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In midterm-summary, a priori - as we must - the most common requirement of TEMPEST is, translates-to, 'soft-fail'ure or 'controlled-fail'ure, or more specifically, sustaining systemic 'robustness' to prevent data classification (degradation) errors in the operational presence of (very) limited component failure(s), (one or more: as we've shown virtually equal). System 'robustness' in the military sense supplies priority at the message level, leaving the receiver as a relatively expendable instance: the military refers to national security: not local nor global security. In the commercial sense the priority is assigned more locally. Global security is usually subordinated to a pseudo-national-interest but inuring to no single nation: a decidedly quasi-common intent of all nations. In the space-venture sense, the TEMPEST bifurcates to peace-keeping near Earth (around, or even Earth-moon space) and deep-space: the former is an extension of global security (United Nations) and the latter becomes company, or national, or space-national, depending on funding efforts; and the generally high cost of space venturism, and the generally ;high educational interests, dictate a priority of survival levels, acceptable impositions on the larger effort, to preserve, restore, or recover (infirm) smaller (more local or individual) interests. TEMPEST engineering must assist in defining (these) survival levels, but it is more usual that the Congressional and military strategists define and dictate these, eventurally and subsequently as contractual requirements. It is more the purpose of this present work hereïn to examine what is available, possible and practical, in the art and science of TEMPEST engineering: which is expectably more than current technology.

Useful to the survival level are the general notions of data (information) security: the assurance that a message will arrive, timely, authentic (sender), ascertain(ed) (receiver), detection of re-send, discrepancies, data/signal error detection/correction,

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