With the advent of worldwide instantaneous electronic communications, global Internet information and computer processing, the two main security arenas can now merge:

the Public National Security is "Line-One"

Integral harmony and maintenance of public congregation domain controls to and including space orbit traffic, is hereïn standardized to secure digital itinerary computer (path-data) remote loading and monitoring.

[This release contains equivocal forward-looking statements]

AeroSpace Traffic Command [press release 2001]

"In MAR 2000, NEMO directive project Lanthus (now Lanthus Corporation, JAN 2001) proposed taking constructive control of the Iridium Constellation salvage operation in compliance with FCC civil commercial public national security requirements upon completion of a Declaration of Foundering by Iridium principals, and $1, for the purpose of constructing a secure digital-navigator for major airline operations worldwide -- thus providing the industry a new and ready broad customer base, saving that $7 billion telecom venture and providing America the security it relies-upon in this ever busier and expansive early millennium democracy."

Grand Nuclear Space Cruiser Fleet

Pursuant to Mission 80AU in search of the Pluton watering hole at the edge of the solar system, and in general the fleet demands for occupying and securing the solar system out to beyond 80AU, NEMO directive project Lanthus overlords the design specifications and implementations of the GNSC Fleet to ensure vessel and fleet construction and operation safety and integrity. The NASA "spam-in-a-can" space-age approach is passé, as is the NASA Shuttle spread-eagle "aeroplane" approach oft attributed to a copy of an early 1900's Russian science-fiction author's design better suited for sub-LEO to ULEO.

The GNSC Fleet is not a "mission-to-there," and must maintain its own crew, part and parcel to public national security: Crews are citizens, not military, however much the commercial gaming industry relies on that scenarioed pedantry: We know what Jehovah was like, what Jehovah wanted, what Jehovah expected: And we must meet that when we meet the Jehovahns [returning a rotation crop].

Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management

The future of Lanthus is not only more satellites, faster data rates, higher integral services, but impositionally greater awareness of public national security, not superseding but superceding military national security in the general industrial trend: as the commercial world becomes more technologically proficient, the advantages of reasonable safety thereby will become the next major forefront of education, enabling solar systems from a stabler Earth-conscience: You can only teach a man to eat so many hamburgers, before he thinks of something else to do in this world.

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