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-Venus Retirement-

a pastoral science-future angst-comedy, PG-13 Sci3fi feature

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic Director
a Wision--SesQuaTercet USA production

Retirement on Venus: Heaven or Hoax?


[science fiction short] ... a short story I wrote ca. 1984, originally sketched as a TV-news insertion in the 1984-proposed, AD 2100: The Grand Odyssey - an inner story related as a 20/69 episode with Razeh Savage and Lew Pranceler, who send their Jorel d'Ewe on a billion-dollar visit to discover Retirement on Venus: Heaven or Hoax? - the gruesome details of leisure-science gone awry. [RETIREMENT AT VENUS was designed as a news-story-within-an-story, but completely unrelated to the outer feature, it's readily producible]
[The original was written in distinctive exacting separate word-punctuation and phrase-punctuation]
The movie shall be available digitally recorded widescreen 2:1 stereo'eyes'ed 4Mpx 30 fps released on 3D-HD-DVD, HDDVideo, standard 35mm film (telecined celluloid), home-theater HDTV/DVD/DTV, VCR etc. (Stereo'eyes'ed 3.5-D is viewable with white sexichrome or polarized safety-goggles; The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both broadcast and movie-house.) The initial shoot shall be direct to gigabyte hard-drive; wavelet-compressed and copy-saved to DVD+RAM;- the digitized sound and music edited in synchronized frames-fractions of a second. Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility.
[Music specified in this screenplay is the Strategic Director's selection from hundreds of CD's of existing works by artists whose timbre and lyrics fit each onscreen activity, and is not otherwise representative of project SesQuatercet and its purposes]

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, independent research scientist, is the author of FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction, taking-up the Holy Biblical Scripture as a synopsis of mankind's Scientific purpose on Earth, (web-published); and as well, Project NEMO advanced-topics science articles base including his 1984 discovery of presolar remnant star core Pluton. A 1973 UCSD graduate, BA, Mathematics Dept., Mr. Petry is a former crypto-Tempest digital electronics engineer with former Linkabit Corp. of San Diego, CA, in digital radio satellite communications systems for the former SAC Command Post. He has also served as Board Of Regents Appointee Lecturer in mathematics at UH Manoa, HI; and Vice President on his prior branch Church Executive Board, Eighth of San Diego; and is Founder and current Trustee-Director of The Son Dey School of Christ Science, the erstwhile project 'lambhorn'; And, since 2001, is President CEO of Lanthus Corporation and Director of its Surrogate Executive Accessions Management, and its new-market PubNatSec and pdqbanking divisions. Mr. Petry writes science docudrama, science-hypercubed, science-scenario, feature screenplays, based on satellite photography, Biblical astronomical fact, correlative scientific Scriptural exegesis, and mathematical induction, in his repertoire at >Wision--SesQuaTercet USA productions (registrar; division of Lanthus Corp), where he is also Strategic Director and Principal Screenwriter; He has several more works in research and development.
As profferred Adult.Basic.Educator to the Internet, Mr. Petry acts as liaison to scientific organizations primarily in the cosmo-thematical studies, mankind's common past and connected future, presenting science in an entertaining redacted format.
[Mr. Petry also maintains several websites and posts on usenet news-groups and forums in the mathematics, sciences, technologies, digital electronics and computer engineering, and USA Presidential political-campaigning]


[AD 2069]

The future is set in AD 2069, with Razeh Savage and Lew Pranceler in future-astro-silver-spike-punk-doos, 'i-ball' monocles, introducing the awesomely funny episode of, The Sunny Side of Venus: Retirement Heaven or Hoax? - The gruesome details of leisure-science gone awry!
Is this the bright and morning star? Or is this an evening star? 20/69 finds-out after this...
In AD 2067, 20/69 had sent their Jorel d'Ewe on a billion-dollar visit to discover what has happened to the super-rich-man's paradisiacal retirement communities on the floating cities amid the clouds over Venus: He's back! It's true! At 54 kilometers up, it's balmy temperatures, puffy clouds, one atmosphere, and sunny retirement: At least that's the sexy TV-web-vid promo's, if you stay inside the domed cloud-cities: But far below them is the orange-glowing lead-melting hot surface of the planet Venus. And vague reports of communications interruptions not too comfortingly explained, and Earth politicians avoiding the more questionable ethics of the entire Venutian Venture, have lead to the news-team investigation by 20/69. It costs $800 million to send their hottest 20/69 "i-News-Eye" to visit Venus - that's why it's been a one-way trip for only the super-richest ever to retire there - but, does he find the fountain of youth?! Landing on Jesus-City, it appears to be as the ad's say, pastoral, picturesque, and polite: polite enough to accept his discretionary research proposals with his probing camera eye, but not enough to explain the occasional slight bump-quakes. Quickly dispensing the cordialities of meeting a few ga-ga retirees who actually like the life here, he and his caretaker guide head-out for the far reaches of the city mass: This city floats on a deep mass of vegetable cellular foam grown in place over decades, and replenished by tending - the caretakers duties - by growing it downward, the bottom layer expands, maximizing its buoyancy. At the city edge are ladder-stairs out and over the side, descending several kilometers into the warmer depths beneath: at 4000 meters below it gets boiling hot, and further below the foam chars, sublimes, and ends: the floating city can support only so much over-burden, or it'll sink. But this city is doing just fine, and the two of them are only descending a summery 1 kilometer: they wear light-sleeves and shorts, but the air is more acidic, so they don't stay down long, and they wear gas-bubble-masks to maintain their personable dome atmosphere. Far down the climb they begin to imagine hearing voices: but the voices are real: nearby in the sky, bluish above, orangish beneath, is another city but with battered edges, and gradually approaching by inches - and inside, screaming at them to leave, are the inhabitants, not happy at all, dressed for desert-living: their city has sunken as they over-grew, a facet of living not impossible to seniors, and the bottom charring had removed too fast their bottom layer: their city is still sinking, and unless they can lighten their over-burden, which means possibly death for some inhabitants as time goes on, to prevent the city from sinking faster still ... it's government-anarchy, but so far to-date only natural deceasements have occurred in 2 years - about the time of the first interruption of communications. So, it could be a happy place: they could have the paradise promised, but the cost is higher for some, and not many will afford the planning it requires to keep it.
Sounds like the Garden of Eden story all over again.
Next up on 20/69 - Do Earth-Beagles Come From Jupiter? We take a 20/69 look at the latest cosmo-genetic theory from the University of California at Davis, that mankind developed on other planets before settling Earth, and why our farm and household pets that have been with us for thousands of years, remember to walk on all fours: It seems they never forget. We'll be right back, with more, 20/69.

Scenes Outline

'20/69 episode'

[Retirement on Venus: Heaven or Hoax?! leisure-science awry]
  1. [fanfare: titular reminder, commercial]
  2. [introduction: Razeh Savage, Lew Pranceler, Jorel d'Ewe returned from a billion-dollar visit to Venus air-cities]
  3. [preview: glorious Venus-retirement advertisement-video-scenes]
  4. [arrival: view Jorel's gruesome-video-details, arrival, greetings, discuss some cities sunken]
  5. [down-side: Jorel, guide in smog-helmet-suits scale-down side to hotter depths, screams from next city]
  6. [discuss: importance of follow-ups]
  7. [credits]

Strategic Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

Producer-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Screenwriter: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

Registrar: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Recipient: N E M O Nuclear Emergency Management

Registered Owner: Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management


The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereïn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States). May your tabernacle measure true.
© 1984, 1990, 1997, 2001, 2007 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry