UHF Neutrino Radio *

may straighten and speed global communications

The advent of discovery of the 7.1+ MeV neutrinos from supernova SN1987A, and the on-going experimentation with MeV neutrinos from the sun, cross-reference to consideration of the neutrino itself, scalability and availability at UHF microvolt quantization ... in which case we might consider the possibility of--

  1. detecting more certainly, though passed 'unimpeded' through the Earth (80%, 20% deflected/8 Kmi) because there may be no 'natural' UHF-neutrino-receptive structures ... (UHF needn't penetrate 'light-years-of-lead' but 'light-moments-of-rubber')
  2. generating UHF-neutrinos by appropriate-electronic wired 'neutrino-antennae' (UHF is sub-meter, macro-metric wavelength)
  3. communicating directly through the Earth, moon, planets, sun, as may be useful for--
  4. mapping planet and solar interiors, cores, in 'neutrino-light'
neutrino 2D The structure of neutrinos is mostly the point-symmetric longitudinal wave conjectured by 'photonists' early last century. In 7 MeV spectra its intrinsic wavelength -were it a photon- is 0.17 pm (1.2 μm-eV), unless it be discovered to have 'apparent mass' (as helical screwing-spin around its longitudinal travel-axis), which is much larger than the electron radius knee-function ~0.001 pm ~1 fm, by a factor of 100-1000x (cf photon wave-length and atomic electron-orbital radius).

(cf Neutrino-antineutrino pairs are rare outputs of electron-positron 'mutual-annihilation' where y-ray pairs are the norm: whence neutrinos are photons 'packed differently' ... photons are matched-half-and-half-electr'oid-positr'oid, stable over the energy spectrum; neutrinos are anti-matched, stable; whereas electrons and positrons are single-value-stable, and fold at higher energies in just a few mass-structures.)

(Note more specifically, high-energy electron-positron neutrino-pairs are the result of center-symmetric, deconvolvements, whence their anti-symmtry and rarity; Photons, are off-center, deconvolvments, whence their symmetry and abundance; Single neutrinos, in nuclear fusion, are the result of already-half-deconvolved 'mutual-annihilations'. [See electron structure] )

At UHF spectra it is an end-on radiation of a straight antenna or open coax transmission line optimized for neutrino generation and coupling into the spacial aether, shielded for less antenna-broadside UHF,- its wavelength being on the order of 1 meter, frequency 300 MHz ... It ought be generable by an antenna device consisting of a meter length of 'triax' tri-coaxial cable [three conductors cylindrically concentric] with the outer shield held to 'ground', neutral (space charge) outside a small radius ~3 mm, and the inner-middle shield point-symmetrically balancing [negatively] the traveling-wave charge on the innermost conductor within ~1 mm radius, thus neutralizing the end-radiant charge-wave:- A single neutrino wavicle may be an anti-neutrino by its center charge negative vrs. positive ... (If it has the suggested mass, it may require a twisted-stranded middle-shield, and a similarly rifled center conductor at longer lengths). The antenna would be driven with a UHF voltage-waveform.

Neutrinos of this shape (2D-polarized) are intrinsically narrowly capturable. The receiving antenna may be similar in construction ...

(The notion of end-on E-M radiation is as simple as wire-end-on magnetic detection.)

At UHF radio-frequencies there may, be enough angular dispersion (and quantity) to allow reception off-LOS ... Through the Earth there is additional angular scattering, and path-delay lengthening ... An optimal frequency range may be chosen for communications between broadcast and point-to-point signaling, efficiently,- and to pass through ordinary mass [Earth] unimpeded.

Wider aperture capture includes using graded-index-of-refraction to reduce reflection, long-parabolic-ended focusing at low eV, or total internal-refraction collimator focusing at high eV, long-conic for directionality.... Neutrinos are E-M electromagnetic wavicles (nominally), and slow and so, turn, in strong E-M fields surrounding and permeating atoms; however, neutrinos are not tuned to atomic photon electron-orbit energy-jumps, and therefore [should] refract uniformly varied by energy.


Another kind of 'uncapturable' photon is the 'degenerate' photon, as from the so-called "photon extinction era"-- photons so-chopped passing around dense nuclei (in the cosmic 'big-bang' event), as to have unmatched wavelength to energy-quantum ... hence unrelated to 'modern' atoms, and so, uncapturable, by modern atoms at 'post-bang' temperatures).


* [Radio, more technologically meaning E-M transmission carrier-wavicles, waveshapes, wavelengths, directly-or-nearly controllable... Hence, as electronic-technology has improved to submicron-lengths, Radio Frequency, RF, implies upto 300 THz,- which had-been so far above "microwave" as to be categorically 'infrared-photonic' length.]

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