Wision--Sesquatercet USA ™ de facto trademark The Simple Screenplay Formatter

Rule #1. A leading space indents for an Actor-cued dialog, Double, right-justifies an Edit-cue; Tab to create new Roles inline; Capitalization and Indentation is automatic, Splits and scope-parentheses are assisted. N.B. Right-click/drag/Shift/Ctrl/Alt/etc.

Rule #2. Adjusting Indentations:

<DT>FADE IN: <DT class=FOCUS>Int. location - position - daytime/lighting (scene relation) <DD>(00:00 cue sound/music - title/artist/mix-arrangement) <DT>B.G. DEEP RUMBLE; ONE SNORING in a roomful... <DT>ZOOM IN: ACTOR, tossing and turning,-- <DL>Actor (POV) <DT>ErrrRRRRrrr... <DD>(2 beats, inhaling) <DT>Knknknknknknknknknknknknk... Knknk! <DD>(2 beats, and fading) <DT>Bee-ber bee-ber bee-ber bee-ber....</DL> <DL>Sleeper-1 <DD>(glaring at him with all the fervency of a busboy awaiting a tip, murmurs) <DT>What country, is that...?</DL> <DT>A wrapped body slips off a bed-- O.C. THUMP! on the floor: <DL>Sleeper-2<BR>+Sleeper-3 (OC) <DT>/ Shush!<BR>/ You're too loud...!</DL> <DT>O.S. HARDHEEL FOOTSTEPS JUMBLE in the-- <DT class=EDIT>Slash cut to: <DT class=FOCUS>Int. reposition - lighting (continuity) <DT>POV: Stumbling half-forward ... <DD>(00:11 "cue words" -fade out-) <DT>O.S. SMASH! in the room ahead-- SHARDS TINKLING... <DL>Matron <DD>(stumbling) <DT>Co---ming---!</DL> <DT>Arrives-- <DT class=EDIT>Cut out to: <DT class=FOCUS>Ext. pre-construction, 2nd floor - same room - (flashback) <DT>LITTLE GIRL (Matron; 4) in-outfit halts at the doorway bar, and gaping, looks-about at the disarray of equipment below: <DL>Matron (VO) <DT>I recall, The earthquake of '71....</DL> <DT>SUPERIMPOSE: <DT class=LOG>"NEW UNITS" <DT class=EDIT>Fade out <DT class=TITLE>The End.

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