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Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic Director

Notes on writing log lines for screenplays

[See also: the mechanics of screenwriting; and discussions of the new generation all-digital movie technology]

Screenwriting on the Internet-web has been around a decade
(We've done it since 1996). It makes the literary art more
available; enhances it with direct reading, audio reading,
progressive-live storyboarding, music; facilitates online
collaboration, one-day turnarounds, production previewing;
enables doll-avatar performance (java/script, Flash)... It
becomes a babysitter.... It has the scientific mindset of
jumping straight to the implementation, skipping the book-wordy-format version: It works at the programming level and
with HDDV-camera technology breakthroughs; corroborates and
proliferates rapid lowcost high quality channel throughput.

The art of screenwriting, feature movies, cinerama, home theater, television, sitcoms, dramas, movies of the week, blockbusters, superblockbusters, festival shorts, -now new interactive-DVD games and computer-based live-action-staged virtual-reality multi-player team-games (cf Holodeck);- its art, technology, science, form,... rapidly clarifying and developing as faster digital computers and Internet and higher definition cameras and projectors bring collaboration to instantaneously bear on all phases, from public interest to idea to concept to research to treatment to plot to story to script to review to pitch, agents, options, sales, to producer to market analysis to budget to investors to coproduction to storyboard to production line script to schedule to directors, casts, crews, to logistics, locations, settings, sets, properties, to cameras, units, blocking, shooting, to dailies (now "seconds") to editing (and "mixing"), CGI computer-generated imagery, sound, music, rights, synchronization, to mastering to copies to promotions, trailers, to distribution to theaters, syndicates, broadcasters, to previews to first runs to commercial debuts to investor returns, public opinion, world-wide release, director versions, DVD rentals, sales ... is full cycle, and a webful of information:


Eg. HAMLET, Shakespeare's Up-Monarchy-Up-Yourn-too Royal Flush Erudition Mix:--

Home from elite boarding school, for the King's funeral, a young Prince gets an education in fighting fairytale with fairytale forensics while he stirs internecion. Violence, wet-nightshirt-nudity. PG

"Movies get remade--Log lines are forever" (cut and polished).

"Ignorantia motus pictus neminem excusat."
(Ignorance of the motion picture excuses none). Wise and otherwise it is, plain English, to the point ... no worse than tweaking any arbitrarily large four-color-map-problem solution.

Enjoy your foray into the world of online screenwriting: The world-wide-web is watching; the Internet is moving toward super-net bandwidth capacity to move movies; and the browsers are developing mega-media.

[See also: the mechanics of screenwriting]

See also, discussions of the new generation all-digital movie technology:

Production, equipment, cameras, components, technique, technologies. We also discuss the relations of and to enhanced, extended DVD.

(IMAX® used generically here: full-eye-width 180°x135° large screen format; 16000×12000 = 192Mpx)

Screenwriter: Raymond Kenneth Petry
Strategic Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Director, Sesquatercet
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