering design for TEMPEST must meet requirements so severe and abstruse as leads many astray to fear the enemy as merely a statistical-loss-reduction adversity ... but, men governed by God aren't under the government of statistics, no matter how similar the claim made - yet we can't merely decry statistics, anymore than decry our shadows to sell our products. Statistics is that probability paradox, is it 30% or is it 15% depends on what we agree we know about the situation ... and that agreement calls-up the ghost of the enemy being some mankind being somewhere with some un-Godly purpose against 'us' Godly mankind: certainly we are going to hold-on to this thought of God's presence with His people [his Godly mankind] ... and like Abraham before our present labors, we may find a ram-in-the-thicket to spare our neighbors, and neighbor-nations from a death-dealing sacrificial war-right.

The most challenging of jammers, for example, to be exceeded, is the reflection-jammer: your intended signal, caught quickly and reflected with focused-amplification at your receiver - and then modified, time-base dragged-away, data-signal chopped and dropped ... that jamming 'wolf' would drag your reception 'lamb' right out from your TEMPEST 'fence' and start feeding before you on your data 'fatlings' ... but that cause of the reflection-jammer need not be your neighbor - it may be, for a 'ram-in-the-thicket' example, a barbed-wire sheep-fence strung across a hill-top: the curvature of the hillside focussing and re-focussing the intended signal, and delaying it slightly, more as you fly away from the chimeral focus-lobe ... or it may be any other 'ram-in-the-thicket' discovery. But TEMPEST engineering is not a four-year course in finding 'lost-ram's - we need a clearer perception of good design, and no longer argue effeminately about how terrible is the adversary who would jam our pretty music. We need a higher conception of scientific engineering: we need to sacrifice engineering design criteria to God, not by kill-testing our equipments with single-point failures till they fail with some statistically countable regularity [and calculate that that is probably less often than the equipment ownership-time].

In otherwords, we need to accept more rigorous engineering requirement as normal - even as the mathematician accepts rigorous proof as the only acceptable coursework in her university training - anything less is merely sunny-day-dreaming.

The most obvious improvement, I suggest, is the requirement of the GNSC Grand Nuclear Space Cruiser Fleet - we go not to war but with our best purpose, not to meet adversity but with truly-engineered accomplishments - we have no enemies, must be our next step and goal in the TEMPEST engineering science: We must go home to Science and Truth that is Life and Mind.

A premise discovery under the title,

Grand-Admiral Petry
'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
Nuclear Emergency Management

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