DEVELOPMENT EXERCISE: HOW TO IMPROVE A PLOT SYNOPSIS: Boy and girl meet on a blind date, where they witness a murder and the FBI puts them under identity-protection custody as husband-and-wife. Open end. TITLE: BLIND DATA ALT.TITLE: FEBRUARY ZEROTH LOGLINE: They meet on a fictional date they can't escape. (note the double entendre: a fictional date, cf February 0th.) SYNOPSIS: Not an ordinary blind date going downhill, but in a Hollywood Dating Service where each gives, both a real record and an fictional character they are going to play on the date (qualifications must be approved by the Service). (consistent by adaptation: engineer-President) Analyzed by machines correlating descriptions of the work and approved by clinically-qualified psychologists .... Whence "Blind Data" (filtered through the computer) She's a 'high class supermodel' avoiding her all-business boyfriend "to see how the ordinary pretenders live." Then the plot, but she can't disappear as easily as the FBI would like, because she's recognized by Hollywood types and paparazzi, on vacation, tending to expose her, if not him; meanwhile her boyfriend is concerned and searching for her. The purpose is the date, not to find a future spouse. Note, that, a Hollywood Double Blind Date is sex-spoofery. Check whether is can be pitched this way, even though the original could-have but probably-didn't cover it. NOW COMPARE: He's got several identities:-- 1. real - recorded 2. fictitious - recorded 3. what people think he has to be 4. the plot - what he really is under the challenge A real story, not just wish-date-a-supermodel story.