Q: How does pdqb fit into the present banking system?

A: Directly grafted-on: The deference portion becomes accessible to the account holder.

Q: Who controls a pdqb transaction?

A: The pdqb calculation is based on all the account information publicly available for the individual: Thus any transactor can query the pdqb system; and any transaction involving pdqb is controlled by that querying bank.

Q: How much is revealed to the public about my pdqbank account?

A: The pdqb ratio and the sufficient-funds acknowledgment are instantial public information at the point of transaction: this is standard security protocol for ephemeral data; the preference and deference quantities are non-public information. Any transactor or bank can query the pdqb system to ascertain whether the buyer has an account, whether the given bank account is included, and then the transaction parameters: it is to the advantage of the account holder to include all accounts into the pdqb database, else transactors may prefer more and defer less.

Q: Then the pdqb system must have information on all accounts for each individual?

A: Yes: The pdqbank system is the centralizer, by reason of it deference amount applied to all preference accounts cumulatively. Q: A: Q: A: Q: A: There are two lines related to honesty: 1) paying with deference ratioed as much as seller has spent deference ratioed; 2) accepting preference as much as buyer has spending pattern ratio.