Lanthus Corporation
Surrogate Executive
Accessions Management

[Lanthus announces its interest in Zirconium-96 and Calcium-48 for an atomic-nuclear-energy future]

Integral harmony and maintenance of systems accessioned at the executive level for surrogate management, is hereïn standardized to computer-digital secure performance data uploading and monitoring.

[This release contains equivocal forward-looking statements]

As the world faces increasingly complex and higher technology systems failures at the economic level, the imperative to save these systems becomes cost-and-budget effective: Such systems need not be obsolete but by their immense size have taken-on such appearance as worries significantly more political-budget strategists so requiring executive level command-shoring to secure and restore near-original operations. Oftimes this is little more than upgrading the client by upgrading the concept potential. Gone are the days of efficacious 17-year patents, despite the US Congressional contrarity legally lengthening these to 20 years: Industrial competitions in the higher technologies upgrade annually, and new technologies supersede contemporaries in five.

An example: The solution we found for Lanthus to take-over the Iridium system, was simply that, as personal telephony had indeed become deregulatedly inexpensive and proliferative, both cellular and satellite, in the matched-market, predominantly USA-EURO, so that these others became first-buy, and the Iridium prospects became delayed by both component-service cost preemption and market match subduction (buyers centralize and wait for the less-well matched coverage to be eventually picked-up by their first-buy choice) and Iridium seemed to investors to have foundered in its intent.

This becomes more common as large infrastructured government-like systems develop on the higher technologies: We at NEMO are concerned for GNSC Fleet obsolescence: The sedentary tendency of poor grade economics in the USA-EURO matched-market has solutions, too, but the greater concern is to educate this market to desire to hold to its potential progress: an education failing before self-styled agencies-of-change budget-lopping at the top-technologists, leaving the lesser groping for direction: a simple armageddon of addiction-confidence-dependency self-subsidence, that can be effectually resolved only by proving the gain of better education, as should have been: education should have thrown-off the age-old pollutions manifestly infesting the national college campuses: the concern for the future is that the solution should not remain so unspeakable before the ploy of the same counter-agency, as the unworthy-of-askance pollutions themselves: a Christ-potent scenario.

Therefore it is deemed reasonable to question whether any salvage is possible, just how much should be salvaged, and what price will pay fairly for this high-end-only right. Lanthus proposes that it can salvage at the system level, by restoring the entire system to full function and benefit, by keeping the original staffs and equipments, with standard maintenance replacements and upgrades, and that, any price Lanthus offers, if not exceeded by group proposing at least as much thoroughness in salvage, should succeed to permit.

Any other offer for less recovery in salvage, has no reason for being, inasmuch as lesser salvages were disqualified by the conditions explained. Therefor Lanthus has deemed itself legal and palpable interest, and its proffer of $1 sufficed its purpose and legality.

Lanthus Surrogate Accessions Management

Several such large systems and projects benefit through Lanthus:

Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Several screenplays (features, superblockbusters) are available for movie production:

Wision USA Productions (tbd)


Distance-conferencing communications system:

project SkyHook

Suborbit-to-MEOrbit stepping-stage:

Lanthus pdqbanking division

[acquired and implements pdqbanking services formerly of project 'lambhorn']

Lanthus Corporation


Lanthus operates on open-information technologies: with no hidden agendas.

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References: (published documents)
submittals MAR/APR 2000 NEMO/ABE, Motorola, Iridium, FCC, yahoo is Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management (SEAM), registrar, recipient-owner and employer of properties, equipments, personnel, talent, rights, and authorizations; and for the benefit of Wision--SesQuaTercet USA productions, project N E M O Nuclear Emergency Management, project 'lambhorn' pdqbanking, and others.

Grand-Admiral Petry
'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
Nuclear Emergency Management