absolute cold, subground basement pe state *

Quantum numbers apply to 'cyclic' electron orbitals because 'cyclicity' is wavelike; But, stopped-altogether, is not...

* ('pe state' is the proton-electron pair at standoff, subapproximating a neutron, strictly subatomic, subasymptotic, nonnuclear.)

[See also supraneutronium/ferroneutronium, electron]

"In the early cosmos there was no direction in the sky that was not equally warm all year round ... there was no year, no north pole, no snow, no chilly season, except the scientists could "invent cold" ... interesting by comparison when today the common people know what cold, means, it took major NASA-esque science and research to even discover, what, cold was, in the early cosmos: They had to deduce from star-hot to ordinary-temperature meant there's a scale of heat extrapolable to "Ice Cold! Water Freezes! Amazing Discovery!" Eventually they got it down to absolute zero ... But they probably went right-on-by and discovered so-cold that atomic electrons stop moving and just, sit, outside the nucleus ... Modern Science hasn't gotten that far, yet." (RKP/9/20/2004 premise for my screenplay, Absolute Negative: In The Beginning Of The Cosmos [-10Gyr science scenario PG-13])

'Absolute Zero' temperature -Kelvin, Rankin,- is where atoms are not moving, and electrons are all in the lowest-possible orbitals... However, such electrons are yet moving orbitally even 10% lightspeed, E = (1/2) me (10% c)² = 2.6KeV = 30M°K, fully entrained, Very hot compared to electrons standing-off nuclei packed in a '0s'-layer structured electron-degeneracy much colder than ground state ... In supranuclear, subatomic chemistry, electrons are not reabsorbed, because basement pe state is colder still, having less mass-energy than nuclear-captured electrons... a hyperdense matter usable for neutron shields, direct-fusion fuel (absolute-cold-fusion by nuclear proximity very low temperatures; possibly by gamma-laser*).

* (Gamma-laser-cooling might accomplish it, extracting energy thereby in "stimulated emission of radiation").



* (N.B. The contemporary-astronomy dark:visible-mass-ratio, 5:1, includes galactic stellar mass only as visible, plus supernova winds replenished much of the visible gas; hence the true ratio may have been thousands-larger during an early cosmic 'dark-hydrogen' era creating ordinary, stars, wherein 'dark-matter' 'dark-hydrogen' was promptly reenergized to normal-hydrogen for the now-ratio.)






[Arithmetic being checked for energy of four in such standing-orbit compared to two in ordinary moving orbit under supra nuclear-magnetic field-motion engagement ... as might explain the maximum size of an atom as being where the nuclear-field no longer gives a reduction to orbital electrons,... etc. theory;- reconsider co-nuclear-field interlock: production might have to stop nuclear spin etc.]

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