lunar nuclear-gouge mining

on the moon there is no atmosphere: in-ground detonation of a nuclear device throws debris into orbit

Furthermore, orbits may be very close to ground: over-the-hill is enough to remain in orbit for long and prosperous ventures - indeed, the traffic concern is low-altitude orbiting objects merely a mile or two up.

This allows for easy and direct extraction of lunar soils and minerals into orbit, where they can be processed in weightless containment yards.

Lunar resources of sufficient mass-weight to benefit from lunar nuclear-gouge mining, include

We may also attempt the [famous] pin-wheel launcher - although we have no moonlets to stabilize it [unless we build one, per above] - it can approach the surface of the moon with mere miles of cable [rather than the thousands of miles proposed for the Mars project - it must have a clear footprint around a great circle of the moon - and with no atmosphere to remove orbiting debris, the cable must be multiply redundant, nevertheless, this could be efficient general 'elevator'ing of personnel and equipments.

Grand-Admiral Petry
'Majestic Service in a Solar System'
Nuclear Emergency Management