EDITED Top>Business & Finance>Investments>Sectors>Services>Communications Services> IRIQE (Iridium World Comm. Ltd.) Message Boards : IRIQE Lanthus to salvage Iridium - RELEASE by: linkabit37 (M/Honolulu HI) 4/6/00 3:34 pm Msg: 46027 of 46027 Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 14:51:38 -1000 From: "Raymond Kenneth Petry" Subject: PRIORITY ONE - SALVAGING IRIDIUM Constellation To: bkennard@fcc.gov, ... Reply To: adult.basic.educator@mailcity.com Dear Sirs and Madams: The now operatable satellite constellation, Iridium has public national security undertones which have not been fully addressed in the bankruptcy proceedings. It is therefor decidedly necessary to halt the scuttling sequence, and turn over the salvageable portion to the Nuclear Emergency Management Operations/Organization/Office.

ENCLOSED is the preliminary e-mail letter sent to iridium.com et al. Under NEMO directive project Lanthus, the (former) Iridium (to be Lanthus) Constellation shall be operated as an omni-national digital-flight-path-data-link between Air Traffic Control centers and aircraft platforms (having fly-by-wire interfaces in situ), as well as their major aircraft manufacturers and operators (airlines), for maintainance and observation of digital satellite communications security. In an era of anti-terrorism, this is PRIORITY ONE.

Cordially and sincerely. --------- Forwarded Message --------- EDITED To: "NMG_Iridium" <NMG_Iridium@motorola.com> Dear Sir or Madam: My quick review suggests you have a large asset in orbit, and, there is not only no need to waste it, you are actually committing a [wrong] act by deliberately destroying a viable utility in public: we must suppose you are being induced to do so, though you get the cooperation of government officers, who are but public servants and not to be abused for accomplices in misdeeds: But, I'm not an attack-lawyer: I'm a Trustee-Director: You, need to re-think what Iridium is for - even the name "Iridium" sounds like something you intended to get-rid-of: I-rid-y'em - dredges up the inference that you're in collusion with some protection-racket attack on national security, most probably by [echelon hacker]-Bill ....

A review of your current assets and liabilities incorporated in the operational utility of the Iridium development plan, suggests that your major "failing" [I use that word politely] is the public need and competition for the very cheap international telephone rates, and comparatively (factor-of-4x) cheaper cellular-phone system rates improving particularly under the CDMA advantages promoted by QualComm's [technological peers] - you basically had no chance in that market.... history aside, therein await potential markets for secure distributed communications of any realistic viability - which you have demonstrated. And to this I direct your immediate attention: The United States in the next decade needs to replace its entire ATC, Air-Traffic-Control System. The problems are languages and tracking, reliability and security (anti-terrorism). This can be achieved by digital secure ATM-to-A/C flight-path-data C4, computer-communications-command-and-control.

And, this is what and where you must reestablish Iridium's purpose. You'll need to re-identify your market as digital secure data primarily, digital voice secondarily. Get the airlines, airport air-traffic-control authorities, the FAA, and NASA interested in this new-generation reliability "responsibility" gambit; Also get the Russians, RKA, British, Hotol, French, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, all airlined nations, in, on this. Get all their aircraft, LEO, Low Earth Orbit space stations, OFT, Orbit-Ferry-Tugs, Mir, and Shuttles wired for secure-digital-platform-flight-path-data (uploading)... (if however) failing this, you must repoint the constellation, declare it foundering, set the lock, and, sell me the salvage rights and key for $1.... We intend to act in the interest of competent USA [public] national security.


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