32-code Key Panel

a minimal 26+2 key alphanumerpunctrol entry keyboard

[See also: the 16-key ZooMath Glorified Adding Machine do-all RPN calculator, advanced optimal calculatory keypanel scheme; also one-button remote control]

The 26 letters, a-z, are necessary and sufficient for a keyboard in English: Double-detented deep-press invokes shift and capitalization; Numbers and punctuations, also deep-pressable, are the key-defaults; Thumb-keys enable words and controls (interpreted as punctuational controls, more suitably than acronymic controls, to control actions: eg. arrows that go, numbers that go-to); And 4 more non-key codes, for deep-pressed, key-released, code-reference, null, finish the 32 codes.

Words are automatically spaced by the enable-word thumb-key; Controls are automatically null-separate by the enable-control thumb-key. 26 more controls can exist by deep-pressing keys; But the 5 sets of 26, less 10 digits reduplicated, plus 4-8 non-key controls, fill a 128-count 7-bit block: A 6th set is not defined.

Alternation between words, punctuations, controls, and numerics, does not invoke automatic spacing/nulls - until the thumb-key is redoubled. However, deep-pressing the thumb-word-space, tabs, and deep-pressing the thumb-control-null, escapes. [There's room for a third thumb-key]

The finger-keys, thumb-keys, and non-key device-codes, at 150 baud, are quick enough for real-time 4-finger chordal music generation.

The keys are laid out symmetric for either single-hand easily fingered reach: 4-6 rows with keys assigned converging about upper-middle-palm,--

letters (7:6)
`T~ 'S" _C^ !K?
<P{ $F% 7D7 8Z8 9J9 /Q\ >H}
(B[ 4V4 5N5 6Y6 *X& )G]
@M# 1W1 2R2 3U3 -L=
0I0 .E: ,A; +O|
ctl wrd wrd ctl
wider (8:5)
 T   S   C   X   K 
 P   F   D   Z   J   G   Q   H 
 B   V   N   Y   R   U   L 
 M   W   I   E   A   O 
ctl wrd wrd ctl
adjusted (7:6)
  `T~ 'S" _C^ @K#
<P{ 7F7 8D8 9Z9 /J\ !Q? >H}
(B[ 4V4 5N5 6Y6 *X& )G]  
$M% 1W1 2R2 3U3 -L=    
0I0 .E: ,A; +O|  
ctl wrd wrd ctl
'roof' (8:5)
7T7 9C9
$F% 5Z5 /K\
<P{ 4D4 6J6 _Q^
`V~ 2N2 *X& >H}
(B[ 1W1 3Y3 'G"
@M# 0E0 -R= )L]
wrd .I: ,A; !U?
ctl +O|

--,taxonomically represent the English arrangement of similar phonemes, and exercise the fingers along 2-3 axes.

2×16 punctuations are suggested arranged around the 10 digits in the center: left-directing punctuations located on the left, separators above and below, right-directing on the right: and related stronger punctuations by deep-pressing: An arrangement is suggested (above).

Single-handed entry enables accountability while the other hand holds books, rovots, manual controls. Reduplication of the thumb-keys on opposite sides of the keyboard arrangement extends the keyboard to bi-handed actuation: Thumb-left or thumb-right activates the finger keys symmetrically laid for right-hand or left-hand utilization.

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