cruise-drive-control: CDC3600

a palm-size 5x5-control for vehicular automobile:
'3600 seconds of performance in every hour of operation'

The design of control systems requires thorough analysis of methodology as well as action: this design is a simple case.

The palm of the hand sets on a saddle, the heel actuates a stirrup, the fingers operate the 5x5 tilt-position reins. The thumb has the emergency-horn+blinkers actuator, and the early-turn-signal-blinkers switch [automatic in a turn]. [The horn de-actuates after two seconds - and may be reactuated]

    Forward/Reverse acceleration [main power]
  1. full-back - full auto-smooth deceleration [to braked]
  2. half-back - creep back, slow deceleration [to braked]
  3. center position - maintain velocity [or brake]
  4. half-forward - creep forward, slow-acceleration
  5. full-forward - full auto-smooth acceleration
Over-throw - maximum [non-smoothed anti-skid] deceleration [to braked]

    Left/Right steering [guidance]
  1. full-left - full auto-smooth left-turn-increase
  2. half-left - slight left-lane-change/bearing-adjust or maintain left-turn
  3. center position - maintain bearing or straighten from turn
  4. half-right - slight right-lane-change/bearing-adjust or maintain right-turn
  5. full-right - full auto-smooth right-turn-increase

Grand-Admiral Petry
'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
Nuclear Emergency Management