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Grand-Admiral Petry, USA

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, BA, CS, lecturer, is the author of FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction, taking-up the Holy Biblical Scripture as a synopsis of mankind's Scientific purpose on Earth (web-published 42+ articles). Mr. Petry, 1973 graduate of UCSD Mathematics Dept., is a former digital electronics Crypto TEMPEST engineer with former Linkabit Corp. of San Diego CA, on digital radio satellite communications systems for the former SAC Command Post. He served as Vice President on his former branch Church Executive Board, Eighth of San Diego; as a Board Of Regents Appointee Lecturer in university mathematics at UH Manoa, HI; and is Founder and current Trustee-Director of The Son Dey School of Christ Science, the erstwhile project 'lambhorn'. He is also concurrently President CEO of Lanthus Corporation, and Director of its Surrogate Executive Accessions Management and its new-market PUBNATSEC and pdqbanking divisions. Mr. Petry has several science docudrama, science-hypercubed and science-scenario feature screenplays, recently adding a four-hour superblockbuster space science apocalyptic futurdocudrama action adventure thriller based on satellite photography, Biblical astronomical fact, correlative scientific Scriptural exegesis and mathematical induction, in his web-published repertoire at Wision--SesQuaTercet USA productions (division of Lanthus Corp.), where he is also Strategic Director and Principal Screenwriter.

As profferred Adult.Basic.Educator to the internet, Mr. Petry acts as liaison to scientific organizations primarily in the cosmo-thematical studies, mankind's common past and connected future, presenting science in an entertaining redacted format.

Mr. Petry is educated in mathematics and experienced in fast digital electronics, programming and circuit engineering for signal waveforms communications processing; and has complete confidence for the near-future prospects of these advanced technologies, both in and out of context 2 meg. pixel HDDV cameras [1] are shyly equivalent to 35 mm celluloid film (HDDV has fixed-placement pixels instead of random grains), significantly improved over NTSC quarter-meg. Compatible 4Mpx 3DDV stereo'eyes'ed, is his proposal to the HDDV-HDTV industry (2×2Mpx-color binocular or 2Mpx-B&W 2×2Mpx-color trinocular). He also proposes HDD-IMAX (large-format) by using 3×4 HDDV-pickups.

Mr. Petry also has several significant scientific discoveries which will in due course revise all estimates of this world, including: the remnant star core (mass-hole or magnetic quark-condensate) of the pre-solar Pluton at the edge of our solar system; its potential Neoarth-planet; Jehovah's space-city-ship atterissage, meteoric impact crash-site, four hundred miles of gouged shallow-sloped walled g(u)ardens eastward on erstwhile-razed Arabia-Iraq (Eden); one such impact-crater near the Pison north bend (Wadi Batin) being Adam's kindergarten.

In JAN 2001, Mr. Petry incorporated Lanthus for the specific and general purposes of advancing technologies and applications in the public national security, especially to secure international airline travel [2], and for facilitating the management of additional phases, non-profit and commercial, of The Son Dey School, its accounting, media publications, and related science and mathematics publications.

[Mr. Petry also web-publishes in mathematics, sciences, technologies, digital electronics, computer engineering, USA Presidential Elections]

And regarding other locally valuable skills, Mr. Petry used to sing with the top-award-winning elite Madrigals in Rio Americano High School, and its choirs, though he never soloed except in the school musicals (theatric productions). And for himself only, he enjoys practicing piano. "Excellent in mathematics and music, I hear my stories choreographed, as masterworks my first-ever screenplay, ARCHAEODUS, was sync'd to gorgeous music before I wrote, FADE IN."

Post Script, to screenplay Readers and Reviewers: Mr. Petry's genre is supported not only by his scholarship in mathematics and physics, and advances in all-digital high technology computational electronics, but also by his excellence beyond:-- In elementary school he studied atomic electron orbitals; later, Glasstone's Nuclear Sciences Handbook; As a high school Sophomore, he took third place on the Senior physics exam, before taking the course ("wasted time estimating acceleration of the frictionless cart without sufficient information: it wasn't wanted"); As a Senior, he took college calculus concurrently, then the First Place Scholarship in the Central Valleys Math Quiz, California, besting the 1969 MAA national top-perfect-scorer ... he's not an Einstein: In freshman college he debunked Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity; in 1984, he discovered the generator of sunspot major cycles; in 1992, he cracked the millennial code of Daniel in the Bible, proving Daniel also understood space-time physics and the speed of light in storying the perfect furnance in-which the dimension of time appeared lord over the three independent dimensions of space bound with all objects. Recently he showed that gravity is the gradient of mass aether-presence, whence a moving mass seems to be instantly ahead of itself-- solving the faster-than-light-speed paradox of the solar eclipse alignment. His purpose in screenwriting is to teach by entertaining example, the ultimate simulation, the scientific truth.



[1] Several 2Mpx HDDV cameras and camcorders are available, 2Mpx-CCD studio and field cameras in the $100K range, from several commercial manufacturers; also 24 fps and variable; Another has a lower resolution 3-D camera; And, inexpensive 2Mpx-CMOS video cameras have recently challenged to supersede with faster rates (240 fps), greater contrast range, ultimately with active-pixel processing for better image compression, motion detection, identification, and 3-D. (There is a competition in color by 3-pickup R-G-B vs. 2-pickup B&W-RGBG vs. triple-layer single-pickup.)

[2] The story is that in March 2000, during his Presidential Election Campaign he sought the executive Salvage Rights to the $7G Motorola Iridium satellite constellation, for $1, seeing as he propounded there was no low-technology salvage possible, and having the technologically highest bid deserving salvage rights: he proposed to keep everyone on and bring in a new client,- collectively the major airlines with his secure digital navigator, then-potent solution to skyjacking: 9-11-2001 was half the cost of Iridium; Mr. Petry had tried to save them all, the year in advance, but the DOD-Pentagon already had a hub and preempted him in Southern New York Bankruptcy Court, with its own slightly larger bid for the rest of the system.

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