hypersonic space transport

notes - transsonic-WIG, supersonic-WOSH

An inverted broad-"U" crosssection, sleek long heavy-lifter rocket.

  • Takeoff on wing-end-ski - across 10-100 miles of ice, eg. Antarctica;
  • Transsonic-WIG (wing-in-ground) lift-up - air under "U" is bottled - can be increased by side-vents;
  • Supersonic-WOSH, wing-on-shockwave, liftoff - air under "U" continually slows, maintaining pressure to the rear;
  • Inverted broad-"U" soft-focuses shockwave to reflect-back inside "U";
  • Hypersonic climb - the short thick inward-scooping "U"-wing crosssection suffices;
  • Can be augmented by scramjet rear-extension;
  • Rocket above atmosphere;

    A premise discovery under the title,

    Grand-Admiral Petry
    'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
    Nuclear Emergency Management

    2006 GrandAdmiralPetry@Lanthus.net